Real Wages

I fired up the idea of earning a net long been burned on this a thousand times, did the sea of errors, there were times that he could not earn a penny, there were times when the amount earned round with minimal time and forces. Learn from mistakes, true, gentlemen? During his active work know very many successful advanced, many new Internet entrepreneurs and complete dummies of interest to a completely non-native of the region Imagine, a person is taken to write the e-book to sell it on the Internet generally not having basic knowledge of Russian language Bredyatina, is not it Dozens, maybe hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs have tested myself in this area Many disappear after several months of work, not earning any money, some a little on other people, offering them a 'pig in a poke' And earn a couple thousand disappeared somewhere in the telecommunications wires happily grunting), however, there is a truly ingenious and clever men, masters and experts in their field! Here is their creativity, tips and examples, and should be studied to get a proper result!.

True Construction Materials

For several millennia the construction industry remains one of the main spheres of influence on the economy. Even when the concepts of economy, in general, it was not, and build everything in the main hand: the pyramids, the ancient city and architectural monuments. Humanity is passed to a new stage of evolutionary development occurred scientific and technological progress, manual labor has come to the aid of special equipment, and many monuments and buildings of past make us happy, and to this day. You can now ask the question: why modern "new construction" begins to fall apart after a few decades, but the pyramids are beyond the ravages of millennia? Nobody suggests that the quality of buildings under construction had deteriorated due to the introduction of mechanized building process devices. On the contrary, there are some pluses: the construction is faster, there is no compulsory service people, increased creativity, and geographic features. But increasingly, to improve these outcomes, and for more material benefits a blind eye to such factors as quality of materials and control construction.

As a result, the broken road, struck the roof structures, emergency houses and bridges. Well, human sacrifice, respectively. If you would like to know more then you should visit Forefront Books. "Punctures" can occur at all stages of construction: the designer may take into account not all indicators, the manufacturer has used low quality materials or inferior materials, numerous mediators are making their impact after a careless transport or, again, buy low-grade products for more profit. Sam the builder for material gain employs unskilled laborers. As we see, the main cause of poor construction is unfair attitude of responsible persons to their duties. The absence of strict control and the impunity of such deals lead to their successful prosperity. Common human principles of conscience and responsibility were replaced by the main goal of every modern "brain" – for profit. 'The smell of profit is pleasant, from which any quarter. " Juvenal "Satire".


Recently, more and more people are trying to invite to its meetings of friends, classmates, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other events of professional organizers celebrations. This allows you to create pleasant environment, to defuse the situation at the banquet table and lift the mood for guests at the same time without the need for additional efforts by the owners or, as they are called 'perpetrators' celebration. Many agencies provide professional services to leading toastmaster, show-ballets, clowns, magicians, entertainers and their twins, parodists and so enormous popularity of twin Verka . A talented actor, acting as a twin Verka , so good to get used to his role that it is virtually indistinguishable from the original. Guests invited to the feast with a twin Verka , always remain contented familiarity with this 'actress'. Yes, and the celebration takes place on the 'cheers', fun and fervor. Organizers of the celebration is pleased to provide to the discretion of its customers a variety of shows, original numbers, and in general, they can fully plan and organize a 'turn-key holiday, where everyone will have a definite role, and each show will be held at a specific time for the planned scenario.

Now feast, consisting of a simple meal, is already beginning to go out of fashion. It is no longer relevant. Therefore, if you want to organize a memorable holiday and spend a joyful and extraordinary evening among friends, then you should seriously think hard to trust the organization of your holiday professionals. You can invite a show or order a double favorite artist directly contacting the agency for organizing events and parties. At this festival, definitely a huge advantage over the conventional holiday. It is not only a brighter interior design all kinds of flowers, garlands and balloons, it's also fun, laughter, enthusiasm and sparkling humor. In a word – it is truly festive mood without a hint of boredom and routine. Sometimes stands aside from the monotonous flow of life and to arrange something of such things for themselves and their friends: invite the show to book a twin or artists on the festival selection on one of the proposed agency shows. In the end, we only live once and so often we fall festive moments, so it pays to organize them as follows, to spare no means to preserve his memory of the well and having fun time.

Health Studies

According to a study conducted by the University of Chichester (England), a drummer Burns as many calories during a concert than a professional football player during a football match. Since you have to use your arms and legs at the same time, and keep a fast pace, it is that drumming is one good exercise for the body as the mind. With respect to the body, increases the heart rate, facilitates blood flow, and develops the muscles in the arms and shoulders. Also, electric batteries, as the yamaha battery e.g. have prefigurados sets the drummer helps to keep the pace, and train the muscles. Besides burning calories, play drums yamaha starts operation of the two sides of the brain, developing brain plasticity and positively changing the brain anatomy. A drummer has to be adjusted very quickly to changes in tempo, rhythm, style, and volume, and so does don perform multiple activities at the same time.

