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By "SKN-Media December 1, 2006 launched a project GIS investor Kirov region Investor.Kirov.Ru Arendator.Kirov.Ru is the first professional information and analytical resource for real estate, land, investments Kirov region (certificate of registration of mass media E number FS77-27490). Its purpose is to provide high-quality systematic information on the real estate market and the earth, creating an information field of the regional market, attracting resources of Russian and foreign investors. The project is aimed at operators and real estate market, construction, finance and investment, trade and production companies and entrepreneurs to develop business in the regions. The uniqueness of our project is the professional approach, the level of the participants, the openness and the volume of materials collected from different Sources: Administration of Kirov, Kirov Region Government, construction, investment, asset management companies, owners, managers and real estate agents. GIS investor – this is a public source information containing the full database of existing, under construction and planned facilities, updated database offers sales, leasing and professionally a matched analytical information on the Kirov region Russian regions' main asset is a resource Geographic Information System, which allows search and comprehensive analysis of textual and cartographic information for making decisions about the attractiveness of the object Real Estate. Everest capital has many thoughts on the issue.

Project, its comprehensive solution and the format does not have Russian equivalents, and includes a printed version of business directory "Real Estate. Plot. Charles Schwab helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. INVESTMENTS. VYATKA-Kirov 2006/07 ", a full-scale map of the city of Kirov, information-analytical portal Investor.Kirov.Ru Arendator.Kirov.Ru and interactive CD-ROM version. Portal Investor.Kirov.Ru Arendator.Kirov.Ru is a publicly accessible source of information containing the full database of existing, under construction and planned facilities professionally a matched analytical information on the Kirov and the regions. His materials are in great demand, and actively published in both print and electronic media: analytical articles, and market surveys Real Estate represented on the pages of many publications of regional, regional and federal levels (BUSINESS.MIR & DOM , Expert , Commercial Real estate, etc.), news broadcasts news service news.Google.Ru, news.Yandex.Ru, cited electronic publications IRN.RU, ARENDATOR.RU, 1RRE.RU etc.

The portal is visited Investor.Kirov.Ru 1500-2000 thousands of people. Investor Geoinformation System of the Kirov region Investor.Kirov.Ru provided informational support for such important events in the economy and real estate as the XI St. Petersburg Economic Forum (with a delegation from the Kirov region), VII International Economic Forum "Sochi-2007 ', International Investment Forum PROEstate 2007, II of Moscow Forum of leaders of the real estate market-MREF 2007 Moscow International Investment Show 2008, constantly highlights activities on real estate, construction and investment taking place in different regions of Russia – Republic of Udmurtia, Volga Federal District, the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Perm, Sverdlovsk region, etc. We are actively cooperating with the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, the Russian Guild of Realtors, the Guild of Managers and Developers of commercial and industrial real estate, the Russian Council of Shopping Centers and other major organizations active in the field of economics, real estate and construction.


Turning to the Internet in response to serious questions, the best, of course, refer to specialized sites, containing a thematic compilation of materials, for Internet projects with a specific thematic areas – here sense the hand of professionals and therefore have a responsibility for the quality of published data. But you will agree, is not easy in a vast, albeit a systematic search of information you need – it takes a lot of time and not always for sure … What do I do this case? Search for a competent person, and went to the meeting, to pay for his services? This is only one option, but there's another … It is for that life seemed simpler, has developed this form of interaction professionals and citizens as an Internet conference. Today, no one will argue with the fact that online conferences are invaluable for the development of information and communication infrastructure of society and therefore actively practiced throughout the world. Their value lies in the fact that they allow you to quickly obtain high-quality first-hand information without spending a huge amount of time walking in different instances in the search for competent people. It's simple: you can while sitting at home or office computer, ask a question and then receive a full response. Only need to be aware of when and who conducts these activities. It's simple, is not it? However, despite this, in the Kirov region this form of communication such as Internet-conference has not yet become widely applicable, and is still perceived as a novelty.

