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The exhibition demonstrates the full range of products and solutions necessary for a successful business of hotels, restaurants and other businesses HoReCa sector in Russia and CIS. In 2008, the exhibition ‘PIR. Hospitality industry ‘ occupies rooms 12,13, 14, Pavilion 3 IEC ‘Crocus Expo’. Exhibition area – 52,000 sq. m., exhibitors – more than 700 companies. Visitors -45 000 hospitality industry professionals.

GREETINGS Dear Colleagues, I greet you at the XI International Exhibition “PIR. Hospitality industry ‘! Development HoReCa in Russia is very rapidly and has already made significant steps in this direction and achieved excellent results. Today, it is important not only actively develop our business, but the very philosophy of the hospitality industry, which is expressed in a few simple words: respect, comfort, care and anticipation of the expectations of our guests and clients! In Russia every year becomes more and more people who seeking to establish his own business, and one of the finest ways to get the recipe for success, to reduce the risk of errors common to all start-ups and access to a unique experience Companies-holders, is visiting the exhibition, the institution useful acquaintance. I know many will find for themselves the information that will help them identify with the company – a partner and take the first steps towards their own business. I wish success to all who had been looking for!

Autonomous University

In Spain has been filed a complaint against them. Europe says wanting to curb them, but, as in his day with the Re-Foundation of capitalism, said than the fact half an abyss. ATTAC. This international organization has spent years building speech from the academic and intellectual worlds. Its flag is global economic justice and opposition to the dominant liberal thought in the economic debate.

His last campaign promotes a tax on financial transactions (Tobin rate). Banking. It embodies the role of Max enemy. It is considered guilty of the financial crisis that began in 2007. The bailouts of institutions have given rise to a debate about the need for a public bank.

But, as the Economist at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and President of Justice i Pau, Arcadi Oliveres, banking ethics is also an important alternative, as it is transparent in terms of the money they receive and to give. And also, give it according to ethical criteria. Botin, Emilio. Songs, cartoons and banners customize figure of the banker who is enriched at the expense of the whole of society the Chairman of Banco Santander. Their recent judicial problems for alleged tax fraud, which is involved part of his family, does not seem to contribute to an improvement of its image. Citizen / consumer. The 15-M movement has raised the need that economic policies are directed to the citizen and to achieve their well-being. At the theoretical level the figure of the citizen – is confronted with its consequent capacity of policy response – with consumer (of products and political noise) that is attributed to the current model. The recent documentary buy, shoot, buy, that it calls into question the existing consumerism, has been a success. Degrowth. It is another economic trend upward. He fights the ideological claim to the capitalism prevailing that economic growth is good by itself same with the evidence of the depletion of resources.