Wholesale Trade Internet

After the events at Cherkizovsky market in Moscow, the capital began an active redistribution of the market, "the capital of wholesale trade." Place for a market already appeared at least 5, and 3 more are under construction. In the first place to fame is many well-known market "Gardener", the second "Lublin", or as he was called by the people – "Lyublizon" more markets "Emirali" on the Moscow Ring Road, "Violet" and the market in Brateevo. What unites all these "points of wholesale"? The presence of the Chinese. Exactly This great nation is actively developing a wholesale market in Russia, and of Moscow in particular. As a consequence, these markets were pulled strings of buses and cars from all nearby, and not just our region, already obyatnoy, Homeland. Take a look at numbers and almost all auto country, except the most distant regions, appear before your eyes. Russian trade … Now, after a short introduction to small is an overview of what trading markets, who is a buyer, what price the group is represented at Who is it good.

The range of prices, buyers. Actually there is all … But still need the specifics, and the analysis will not hurt … "Gardener" – a huge area, many built pavilions. The main range of clothing and footwear. We will not go into details of what the market is presented to the fauna and flora, after all, called the market is not as' the Bird Market. " But the percentage is "By-product is low," so let's get to the enumeration of the basic positions. So, in addition to clothing and shoes, "Gardener" can be found fishing gear, and the range is represented very well. Hunting accessories too can be found not in the same hall or container. For other opinions and approaches, find out what everest capital has to say. What else is there in the market? New products, it is clear that in the season.

Copper: 7th Year Anniversary Symbol

Seven years union – is not an anniversary, but already a big date. This anniversary is said that the union is strong, and loving each other husband and wife still kept the very best sense. In folk tradition, the symbols of this day were two articles: Copper – as an attribute of the strength of union and wool – as soft attribute spouses. Let us try to choose a pair of gift that will both welcome and necessary, but it survived and a tribute to tradition. Copper wedding. Copper – dual metal. On the one hand, it has many useful features and it is always appreciated by people on the other hand, it is far from silver, gold and platinum.

So its copper gift you can give as "An introduction", followed by presentations of precious metals. Do not forget to remind spouses that after seven years together, there is still a lot of wonderful and pleasant moments. Copper has antibacterial properties. Therefore, one of the main gifts of this material has been and remains dishes. Of course, now the cups and dishes can not be objects of everyday use, as it once was, but even today they will be fine festive table decorations. Of copper obtained interesting vases fruit, jugs, trays. Do not forget the utensils for cooking: cooking porridge and jam experienced housewives prefer to copper pots and basins. All these gifts can be called "universal" what would you choose, you can be sure that the gift will be useful to spouses "in the economy." "Tableware" gifts can be made not only practical, but also original.

POS Payment

We produce POS terminals – an achievement of modern technology. They can rightly be considered convenient and useful equipment. The payment terminal is a kind of technique with which made payments on a single facial level. You can easily define active personal account, find balance, pay utility bills and much more. You do not have to stand in line at the ticket office and waiting You will be served.

All operations can be performed without an operator assistant. What is included in the payment terminal device? – A control unit, as a rule, he built based on an ordinary personal computer – a device for input and output (LCD monitor and touch screen, or a special keyboard) – a device for receiving money (at present mainly payment terminals equipped with devices for receiving bank notes, which can just take the money, coin, and a device for the dispenser are not used) – a device for printing checks / receipts, it can be dedicated check printer, or fiscal recorder; – GSM modem – the case in which all of the above. That provides high-quality work payment terminal? 1. All payment terminals equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. 2. POS terminals are equipped with a special device to monitor the health of the GSM modem – the watchdog timer. 3. Installed special software that monitors the transmission of information. Today, the payment terminal can be install anywhere: inside, outside, in various public places. Its use does not require much effort. And most importantly – easy handling and functionality.