POS Payment

We produce POS terminals – an achievement of modern technology. They can rightly be considered convenient and useful equipment. The payment terminal is a kind of technique with which made payments on a single facial level. You can easily define active personal account, find balance, pay utility bills and much more. You do not have to stand in line at the ticket office and waiting You will be served.

All operations can be performed without an operator assistant. What is included in the payment terminal device? – A control unit, as a rule, he built based on an ordinary personal computer – a device for input and output (LCD monitor and touch screen, or a special keyboard) – a device for receiving money (at present mainly payment terminals equipped with devices for receiving bank notes, which can just take the money, coin, and a device for the dispenser are not used) – a device for printing checks / receipts, it can be dedicated check printer, or fiscal recorder; – GSM modem – the case in which all of the above. That provides high-quality work payment terminal? 1. All payment terminals equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. 2. POS terminals are equipped with a special device to monitor the health of the GSM modem – the watchdog timer. 3. Installed special software that monitors the transmission of information. Today, the payment terminal can be install anywhere: inside, outside, in various public places. Its use does not require much effort. And most importantly – easy handling and functionality.