Pros Natural Materials

By investing time and money into landscaping our homes, we aim to arrange your home so that it meets our requirements for comfort, comfort and safety. By no means the last part of the modern home – quality window. In addition to the universal mounting system and design capability, as well as a wide range of options are to allow your imagination run wild – and original, beautiful windows give your home individuality and ennoble it. Hear other arguments on the topic with john k castle. Modern wood windows have the strength, the durability and ease of operation, as well as heating engineering and airtightness directly at the factory. In wooden windows rather complex design – their elements are connected in blocks, are heat treatment, during which the tree is further moistened by steam, and then is dried – soft (at 60-70 degrees) or rigid (100 degrees), due to What window profile acquires resistance to various stresses and resistance to deformation. If the wooden profile is well dried, impregnated with preservatives and fire retardant and painted, it will last 50-70 years. John k castle spoke with conviction. So , the mechanical properties of the material is much higher than the properties of the original timber, while maintaining the ecological and decoration of the tree.

Perfect Insulation Materials

In today's construction industry for insulating the interior and reduce heating costs, basically, there are two ways. This use of additional materials in combination with consistent application of a layer of plaster and use insulated plaster smesey.Pervy method is more time consuming and expensive. It includes several construction activities: surface preparation, installation work and subsequent plastering. The process of implementation of labor-intensive, performs his work with various specializations, which increases the production cycle, this requires several types of materials and components, as well as a special tool. The use of heterogeneous, in part properties of materials creates a "cold bridges", and different coefficients of thermal expansion give rise to cracks. Insulating complex requires the control of its technical condition and maintenance (requires immediate restoration of the protective layer of plaster, as the emergence of vulnerable areas leads to progressive destruction of the protective system). This method does not allow for work at sites with complex geometric surfaces.

In this case, over time, used insulation materials and insulation complex in general, lose their insulating properties. This method is used in construction, mainly due to inertia, and as present in legacy projects and technical resheniyah.Sovremenny progressive way of reducing heat loss – is to use insulated plaster mixtures. The most advanced of the available material is insulated with insulated mortar haunklif. Insulated mortar haunklif made from organic ingredients and contains no polystyrene foam and asbestos. It includes: a lightweight composite filler (microspheres), basaltic fiberglass, natural fillers (cement, sand) and polymer modifikatory.Smes designed for plastering interior, exterior and basement walls of buildings and structures, as well as filling interpanel seams on all used in the construction of wall materials and as a finishing material, and for subsequent additional finishing.

Proper Application

In pursuit of convenience and quality companies are looking for the shortest path, and if there is a demand then there is a suggestion, we all know this slogan, which pushes the progress to its maximum speed. Vendors have begun to look the same the shortest path. Both appeared on the market a product that can provide convenience, speed and the maximum calculation accuracy: it is a dry construction mixtures. What has been without them? The answer is simple Cement and sand, in fact all of this and left, but in certain proportions, under different markings, quality, and specific uses. What happened to the cement? Do not worry, he's still number one! Nobody was going to write him out of the archives history, it continues to be widely used, but more on that later. We now proceed to the marking of dry mixes, starting with the widely used: M-150 and M-200, belong to the universal, plaster, masonry mixtures immediately say that the higher value of the number, the greater the ratio of cement, compared with the sand, that is, in a mixture under the trademark M-200 cement more than the M-150, the level of hardening, respectively, also higher. Used for bricklaying, plastering, exterior and domestic work. A mixture of M-300, better known as peskobeton, the ratio of the cement in it are much higher than in previous high level of hardening and strength, used to work with increased strength, foundations, formwork, die of the monolith, etc. M-400 and M-500, as promised, do not forget about the cement, these markings are used to it, or rather PC-400 and PC-500, differ in the density of particles, respectively, the force has hardened in the PC-500 is higher than that of the hrc -400, the same cost mention the PC-600, the so-called military cement used for construction of bunkers, military installations and other facilities requiring high strength. To date, the Russian market represented a great number of companies engaged in production of dry building mixes, you can select some of the most popular brands – 'Ivsil', 'Knauf', 'Volma', 'Eunice', 'Stone Flower' I hope this article helps you to get confused in choosing correct products, and select the right for yourself!