This story happened to me, in general, I created a splog with non-unique content, or more exactly, not I, hired copywriters to create, well, so there was not even looking there for the posts, about which they are written, all the same as the site created under the sape. It seems to be nothing on the resource is spinning from 5 – 10 Unikom with search, advertising is not much press, but said everything boiled down to which would get $ from selling links. Once check email (well, which was registered splog), look on koment, well, I think as usual some spam, I look to the following: ‘Can you sell me the program? ” . I do not and in what program damek, I go look splog, and exactly the topic that has been left under koment, look at Tittle: The program’…..’ to work with’….’ Further text describing the program. Here at once vkuril what it was, was not taken aback and quickly responded to the soap lady interested. The answer did not take long, she wanted to buy the program, of course it was possible to dumb to take her money and divide without a recent, but we’re not thieves. I drove in Yandex this program a little searching I came across It turned out to be ball program, but it needs a license which cost around 2-3 thousand.

Well, I smeknul, estimates and posted a response that crippled the program will cost $ 50 and $ 300 license. Not a lot of hesitation the girl all the same decided to buy a stripped-down version. I downloaded it from the site and handed it to buyers, which in turn gave me the money.