General Legal Framework

SROs in the construction of recognized non-profit organization based on membership of individual entrepreneurs and / or legal persons performing engineering surveys or offering architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, major repair of capital construction projects, details of which are incorporated in the state register of cpo (paragraph 17 of article. 1 of the Town Planning Code). The procedure and conditions for acquisition of non-profit organizations that unite the subjects of construction activity, the status of self-established federal law from 1 December 2007 "On the self-regulatory organizations" (hereinafter – the Law on SRO), as well as a new Ch. 6.1. Contributed by the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation Federal Law of 22 July 2008 "On Amendments to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation." sro building created as a nonprofit partnership. Then it must achieve compliance with legal requirements regarding the minimum number of its members, the presence of a compensation fund certain size, as well as the approval number of mandatory documents. A nonprofit organization, corresponding to these conditions, acquire the status of self by making information about it in public Register sro construction sector. His conduct mandated by . Depending on the work performed in the construction of sro can be based on membership: individuals performing engineering surveys, persons who prepare the project documentation; persons engaged in construction. In practice, many organizations are building complex is carried out all these activities, with both state licenses as a design and for engineering surveys and construction.

Environmentally Friendly Wooden Window !

Tree – a classic material for making windows. Wood is energy saving, environmental and reproductive material with extensive use and has long been successfully used in the manufacture of windows. Manufactured and designed in accordance with the present state of the art, wooden windows are stable, well preserving the shape and durable construction elements with fine construction and physical characteristics. Thanks to its natural structure, the tree has high strength characteristics and is easily treatable. Wood windows may be made individually and manufactured in any size. They are characterized by good insulating qualities, and on its density, sound insulation and resistance to mechanical stress equal to the windows made of other materials. Selecting wood for the manufacture of wooden windows made from woods that are already well established for this purpose. Used as proper for the production of wood windows is divided into deciduous and coniferous species.

Despite these shortcomings, many prefer the traditional wood. Wooden window frames of the modern type is mainly made of pine, oak, beech, walnut, mahogany. Preference is given to the red tree, since it is well processed, and allows precise adjustment of parts. In addition, mahogany almost does not shrink over time. To preserve the properties of wood and its longevity, it is processed by a special protective impregnation. Of course, the window frames of mahogany rather expensive, but there is always an opportunity to buy options and cheaper, the more that the usual pine with coverage under the oak, beech or walnut look very attractive.

Press Service

Low tide is at the bottom of the outer part, and the window sill – the bottom inside of the window opening. Reflux is used for diversion of rain and meltwater. Ebb and sill is usually installed under the window, not in a joint with him, so that water could not seep into the joints. On the outer side Profile has drainage holes. In order not to close them during the installation, care must be taken to the lower edge of the frame does not overlap the outer edge of the window opening.

In this case, the connection between reflux and the frame, as well as between the frame and sill should be sealed. The ten: to control the quality of services. Thus, we considered the main issues to be brought to the attention of companies, refiners, specializing in the assembly and installation of pvc window-profile. In conclusion, we should say a few words about this important aspect of how contact with the consumer. To effectively monitor the quality of services and works rapid response to the claims and wishes of customers, as well as market monitoring mechanism should be established customer feedback. One of the most effective means of feedback – toll-free hot line.

Organizations involved in assembling and installing windows, create a special department of quality control orders and services. Their main function – complaints and suggestions of consumers, as well as control actions, taken to solve problems. This fruitful cooperation of the manufacturer and the customer is key to improving competitiveness. To summarize: to succeed and compete in present conditions can only be if the pay careful attention to all aspects of production, preparation and installation work. This applies to the quality of materials used, and to professional training, and mandatory compliance with technological requirements, and operating schemes of work with clients. And all of these components have the same level of significance and none of them should not be neglected.

Step Difficult

– Modern technologies allow to produce structures of various shapes, sizes and colors will fit in almost any historical design. Hear from experts in the field like U.S. Mint for a more varied view. For example, in Chelyabinsk, our partner – "Maximus" – in the Orthodox church of St. George established window system PROPLEX-Optima. Brown was used in the mass profile laminated wood (mahogany imitation of the texture). With this advanced glazing systems are organically combined with facades of red brick. " When the native walls only impede, but not only the facade creates a number of limitations and obstacles. Without a quality repair and redevelopment to use such facilities as shopping very difficult.

It often is a total reconstruction, in which an inner filling the building is almost completely replaced. However, changes are rarely touched the wall. According to Alexei Nikitin, get permission from the protection of monuments to their dismantling and erection of additional barriers will be difficult. At this Step authorities are in extreme cases, and then after lengthy investigations, inspections and settlements. This is just another problem for the owner of the store. "Often the location of the walls can not change layout of the interior.

They have a complex shape, because they are difficult to organize an effective route for self-service customers. As a result, even in buildings that were originally designed for trade (as "Teahouse" or Yeliseyevsky grocery in Moscow), the area is not well suited to modern retail formats – explains Cyrus and . – A convert to modern, efficient shopping center, for example, the building of 19 century – This is a very difficult task.