Werkzeugwarnung.info Warns Tools And Dowel Users

Bundled and detailed information for professionals and DIY, a tool that promises it holds information? Independent auditor noted shortcomings and dangers? Are environmentally harmful substances used? Answers to these questions are the website werkzeugwarnung.info recently bundled. Implemented and supervised by the Remscheid trade tool industrial association, test results found that for example by Stiftung Warentest, references to currently selling dangerous tools, as well as short summaries of press and TV reports. Is the page for professionals, but also for home improvement. We want to\”, so Rainer Langeluddecke, Managing Director of the Association tool industries (FWI), provide a comprehensive knowledge – and text-based side, the professionals, but also DIY in detail on current quality issues, health hazards and risks of using tools and plugs can inform themselves. Go there, so the Managing Director, however not to an accusation and denunciation of manufacturers and discount stores, but active accident and health protection.

The form in which these provisions and information is operated, is so detailed and complex. Divided into individual categories such as discount stores, hand tool, or unfair competition, various reports and notes on practically all issues that are for the use of tools of importance can be found. High PAK limits in handles, high hardness values to blow minds and thus to the risk of flaking up to missing or incorrect approvals for anchors. All representations that are used in this context and published come from reliable information sources such as Stiftung Warentest, independent inspection bodies and market surveillance authorities. Also, presentations from media such as ARD and ZDF are rendered.

\”As one of the first trade journals the journal itself is the man\” pledged their support and provides test reports at the FWI a. And also tests and experience, which has made the FWI, will be published in the portal. To keep the platform up-to-date and the benefits for visitors continues to increase, are the employees of the FWI in permanent contact with bodies, instances of quality and media.

Trade Flowerpot

Robust garden jewelry in all weather conditions planting trough ‘Maxi’s makes it possible! The Sun is shining, temperatures rise and the garden is evident in its fullest glory. But a nice-weather-guarantee there is not wind in summer and weather can be quite the lovingly tended garden. And who want to enjoy the beautiful sight of his exclusive planters made of terra cotta or stone even slightly longer, they prefer the same in the dry. “With the seed trough Maxi” each plant lovers not only in terms of the changing weather conditions on the right side, but he is embellished at the same time, garden or terrace. The Flowerpot as privacy particularly suitable for balconies or as separation of terraces. But the container of fiberglass enriches not only the exterior, he is also an eye-catcher in every living room or entryway. So, this highlight of the garden will be planted frequently also highly used as a divider in the apartment. In addition to their sophisticated design feature all the high-quality flower pots through their good workmanship.

You are made of fiberglass and are protected against humidity by insulating inside. These features make the bucket easy and at the same time weather resistant against Frost and other weather conditions. Fiberglass is a miracle of all purpose: not only that make all shapes and colors are the material mixed with resin and a small addition of rock flour is robust and weatherproof. Many years joy each plant lovers so, too the seed trough is Maxi”. The bucket easily can be planted indoors. He stands directly in the open air, a hole in the ground should be drilled for the avoidance of waterlogging.

“The seed trough Maxi” and all other models of the weatherproof flower pots, see also. AE trade: company AE trade markets since 2004 Professional flower and flower pots in various shapes, colors and materials. With more than 15,000 customers, it belongs to one of the most successful providers for flower pots with their products in the Internet. The goods is imported directly from Asia by long-standing and reliable suppliers, ensuring the prices can be. Frequent visits on site and a trusting cooperation ensures the high quality of the products. Partly, the company makes AE make trade their own designs of exclusive planters, which are available in this form not yet on the market. Contact: AE trade Andrea and Gustav Evers GbR Soestestrasse 9 26419 Schortens Tel. 04461-9170850 eMail: