General Legal Framework

SROs in the construction of recognized non-profit organization based on membership of individual entrepreneurs and / or legal persons performing engineering surveys or offering architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, major repair of capital construction projects, details of which are incorporated in the state register of cpo (paragraph 17 of article. 1 of the Town Planning Code). The procedure and conditions for acquisition of non-profit organizations that unite the subjects of construction activity, the status of self-established federal law from 1 December 2007 "On the self-regulatory organizations" (hereinafter – the Law on SRO), as well as a new Ch. 6.1. Contributed by the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation Federal Law of 22 July 2008 "On Amendments to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation." sro building created as a nonprofit partnership. Then it must achieve compliance with legal requirements regarding the minimum number of its members, the presence of a compensation fund certain size, as well as the approval number of mandatory documents. A nonprofit organization, corresponding to these conditions, acquire the status of self by making information about it in public Register sro construction sector. His conduct mandated by . Depending on the work performed in the construction of sro can be based on membership: individuals performing engineering surveys, persons who prepare the project documentation; persons engaged in construction. In practice, many organizations are building complex is carried out all these activities, with both state licenses as a design and for engineering surveys and construction.