Conservative Parties

Pedro Passos Coelho, the PSD leader, will be the Prime Minister. The new Government is committed to not borrow more from abroad. We’ll bet by the transparency and total openness, they say. The conservative with a total of 132 seats in the 230 totals. Portugal’s two main conservative parties signed this Thursday the agreement which sealed their Alliance to this legislature and allowing them to govern in majority to a total of 132 seats in the 230 that make up Parliament. Designated as next Prime Minister and leader of the party Social Democrat (PSD), Pedro Passos Coelho, stamped his signature next to the President of the CDS-PP, Paulo Portas, in a document entitled majority for change that includes lines of l agreement reached by both political after eight days of negotiations, and that, Iran primarily aimed at not borrow more from abroad.

The PSD, the clear winner of the last legislative elections, again agree with the Christian Democrats of the CDS-PP to form Government nine years After the last time, in 2002, when the now-President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, was appointed Prime Minister luso. Speaking to the media after a meeting of nearly an hour, Passos Coelho as Portas today highlighted the efforts made by both bands to bring their positions closer, mend the fences and get this agreement. Designated as next Premier luso – that must wait yet a constituting the Parliament to be able to be invested – announced also that the contents of the document signed by both groups will be not disclosed yet since basically coincides with the Government programme. In an appearance before the press, the two leaders made rrencia to the difficult economic situation facing Portugal and promised to diligently fulfill the commitments made to the European Union and l International Monetary Fund (IMF) in return for their financial support. We are planning to return to the markets in two years, Although we will do everything possible to make it faster. We’ll bet by transparency, the full opening of the country to a global economy and introduce more results than words, said Passos Coelho.Rule for generations the PSD leader explained that the agreement achieved with the CDS-PP goes beyond the adjustments and reforms agreed with the EU and IMF and includes relevant transformations in the economic and social fields to get Portugal out once and in a sustainable manner of this cycle of requests for external assistance.

Portugal, which has resorted to the bailout three times, needed for this reform their economic structures, ensure social mobility and help at the same time to those who need it most, said Passos Coelho. Portas, for his part, stressed that the new Portuguese Government will address the problem of debt, which was ignored, in addition to giving the economy a central role for a long time. The President of the CDS-PP – who presumably will occupy some Ministry in the next Executive – affected that are productive sectors and not the Government created growth. We have to govern for the next generations and not for the next legislature, said the leader of the Portuguese Christian Democrats, who considered that the main features of the agreement reached with the PSD are courage, change and moderation. Source of the news: conservative parties of Portugal sealed their Alliance to govern in majority

Brazilians Integration

Among the main causes they found, among others, problems of cultural integration, overestimation of synergies and overly optimistic projections. Likewise, another of the Big Five consulting, Accenture, its Coporate Strategy Board Integration Performance Survey study in 2006, ranked the cultural integration as the most influential factor in successful integration, with 32 percent of the total, followed by a clear organizational structure with a 31%. Another study, called M & A after borders: opportunities and risks, carried out in March 2008 by Marsh, Mercer and Kroll and Economist Intelligence Unit, attributed 50% to cultural differences in the organization when it comes to carry out processes of acquisition or merger. The cultural obstacle strongly affects the work of people and therefore productivity and financial results. For these reasons, it should be considered a cultural project, integration, international mergers and acquisitions when it comes.

You must be provided a construction time of a vision of how the company wishes to be seen in the market, style or their particular label in the mode of their internal activities and external, capacities and skills required in people to carry these concepts later, the types of technologies and support systems, their structures and values. 6 PITFALLS along this writing has been glimpsed different problems which can occur when they encounter two cultures in a process of acquisition or merger. By way of synthesis can be mentioned the following triggers of conflict, compiled of the own experience and relevant literature, between Argentines and Brazilians, when these are buyers: perceptions of change as a crisis, without giving space to the opportunity loss of national identity pre-existing rivalry between neighbors. Geographical and historical context. Media influence the negative perception of the presence of on the main Brazilian capitals. Short supply and poor quality in official communications to members about the procurement process feeling of imposition of the stronger over the weaker.

Italian Government

Measures adopted measures include cuts in the funds allocated to regional and local authorities and, Although not be pointed out data at the press conference, the meeting in the morning with the representatives of these entities we discussed a decrease totalling 9,500 million euros, 6,000 in 2012 and 3,500 in 2013. Also Berlusconi’s Government hoped to lower the costs of the policy, among the highest in Europe, with a series of measures to contain spending and through cuts in resources earmarked for ministries. In the appearance before the press, politicians pledged to reduce by 2012 in 6,000 million euros funds allocated to ministries, while they did not rrencia to the 2.5 billion of cuts planned for 2013 in the draft, leaked by the media of communication. Tax the rich on the other hand, the text adopted contains measures tax as that afteracquired with a 5% annual incomes that exceed the 90,000 euros and with a 10% exceeding 150,000 euros. Provides, in addition, an increase in the levy on financial returns, 12.5% to 20%, up from which exempted the public debt securities. The text includes the hardening of combating tax evasion, with measures such as sanctions for not issuing invoice and the obligation to use payment systems that leave constancy in transactions that are subject to the payment of VAT exceeding 2,500 euros. With the intention of increasing productivity, the Government proposes to move to Monday no religious holidays of the working calendar and thus avoid bridges. Also among the measures to be applied in the next two years includes the possibility to carry out privatization in local services and encourage the liberalization of economic activity. Source of the news: the Italian Government approves a plan of 45,500 million adjustment