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Open investment and analytical portal CapitalStream.ru financial services analyst estimate of shares, investment advice. Tips and advice. Help in choosing sites for investment, the valuation of assets (stocks and securities) of the company. Profiles (description, history, tariffs) and reporting (annual, quarterly, financial) enterprises MICEX. The predictions of take-off and falling stocks, the potential over-or under-estimation of the issuer. Analysis of stock market build a personal investment vehicle. Forecasts and trends. Regularly updated information and new sections of the attention of traders offered: access to market statistikeOpisanie and reporting companies traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

The possibility of downloading otchetovFinansovy analysis shares of issuers RAS, IFRS and US GAAPPomosch in choosing a broker. Information and choice of financial tarifyBolshoy instrumentovObuchayuschaya literature, articles, urokiRazdel “FAQ” – direct communication with the authors proektVozmozhnost order a full financial analysis predpriyatiyRazdely site Novice traders will find many interesting things to see financial education. In section presented a library of literature, dictionary of financial terms, training courses for novice investors. If you have any thematic issues – do not hesitate to ask them a question and answer section. Section profiles enterprises can find descriptions, history and financial statements of companies traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

Access to annual, quarterly, financial statements of companies sorted by industry, available in Reporting section. The ability to download reports is only available to registered users. Choose a reliable broker, learn tariffs, open a brokerage account, go to the brokers. In the analysis of issuers provided the results of fundamental stock analysis. The section is open only to registered users, open a brokerage account in the company. To assess the quality of intelligence available to demo section.