San Juan

Rancho Curujey. Provides complete information of the complex, there is a bar and is a viewpoint with a splendid view. Aquatic activities centre. In the Lake at the entrance of the Community (village): can I hire boat rowing and water bicycles, the trout fishing is allowed but return to the water of catches (catch release). Hacienda Union. A recreation estate developed in the vicinity of the ruins of the coffee plantation La Union – of the century XIX – staffed by a peasant family, there are restaurant and a beautiful tropical garden Jardin La Union-, can be reached by road.

Ruins of the Buenavista coffee plantation, partially restored, is a viewpoint at 240 meters above the sea level, there is a specialized restaurant, and access is by road. Art and culture: there are craftsmen ceramic workshops in the community. Serigraph, carved wood – and a museum dedicated to the memory of Polo Montanes, singer and composer villager that reached national and international fame with his unique musical style. San Juan, Spa natural on the San Juan River that possesses natural pools of crystalline water, some deep and baths with mineral and medicinal properties. There are cafe-bar in place and can be reached by road. Banos de Bayate, on the river of the same name, there is a cafe-bar and is reached by an embankment.

Routes and trails, there are 7 trails delimited with different degrees of complexity although all are suitable for the tourist environment: 1. hell Canada route. Travel along the barrel that forms the Bayate River where you can optionally take baths, passes through the ruins of San Pedro and Santa Catalina coffee plantations, it has a length of 5 Km 2. Sendero Las Delicias. With about 4 Km in length it runs along part of the NE area of the complex and ends in the Mirador del Valle de San Juan.


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Web Cumulative Effect

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Better Business Bureau

The team of in your interest to find out what are the variables that allow a sales letter to produce a significant increase in your conversion rate found a small list of 10 variables (no particular order) that you should try on your sales letter so that it can produce significant increases in your conversion rate. Some of these recommendations may become quite controversial (because often go against what many experts recommend and what they believe many sellers). 1 Sales letter long vs short sales letter. The conventional wisdom of direct marketing is that the Charter long always wins over the short letter. Well, not always. Been shown that while the long letter WINS on the short letter in some cases, the short letter has greater effectiveness than the letter long in other cases.

Of course, much will depend on the quality of the Charter. The only way to check what works best?, is to test with both. Do not assume automatically that the long letter will work better for your site, no matter what tell you some marketing experts. 2 Logos of credibility. Affiliate with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Hacker Safe and deploy their logos on your Web site, can significantly increase your conversions. But, you should not assume that this will always be the case, can this Act negatively thereby reducing conversions. So, you should make sure first test these logos before adding them to your site.

3. Assurance through purchase or shopping cart orders. Try adding some lines of content on buying or shopping cart orders to inform its visitors about the safety of your financial information and your purchasing staff, this will increase conversions. This often proves to be a very important variable, especially if its target audience tends to be larger in age, or is something new for them to buy things on the Internet.