Hong Kong

Residents of Hong Kong, receiving royalties from sources in Indonesia, imposed in Indonesia's tax revenue as a royalty rate of 20%. The agreement will allow companies in this case, reduce the tax rate to level of 5%. The rate of the Indonesian income tax on interest paid to residents of Hong Kong, will also be reduced from 20% to 10%. Moreover, the parties reached agreement on the issue of enabling Hong Kong airlines that operate flights to Indonesia, be taxed at the rate of Hong Kong's corporate tax, which is below the rate applicable in Indonesia. In respect of the profits from international shipping, received residents of Hong Kong and the emerging in Indonesia, which is currently subject to tax there – The Agreement provides for reducing the tax rate to 50%. It should be noted that these agreements will come into force after ratification by the parties.

Comments on the situation specialists Concept consulting Ltd.: 'At present, Hong Kong attracts international business, one of the lowest tax rates on corporate profits in Southeast Asia, as well as benefits provided by the territorial principle of taxation. This means that under the laws of Hong Kong, the income of companies that operate outside the territory of Hong Kong are not taxed on profit companies. The decision to release the company from taxes take the Hong Kong tax authorities on the basis of the audit report. In addition, in Hong Kong there is no capital gains tax, no tax on dividends and interest. In addition to the tax treaties concluded with the Netherlands and Indonesia, Hong Kong has other tax treaties: China – in respect of income received by corporations and individuals, and some agreements with other countries including the USA (related to issues of navigation and aviation). In general, Hong Kong concluded a comprehensive agreement governing the taxation issues, from 8 countries, which is aimed at providing additional economic incentives to foreign companies and attract investment into the economy of Hong Kong '.

Advertising and Marketing

Most people working in advertising and marketing have long forgotten about the need to buy pens, lighters, mugs, t-shirts, etc. In their full supply to these partners and customers. Some lucky enough to forget even to purchase alcohol. And you spend your money on items that they and so "bring", as it was not logical and it is senseless. Perhaps not all luck with alcohol, but the mountains pens are on everyone's desktop.

Yes, pens are cheap and, moreover, enjoy the love that allows them to give whole armful. And does it make sense? For souvenirs have long accepted as true for something minor, it is imperative that there must be at each company. As a result, companies are limited to a "standard" set of: pens, calendars, note pads, lighters. How does this apply ordinary consumer, when he handed these "gifts"? "I give, perhaps, useful! "It does not matter what line of business we consider everywhere the same. Therefore, such gifts have long ceased to be a sign of respect and good relations to the customer, the consumer.

Accordingly, the effect of such Gifts available. We do not have in mind what the customer needed to bestow a gift superexpensive, no. But "suvenirka" is a major attribute of each company or brand and should be consistent with the objectives of the brand. Then is, souvenirs should contribute to a presentation on the aims and objectives of the brand. Standard is a set of pens, business card holders and lighters does not correspond to the above. This is especially true of companies in services, where the goods can not touch and see. In this case, the souvenir products is particularly relevant and enables the user to show others that he uses this or that service in the company. Therefore, attitude toward souvenirs must be radically changed. On the market are allocated tobacco and beer brands. Sometimes we can see a very original gift products: high-tech gifts from Kent or original clothes from Tuborg. Unfortunately, it is rather an exception to the rule. For most brands and companies do not have enough wit, or imagination on lighters, glasses with a logo, pens. Thus, the promotional materials necessary to viewed not only as advertising medium. Souvenirs – an important attribute of the brand, which should correspond to the idea of the brand. Because almost no one does, for example, the packaging was just so, her role is very significant, sometimes even more important than the quality of the product itself. The expression that a good product needs no advertising, has long been forgotten by all. In advertising needs even very good and popular product. If we consider that much of the advertising campaign and a sweepstakes prizes in exchange for the purchase of goods or services, it turns out that all this advertising is not working. In fact, as happens: during the campaign there is a surge consumption in the future he is going to zero and the level of sales is returned to the original performance, and even below. But the essence of any campaign not to make a purchase the customer at the moment, but forming long-term consumer preferences. Souvenir or gift products must also take part in this important process. I aways have three main objectives: 1.donesti brand idea to consumer; 2.vydelit brand or company from the crowd; 3.predostavlyat additional benefits to customers.

Car Department

That is, if you need to get to the other end of town, and you go there on foot, walking pace, it is also, by definition, will be effective. But if you sit in the car and get to your destination, then it would probably be a little more efficiently. So here the time factor should be given due attention, as if, for example, sales manager, does not so much sales allotted time, so it could be called effective, it is simply inefficient. This is in principle simple enough to understand this, and I am sure that nothing particularly new, I have discovered. But. Let's see where it all this leads to. Here is the sales manager doing his job. Makes it reluctantly, as if with laziness.

