Note Notary Loureno

We collaborate in the process of construction of the Riviera of Are Loureno since the year of 1985, through Construction SOBLOCO S/A., responsible company for the implantation and global accomplishment of the enterprise ‘ ‘ The Riviera of Is Loureno’ ‘. IT SEES Consultoria to IT Real estate was idealized in 2004, when it was opted then to the creation of an office of sales specialized in the product the Riviera. We have as norm to lead our works of ethical standards inside, to primar for the secrecy of the negotiations, security of the documentations, origin of the products, attendance of high level and discretion that if makes necessary for such transactions sales of new and used property. We work under order and of personalized form, selecting for you the property in the Riviera in accordance with its preferences and requirements, offering always the best options of leisure and investment. We take care of previously of the analysis of the documentation of the property, as well as the analysis of the data you register in cadastre of its salesmen and purchasers through the attainment of competent Certificates. For in such a way we count on the contribution of experienced writers (the Srs. Celso Matheus and Jose Trevisan Riva, and dispatchers of 3 Note Notary of the Capital, that also provides all the competent notations in 1 Notary’s office of Real estate record of Saints. We make use of modern tools of work and a great volume of information in function to participate of an advanced system of sales, the SIV, that provides in them to offer developed products for you especially. We have aconchegante Pavilion of Exposition and Sales equipped of audio-appearance, mockups, photos with all the information on the Macro Project of the Riviera and permanent training of the correctors for a perfect agreement of the Urbanstico Plan of the Riviera of Is Loureno.