Aid In Easier Execution Is Just Not

(Judge LG Dortmund 2 S 39/10 and AG Stuttgart 14 C-6415/06) The judgments on the subject of “Aid in easier execution”, as you among other things the Continentale insurance rates (including GS1, GS2 plus, comfort and economy and some aid tariffs like the BT1) used to pile up. The opinion of the insurer is not supported here always more often by the Court. In the basic tenor, the judges seem to be very United. The phrase “simple version” just does not necessarily means “most cost effective supply”. However, the said statement in terms of insurance let’s look first at once. There we will find (here, for example in the collective COMFORT too in the GA1 or GS2 / plus) following statement: 7 tools tools are technical means or prostheses (no dentures), which should immediately reduce disability, sickness or accident, or compensate for, except Visual AIDS, medical devices, and other sanitary or medical supplies. The costs for AIDS are refundable in simple execution. Subject of dispute between the policyholder and the insured person is here the small, inconspicuous word “easier”.

It now says it will be refunded the prescribed remedy, which must be just as cheap as possible bought? It is perhaps there will be a prosthesis for example, but the cheapest / easiest way or is it even “simple design” in the sense of “only once”? The last opinion was (AZ. 14 C-6415/06) and the subsequent Berufsungsverfahrens on the LG Stuttgart under other subject to the procedure of the AG of Stuttgart. It was, like in the other sentence (download: AZ 2 S 39/10 of the LG Dortmund) performances, which did not provide the Continentale KV or reduced. In the Dortmund procedure, there was a hearing aid and thus related (multi -) cost of approx. EUR 700, in other proceedings Stuttgart there were already more than 4,000 EUR dispute for a prosthesis.

Note Notary Loureno

We collaborate in the process of construction of the Riviera of Are Loureno since the year of 1985, through Construction SOBLOCO S/A., responsible company for the implantation and global accomplishment of the enterprise ‘ ‘ The Riviera of Is Loureno’ ‘. IT SEES Consultoria to IT Real estate was idealized in 2004, when it was opted then to the creation of an office of sales specialized in the product the Riviera. We have as norm to lead our works of ethical standards inside, to primar for the secrecy of the negotiations, security of the documentations, origin of the products, attendance of high level and discretion that if makes necessary for such transactions sales of new and used property. We work under order and of personalized form, selecting for you the property in the Riviera in accordance with its preferences and requirements, offering always the best options of leisure and investment. We take care of previously of the analysis of the documentation of the property, as well as the analysis of the data you register in cadastre of its salesmen and purchasers through the attainment of competent Certificates. For in such a way we count on the contribution of experienced writers (the Srs. Celso Matheus and Jose Trevisan Riva, and dispatchers of 3 Note Notary of the Capital, that also provides all the competent notations in 1 Notary’s office of Real estate record of Saints. We make use of modern tools of work and a great volume of information in function to participate of an advanced system of sales, the SIV, that provides in them to offer developed products for you especially. We have aconchegante Pavilion of Exposition and Sales equipped of audio-appearance, mockups, photos with all the information on the Macro Project of the Riviera and permanent training of the correctors for a perfect agreement of the Urbanstico Plan of the Riviera of Is Loureno.

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The Tens

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Civil Procedure

Another option that should be pursued is to renegotiate the mortgage loan initial conditions to try to adjust them to current circumstances. An alternative is to try to lengthen the term of the mortgage payment. Although the price increase to repay the money borrowed over a period greater, the main obligation, pay, may be meet because the increase of the period should entail a reduction in the monthly fee. There are occasions in which unfortunately these conditions are not sufficient because simply what happens is that the mortgage cannot be paid by very good will that you have. One of the options that there are in this case is the dation in payment, i.e.

offer to the Bank or to the box the ability to convey the ownership of the property to pay off this debt. Another option is to try to sell the apartment or the House and thus get rid of the debt, and in the event that there are more options, the Bank or the three to six months will start the foreclosure process in order to proceed with the seizure of the property to pay off the debt. If finally the property goes to auction and a third awarded it is, with the purchased amount the Bank or resarcira debt and excess, if you spare something, will be to the mortgagor. During the process of foreclosure, the debtor has the possibility of rehabilitation of the mortgage loan. In this case, the law of Civil Procedure provides that if the mortgaged the family home, the debtor may even without the consent of the creditor, freeing the good through the appropriation of the exact amount that principal and interest were expired on the date of submission of the claim of foreclosure. Thus, released a good first, may release in second or subsequent occasions, provided that they at least medien five years between the date of the release and the requirement for judicial or extrajudicial payment made by the creditor.