Still, by all means try to show that he was at work, he looks at the monitor, he writes something and somewhere to call. But the result minimum. What makes his head, seeing this picture? He thinks, 'Maybe this guy can not handle. It is necessary to hire a couple more managers to somehow raise the sales department. " And after a few days can observe such a picture – in the department roam a couple of new employees who are also trying every way to show that they have something to do there that they can be useful, but ultimately, they are simply ballast which pulls down this department.

But think for a moment – unless those people someone doing? Someone showed them where to go in such a case, or at least how to make phone calls? And here we are encounter with another factor. 2. Education. After all, if these people someone taught elementary things, they would become much more efficient than they were before. They probably could even have a weekend show off successfully deals. They would even understand what is required of them.

Journal Trading

Is automatic, automatically, and once again automatically. Lucky discrete traders are rare. It is often natural talent – a mix of temperament, intuition and even motor skills, which most mortals lack. We have often admired as a master of making progress just by intuition or first impulse, but most of us can not sell. We're too emotional. We are all currently experiencing greed or fear, focusing on our emotional feelings.

We take profits too early and letting losses grow too long, too confident in our trading system and the ability to anticipate market. C On the other hand, anyone who has enough patience and willingness to work can develop a mechanical trading system that brings success. To be successful you must have the ability to rigidly set buy and sell signals, that can not be changed. Even a weak system, which should be better than perfect system, which is followed only occasionally. Easy to trade, even if it seems silly at this point leads to a much greater financial success than the game on a mixture of intuition and personal assessment of the situation. Automation is killing the momentum, because it pulls you out of the driver's seat.

If you spent time and energy to develop its own trading system you must first restrict ourselves to the orders of your system, like a robot. Keep a journal. In addition to tracking the usual things, such as entry and exit, the reason for trading and lessons learned, Journal of Trading can help you see how you follow your system.

IFRS Financial

Open investment and analytical portal financial services analyst estimate of shares, investment advice. Tips and advice. Help in choosing sites for investment, the valuation of assets (stocks and securities) of the company. Profiles (description, history, tariffs) and reporting (annual, quarterly, financial) enterprises MICEX. The predictions of take-off and falling stocks, the potential over-or under-estimation of the issuer. Analysis of stock market build a personal investment vehicle. Forecasts and trends. Regularly updated information and new sections of the attention of traders offered: access to market statistikeOpisanie and reporting companies traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

The possibility of downloading otchetovFinansovy analysis shares of issuers RAS, IFRS and US GAAPPomosch in choosing a broker. Information and choice of financial tarifyBolshoy instrumentovObuchayuschaya literature, articles, urokiRazdel “FAQ” – direct communication with the authors proektVozmozhnost order a full financial analysis predpriyatiyRazdely site Novice traders will find many interesting things to see financial education. In section presented a library of literature, dictionary of financial terms, training courses for novice investors. If you have any thematic issues – do not hesitate to ask them a question and answer section. Section profiles enterprises can find descriptions, history and financial statements of companies traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

Access to annual, quarterly, financial statements of companies sorted by industry, available in Reporting section. The ability to download reports is only available to registered users. Choose a reliable broker, learn tariffs, open a brokerage account, go to the brokers. In the analysis of issuers provided the results of fundamental stock analysis. The section is open only to registered users, open a brokerage account in the company. To assess the quality of intelligence available to demo section.

Affiliate Marketing

Despite your best efforts, you can not earn a dime in affiliate program. You're breaking my head and wonder how some partners earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars without making the supernatural efforts. Sound familiar? In this article we will look at why this is happening! Thus, the 5 main reasons why you fail, while others thrive. Reason number 1 – you do not take anything at all! Reason number 1, on which your affiliate marketing works with a zero result is that you do nothing at all. You have to move, take action and start doing something now! Reason number 2 – To create a business takes time! Affiliate marketing, just like any other business requires time to develop. You do not get a quick profit from your affiliate business requires careful planning and preparation in order to achieve success. Do not get discouraged if your efforts have not yielded results. Look at the successful partners and businessmen.