A recent study on the influence of musical training in children of 6 years, in which the children followed a course of 15 months of music lessons, he demonstrated that playing an instrument makes larger areas used to process music and perform several tasks at the same time. According to Janke, Professor at the Institute of Zurich, that brain development in children improves the ability of language, memory and attention capacity. It is playing the drums is an ideal pastime, which besides being fun, helps to keep fit and improve mental capacity.

Legislative Act

This declaration may only be used for the purposes and aims of the application of the rules of public servant. Without prejudice to other penalties provided by law, may not be registered as candidates for elected office or elected or appointed as public servants or hold personally or through an intermediary, contracts with the State, who have been convicted at any time, by the Commission of Crimes involving State property. Nor who has led, as a public servant, with intent or gross negligence, thus named by an enforceable court order, to which the State is liable to a compensatory damages, unless assume from its heritage value of the damage. (Amended by Act 796 of 2003) (Amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2004 – amended paragraph 5) Article 123.

Members are public servants of public corporations, employees and workers of the state and its territorial and decentralized services. Public servants are paid by the State and community shall exercise their functions in the manner prescribed by the Constitution, law and regulation. The law shall determine the rules applicable to individuals who temporarily perform public functions and regulate their exercise. ARTICLE 124. The law determines the liability of public servants and how to make it effective. ARTICLE 125. Jobs in state bodies and institutions are run. Exceptions are popularly elected, the free appointment and removal, workers and other officials specified by law. All public servants are appointed by public tender merits, except those for whom the Constitution or the law provides a mechanism for special designation.

European Science

' ' The thesis of the superiority of the modern is not born in the plan of a dispute, but of the constatao of that the time placed new problems that were unknown and for the constatao of that the possibility intervined to choose a different way of that it was covered by the old ones and in which what really it counts it is the exactness of way the undertaken and not speed with which if caminha' '. (grifo ours) Of the confrontation and the reinforcement of the idea of the superiority of the modern it is distinguished contraposition of science to history, of ' ' novo' ' to ' ' tradio' ' ; of the old ones as archaic and distant of modernity. In this vision, the Antiquity passed to be seen as the youth of the world. Joeb Moore & Partners follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. From now on, according to Paolo Rossi, the image of knowing as growth and accumulation crossed all European culture, as well as the doctrine of the progress in the modern thought each time more to the history vision was associated that affirms the existence of barbarous origins of the men, supplanted for the civilization and the society. ' ' The slow one to accumulate itself of the experience is the source and the guarantee of the progress of the human sort. On the basis of a new image of science as gradual construction? a never finite reality, but each perfectvel time? a new way was being formed also to consider history human being. This could now appear as the result of the effort of many generations, each one of them using the works of the previous generations, as the slow one to accumulate of experiences perfectveis&#039 successively; '. (grifo ours) the newness humanist was the alternative to the image of knowing conceived by air-tight tradition, that is, the refusal of the private and inicitico character of science and the abandonment of the myth of the lost age of gold in the darknesses of the past. .

Traveling To Istanbul

Impressions from the largest city in Turkey were simply magnificent. And there are explanations. Firstly, it is an excellent hotel (Ibis Hotel). This hotel offers excellent service, is located directly on the beach in just 15 minutes from aeroporta.Da and prices quite comprehensible – to 100 euros. The view from the hotel is simply amazing, especially at sunset. Every day he admired and was moved.

Secondly, I had the unforgettable opportunity to the two-hour cruise on the ship around Istanbul. It Then I noticed all the charm of this unique city, which harmoniously blend of European and Arab culture. Because everyone who is planning a trip to Istanbul strongly recommend to make this cruise tour indifferent, he will not leave you for sure! Third – shopping. Turkey is a paradise for shopaholics Russian. Home Trade vein Istanbul – Grand Bazaar. There you can buy anything you want, for the price is 2-3 times lower than in Russia.

The quality of counterfeit branded items at the highest level. One dealer I asked about the quality of things and he gave me a very important example. Showed the 'branded' 2 identical shirts. Only one made in China, and another – Turkey. The difference is huge! In general, I want to say that the Turkish textile is very, very good. By the way many Russian tourists travel to Turkey, exclusively for 'rags'. I am to them by the way, too, is not indifferent))) Still it should be noted that shops in fur factories, you can buy a premium fur things, and the price is 2 times lower than in Russia! The main sights of Istanbul is Sultanahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia (now a museum). They are situated practically opposite each other in the historical center of Sultanahmet. I was really surprised by these two creations! Sultanahmet Mosque – one of the largest and most beautiful mosques of Istanbul. Is symbol of the city. Entry for tourists allowed into the mosque is completely free, but it will have to endure a great place (tourists are always very much a big fuss). Inside the mosque entrance in the shoe is prohibited, so shoes should shoot at the entrance. Hagia Sophia – an Orthodox cathedral, now a museum. The history of the cathedral has more than 1000 years. Currently inside the cathedral is a small reconstruction, because the construction of very old (Cathedral founded in 324). Museum entrance fee, 20 Turkish liras (400 rubles), but I tell you, it's worth it! In addition to the above, add that in Istanbul a lot of Russian, it seems they are everywhere! Therefore, language difficulties can not be. Perhaps this whole story about my stay in Turkey. In conclusion, I say briefly, that Istanbul is simply amazing city. I hope that more someday fate will throw me in there and I once again udast'sya it all through!

