Brazilians Integration

Among the main causes they found, among others, problems of cultural integration, overestimation of synergies and overly optimistic projections. Likewise, another of the Big Five consulting, Accenture, its Coporate Strategy Board Integration Performance Survey study in 2006, ranked the cultural integration as the most influential factor in successful integration, with 32 percent of the total, followed by a clear organizational structure with a 31%. Another study, called M & A after borders: opportunities and risks, carried out in March 2008 by Marsh, Mercer and Kroll and Economist Intelligence Unit, attributed 50% to cultural differences in the organization when it comes to carry out processes of acquisition or merger. The cultural obstacle strongly affects the work of people and therefore productivity and financial results. For these reasons, it should be considered a cultural project, integration, international mergers and acquisitions when it comes.

You must be provided a construction time of a vision of how the company wishes to be seen in the market, style or their particular label in the mode of their internal activities and external, capacities and skills required in people to carry these concepts later, the types of technologies and support systems, their structures and values. 6 PITFALLS along this writing has been glimpsed different problems which can occur when they encounter two cultures in a process of acquisition or merger. By way of synthesis can be mentioned the following triggers of conflict, compiled of the own experience and relevant literature, between Argentines and Brazilians, when these are buyers: perceptions of change as a crisis, without giving space to the opportunity loss of national identity pre-existing rivalry between neighbors. Geographical and historical context. Media influence the negative perception of the presence of on the main Brazilian capitals. Short supply and poor quality in official communications to members about the procurement process feeling of imposition of the stronger over the weaker.