Most of them took a long time to build your business. They spent most of his at the creation of "assets" that have brought them the passive income later. Reason number 3 – The quest for the wrong target or too many goals! Despite the fact that you are doing everything to succeed, the result is still zero. The reason may be that you have chosen the wrong goal, or trying to "hit" several goals. If you do not have a plan of action, then all your efforts will remain futile. All successful people know what they want and what want to achieve.

They always concentrate on just one goal. The same must be done to you. Determine the result you want to achieve, make a plan of action and focus on the ultimate goal. Reason number 4 – Inability conduct online business. Another reason for your failures may lie in the fact that you do not belong to the partnership business as a real business. Most people, when they start an online business without seriously affiliate marketing. They are either not doing enough, or do nothing at all. When you do not take seriously the things that do, you will never achieve this success. When you seriously start relate to affiliate marketing, start to plan and develop strategies to grow your business, that's when you and see the real results that will appear in the form of tangible affiliate commissions. Reason number 5 – I You do not have a good system! The key to success in any business – the system. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need a proven system. To determine for themselves the best option, you can try methods other businessmen. Learn their system, find out how they work and how you can use it. Summary: Now that you know the reasons why your affiliate marketing does not bring any results, I hope you more serious about your business and begin to finally act to make your business successful.

Crmsystem Automating

Despite the fact that for several years, representatives of the banking sector showing a lively interest in CRM-systems, the size of the queues at some branches of domestic banks has not changed. To some extent, on the amount of turn affected the economic crisis, but his influence was not so important to this little paranormal phenomenon. It would seem that the bank's branches have long used computerized systems that must remove the burden of routine operations with the staff of financial structure. But as it turns out, it is often the availability of automated systems could adversely affect the quality of customer service. Or rather not the automation, and the number of automated systems. As a rule, front-office operations in the bank can be used at best two or three systems, and at worst – up to seven automated systems. As we noted in CRM-blog "Implementing CRM: the use of different approaches, with a" wealth "from multiple vendors with a variety of interfaces and algorithms of the employee may simply be physically unable to give due Focus on the customer. That is what prompted us to write a post about the feasibility of using CRM in the business processes of the bank.

Even a superficial analysis of customer service in the bank without the use of CRM-system and use it to show that in the second case, customer satisfaction is much higher and the bank employee spends significantly less time for such services. Given the interest shown by readers, has been prepared by the second part, describing the use of CRM-system for the problems the front office. In this case, a bank clerk can not only save you time on maintenance, given that all the information on the client will be presented in a single profile, but it also avoids duplication of information. With each new treatment to the client will not need to re-specify their data, but only when necessary to supplement the missing information. In addition, use of CRM-system will optimize the bank's employees and outbound campaigns of outgoing calls in Call-center. Thus, when a roll call of call-center can make a mark in the "customer profile" about its interest in "Promotional" proposal and the data will be available to other employees of the bank in real time, thus effectively pre-plan activities and resources.

Russian Marketing

How many times have you had this: Have you seen an ad and you have a question, the answer to that is decided for you, buy it or not? Do you spend extra time on it to write a letter on this issue entrepreneur? If yes, then you have enough patience to wait for a response, or if you went to the competitor’s site and buy there? You can see how really important to answer all the questions potential buyers before they have them appear? What do you do for this? First and foremost, you must submit himself to the place of your potential buyers. Read your marketing text – no matter what questions you asked if you were the buyer? Can I make payment by? Do I deliver the goods within 3 days? Is there a warranty on the product? For best results, ask your friends or your family members to read your marketing text. Ask them if they have any questions about it. Remember all the questions your customers that you have already received. Maybe you responded to them every client individually, but do not they will have your future clients? If yes, then answer them directly in your marketing text.

If You do not want too much to overload your commercial site, you can create a page of frequently asked questions and put the link to it. And there will always be questions that you did not answer. You must provide your potential buyers and easiest way to contact you. This may be a telephone, fax, email, instant messaging, etc. Suggest clock customer service.

If you can not afford it, tell your customers that you answer their questions as quickly as possible or within a reasonable time. In consequence of the track all the questions and supplement the answers to their own marketing text or update our FAQ page. Just from that and can make the difference on your sales and sales of your competitors. ————– Larry Dotson. F