The Tens

But even among persons who do not see your site in Google exactly the way you want, give up, and say it does not work. So what went wrong? The place most people go wrong is trying to trick the Googlebot into thinking their site matches its standards for inclusion of keywords you want your traffic, rather than align with the purpose of the full search engine. You may think that if you study all the tricks of motor search, you have traffic from search engines and then follow that yours will be the people coming to the site for the keyword you want, which in turn, will get 1% of people buy what's on place. If you think I am not here to tell you you're wrong – sometimes that works. I'm just saying that there are other ways easier, faster, less expensive. Some of them only have subtle differences in the way you know. The truth is that even if we could reverse engineer the secret Google algorithm, it changes periodically.

So mastering that system would be temporary, even if he could. Did you know that you do not even need traffic for your keywords you want to succeed? You just need some targeted traffic that converts well. Some of the most financially successful sites generate amazing profits in the tens or hundreds of thousands with a few hundreds or thousands of visitors each month. The method I most suggest to get the type of search engine results that can fuel such sales, is aligning your site with the purpose of the search engine seeks to fill. .