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In 2007 the gross domestic product in Latin America and the Caribbean reached 5.7% and out completed five consecutive years of growth, according to ECLAC. ECLAC has also highlighted that in 2007 it reached a record of 106 billion dollars in foreign direct investment in the region, thanks to economic growth and sustained global demand for natural resources. The amount, according to ECLAC, It was the highest since 1999, when the direct investment in the region totaled 89,000 million dollars and was strongly related to the privatisation of those year Brazil’s Defense Minister, Nelson Jobim, will an exhibition today to heads of State meeting in Brasilia, on what will be the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Defense Council, and the President elected in Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, agreed to promote the South American Union (Unasur). President Uribe said that Colombia has difficulties to participate (in the decision of the Council of Defense). Colombia believes in the body it is the OAS. From Caracas, the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, responded to that Colombian position: beyond those who want to continue to be unworthy of the American Empire lackeys. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva returned to criticizing protectionism applied by developed countries, in his speech during the signing of the Treaty of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). According to him, the growth of industry and Agriculture and the great energy potential in the region uncomfortable.

For the Brazilian leader, South America gains stature in global actor with the creation of the Union and a new geopolitical role. We are not fooled by the arguments of those who, by protectionist interests or geopolitical motives, feel uncomfortable with our growth. A United South America will move the power of the World Board, said Lula. The President of Brazil defended that UNASUR is built as part of the projects of development of each country, but for the benefit of all. The Brazilian leader also commented that all decisions are taken by the new entity will have to be by consensus. Evo Morales, for his part, held that with the Treaty we are lifting the foundations of the Nations of the South. It is the dream of our ancestors, it is the struggle of our leaders that defended the unit, opted for independence and now begin to meet that I wish original author and source of the article.

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Every day on every continent and in every country there are couples who are separated. It is is bad. The good news is that many of these couples become join (before you say anything! obviously). If these crossing any rupture with your man, boyfriend, husband, chico, lover, whatever! and are looking for tips that will help you to know how to recover a man you came to the right place. First that nothing, tomatoes a break if I went to recess a while! Stop press it with calls, text messages, and causal encounters! The best thing you can do is erase you awhile and let the emotions of both will reassure since, at this moment, the two are probably in the middle of an emotional roller coaster.

Now if you it find out there, try giving thanks. If! Tell him thank you! because you passed due to breaking a lot of new things that had never happened to you if still were together. But the key here is to tell you well, not like a resentful. If you don’t believe that you can say seeming sincere better not do it. Because the strategy for How to recover a man is that everything sounds natural.

Second, wait if this is one of the parties more difficult. If you played it a little hysterical, you did give jealousy for something, and when you cross you you say thank you with an interesting insight, believe me that your ex at this time is this going crazy! Third, when you return (tene faith that will return!) don’t give everything a, bone, hacete want a little, the idea is that you won’t you be with you. Don’t be so easy! In conclusion, make the selfless and give you a bit of jealousy are the best tips to win back your ex forever. If you’re looking more techniques and tricks you going to get back with him, visit the following link to learn more about how to recover to a man. Tene confidence in you, with all time arrives. There are couples who have become to be together despite the worst circumstances and after have said everything! So manejate with confidence for life, enjoy and, above all, be happy! Original author and source of the article.


The veins of the rectum when they are blocked and sometimes twisted, often out of their place and position itself more superficially to the walls of the rectum, causing its mucosa to swell and form as pads giving rise to hemorrhoids. We must not confuse rectal with hemorrhoids varicose veins, varicose veins are expansions of the veins, and then when it causes lumps committing skin newly hemorrhoids are called. It is important to know this because hemorrhoids are cured with a good diet rich in fibres to not scrape shaped pads and consume those foods that eliminate varicose veins which is powerful factor for the existence of hemorrhoids. Is common for pregnant women to suffer from hemorrhoids near the date of birth, given that there are hormones that increase uterine pressure and rectum, also the weight of the new be, hinders the return of blood to the veins located more superior, they stagnate and form hemorrhoids. This date is important to perform gentle exercises to improve circulation also to not have problems with the childbirth, but hemorrhoids cure normally do given birth. In the case that has hemorrhoids by constipation, you should take enough fluid and caution not to sit anywhere so that they do not escalate.

Using vitamin supplements help in case that they commonly tend to bleed easily, look for those containing especially vitamin k to stop hemorrhages with a rapid coagulation. Remember not to hurt or being long in the toilet, toilet paper wounds by applying oil in the area before defecating and take a shower after doing so, it helps a lot to prevent some scratches. Recalls that as hemorrhoids are cured with a change of life when they are small, where they are thrombosed or prolapsadas the only solution is to put your health in the hands of a doctor’s confidence. To see the most effective plan to cure hemorrhoids naturally and without pain, click here original author and source of the article.

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According to studies presented in ovary, cysts only most of little or no value alarming, are diagnosed by means of tests such as ultrasounds, pelvic exam, or Pap smear although there are many others that determine the existence and orientation to possible treatment for ovarian cyst that requires the young or who suffers from it. During adolescence hormones do not have a balance in his release, so it is more likely that women at an early age have symptoms of cysts such as irregularities in the menstrual cycle, pain in the region lower abdomen, vaginal discharge, nausea, etc. Drugs that help to prevent its development as a treatment for ovarian cyst are indicated, some others like ethinyl estradiol have to be prescribed directly by the gynecologist for their administration. Not all cysts should be extirpated, they reduce their size until it disappears altogether; as mentioned earlier only requires immediate attention to the improvement of the patient and wait 6 weeks for a subsequent examination that will determine if it is a cyst associated with another disease or imply removal of other structures of the reproductive system, female, notwithstanding should be handled with caution the symptoms showing of manifest as pain. Insulin levels can influence the order for the onset of hormonal imbalance so that eating healthy serious treatment for ovarian cyst that must habituate, exercising, eating vegetables and avoid saturated fats, an infusion of Basil can treat pelvic pains and greatly reduce other symptoms like nausea. If pain continues long term up to 3 months, you can give complication severe ovaries and cervix that in these cases the only solution would be the surgical treatment or with laparoscopy, on the other hand large percentage of these are benign and natural medicine makes its way to the well-being of women through home remedies as in supplements prepared with medicinal plants such as Dandelion and boldo. Do you want to know how to deal with the? ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours. Original author and source of the article.

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Any company can be accessed to perform a plan of this kind and remember that word of mouth is marketing tool more powerful that is known, do not leave of side Balseiro adds, that the mouth produces perfect segmentation: the one by one. When a person tells another about something, know: The person who is What are their tastes and preferences How has your family What is his story of life Which topics interest you and which are not. And if that was little: You has a relationship with that people share moments and communicates, is a trust that would be unparalleled by any other advertising tool! You then becomes the most powerful marketing tool that humanity has ever known. It’s that simple, so difficult to achieve. Let’s keep moving forward.

Knowledge Wharton contributes, to take into account that the diffusion of a product by word of mouth system what the authors call contagion can happen, and indeed happens in social networks. The study also showed that marketing professionals may have to rethink the points of dissemination that they consider more important in their word of mouth campaigns. Conclusions definitely consider what drew Balseiro, Word of mouth marketing is a tool that has psychological, and sociological roots where interpersonal communication mechanisms make reinforcements that promote the purchase action. And this is a big difference with other communicational tactics, the mouth goes directly when it reaches a decisive stage in the purchase decision process. What better situation which directly affect at the time that the action of consumption is brewing?. The most important thing of all this is that this is the culmination of the process, which begins with a rigorous investigation of the mouth. 19/3/09 Original author and source of the article.