POS Payment

We produce POS terminals – an achievement of modern technology. They can rightly be considered convenient and useful equipment. The payment terminal is a kind of technique with which made payments on a single facial level. You can easily define active personal account, find balance, pay utility bills and much more. You do not have to stand in line at the ticket office and waiting You will be served.

All operations can be performed without an operator assistant. What is included in the payment terminal device? – A control unit, as a rule, he built based on an ordinary personal computer – a device for input and output (LCD monitor and touch screen, or a special keyboard) – a device for receiving money (at present mainly payment terminals equipped with devices for receiving bank notes, which can just take the money, coin, and a device for the dispenser are not used) – a device for printing checks / receipts, it can be dedicated check printer, or fiscal recorder; – GSM modem – the case in which all of the above. That provides high-quality work payment terminal? 1. All payment terminals equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. 2. POS terminals are equipped with a special device to monitor the health of the GSM modem – the watchdog timer. 3. Installed special software that monitors the transmission of information. Today, the payment terminal can be install anywhere: inside, outside, in various public places. Its use does not require much effort. And most importantly – easy handling and functionality.

High Performance Database

In today's global information most of the information stored in electronic form, which in turn requires a clear organization of data for effective operations of the company. Solving this problem promotes the use of specialized software, called database management systems, which allow to structure and organize data for computer storage and processing. Today is hard to imagine the work of many companies without the use of professional databases (such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and others). They are a fundamental part of information systems in most industries. Efficient operation DBMS greatly depends on the process of installation and configuration, which should start long before you run the installer.

The correct approach to the installation database includes the planning of resources and special configuration of the operating system for the efficient operation of the system with specific hardware and software platform. Professional services to configure operating systems and databases to help guarantee future performance and stable operation of the operating system, and also ensure the creation and configuration of databases, taking into account the specific requirements of automated systems for client (ERP, CRM, HRM, etc.). To ensure optimum performance and reliability of I / O storage systems, due consideration should be given to developing effective schemes for placement of database files and the selection of the corresponding model data. Also, do not forget about the possibility of tracking updates the current version of the DBMS. Quality solution for all these tasks requires a great deal of operating experience different database management systems, as well as knowledge of the technical features of equipment and operating systems. In connection with this important issue is the choice of "correct" solution provider. Professional performer shall have, first of all, a great experience to install, configure and maintain various DBMS platforms of any complexity; periodically monitor updates to databases, to assess their criticality, performance testing, etc. Secondly, the expert should be able to select the optimal hardware platform and configuration of equipment, to develop their own documentation taking into account features DBMS installation and configuration of various operating systems (Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris). Thus, the only correct approach to installing and configuring database management system and bringing professional artists can ensure proper performance and efficiency of the system.

Proper Application

In pursuit of convenience and quality companies are looking for the shortest path, and if there is a demand then there is a suggestion, we all know this slogan, which pushes the progress to its maximum speed. Vendors have begun to look the same the shortest path. Both appeared on the market a product that can provide convenience, speed and the maximum calculation accuracy: it is a dry construction mixtures. What has been without them? The answer is simple Cement and sand, in fact all of this and left, but in certain proportions, under different markings, quality, and specific uses. What happened to the cement? Do not worry, he's still number one! Nobody was going to write him out of the archives history, it continues to be widely used, but more on that later. We now proceed to the marking of dry mixes, starting with the widely used: M-150 and M-200, belong to the universal, plaster, masonry mixtures immediately say that the higher value of the number, the greater the ratio of cement, compared with the sand, that is, in a mixture under the trademark M-200 cement more than the M-150, the level of hardening, respectively, also higher. Used for bricklaying, plastering, exterior and domestic work. A mixture of M-300, better known as peskobeton, the ratio of the cement in it are much higher than in previous high level of hardening and strength, used to work with increased strength, foundations, formwork, die of the monolith, etc. M-400 and M-500, as promised, do not forget about the cement, these markings are used to it, or rather PC-400 and PC-500, differ in the density of particles, respectively, the force has hardened in the PC-500 is higher than that of the hrc -400, the same cost mention the PC-600, the so-called military cement used for construction of bunkers, military installations and other facilities requiring high strength. To date, the Russian market represented a great number of companies engaged in production of dry building mixes, you can select some of the most popular brands – 'Ivsil', 'Knauf', 'Volma', 'Eunice', 'Stone Flower' I hope this article helps you to get confused in choosing correct products, and select the right for yourself!