Step Difficult

– Modern technologies allow to produce structures of various shapes, sizes and colors will fit in almost any historical design. Hear from experts in the field like U.S. Mint for a more varied view. For example, in Chelyabinsk, our partner – "Maximus" – in the Orthodox church of St. George established window system PROPLEX-Optima. Brown was used in the mass profile laminated wood (mahogany imitation of the texture). With this advanced glazing systems are organically combined with facades of red brick. " When the native walls only impede, but not only the facade creates a number of limitations and obstacles. Without a quality repair and redevelopment to use such facilities as shopping very difficult.

It often is a total reconstruction, in which an inner filling the building is almost completely replaced. However, changes are rarely touched the wall. According to Alexei Nikitin, get permission from the protection of monuments to their dismantling and erection of additional barriers will be difficult. At this Step authorities are in extreme cases, and then after lengthy investigations, inspections and settlements. This is just another problem for the owner of the store. "Often the location of the walls can not change layout of the interior.

They have a complex shape, because they are difficult to organize an effective route for self-service customers. As a result, even in buildings that were originally designed for trade (as "Teahouse" or Yeliseyevsky grocery in Moscow), the area is not well suited to modern retail formats – explains Cyrus and . – A convert to modern, efficient shopping center, for example, the building of 19 century – This is a very difficult task.