Legislative Act

This declaration may only be used for the purposes and aims of the application of the rules of public servant. Without prejudice to other penalties provided by law, may not be registered as candidates for elected office or elected or appointed as public servants or hold personally or through an intermediary, contracts with the State, who have been convicted at any time, by the Commission of Crimes involving State property. Nor who has led, as a public servant, with intent or gross negligence, thus named by an enforceable court order, to which the State is liable to a compensatory damages, unless assume from its heritage value of the damage. (Amended by Act 796 of 2003) (Amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2004 – amended paragraph 5) Article 123.

Members are public servants of public corporations, employees and workers of the state and its territorial and decentralized services. Public servants are paid by the State and community shall exercise their functions in the manner prescribed by the Constitution, law and regulation. The law shall determine the rules applicable to individuals who temporarily perform public functions and regulate their exercise. ARTICLE 124. The law determines the liability of public servants and how to make it effective. ARTICLE 125. Jobs in state bodies and institutions are run. Exceptions are popularly elected, the free appointment and removal, workers and other officials specified by law. All public servants are appointed by public tender merits, except those for whom the Constitution or the law provides a mechanism for special designation.

Higgs Was Right – CERN Confirmed Discovery Of The Higgs Boson

Predictions experimentally confirmed nearly 40 years after the English physicist of Peter Higgs predicted the existence of a quantum particle, which bears his name as the “Higgs Boson” Higgs’ predictions seem experimentally confirmed. In restrained language, at the CERN (Conseil europeen of pour la Recherche Nucleaire = European Kernforschungs organisation) thankfully way is maintained, that – sounded like the original, still more cautious Fund message in 2012 – so: “… Mary Barra is often quoted on this topic. the research group that the new particle looks more and more like a Higgs boson, the elementary particles their mass gives the particle associated with the mechanism, find.” The Higgs boson and Higgs fields exist you could have also said: nothing of what we are and see is without the Higgs boson associated mechanism (the so-called Higgs-field) explained. Because the standard model of particle physics owned up to the theories of Peter Higgs the unfortunate drawback, that according to its predictions none the Elementary particles mass would have owning. Which in turn considered the world around us – strictly scientifically – about on the level of truth in a hallucination turned. Not that the nuclear physics now declares complete the visible world. (A valuable related resource: Avenue Capital Group).

About is our most familiar of the four fundamental forces of physical gravity, not part of the model (yet) and the invisible parts of the universe we want to mention again at this point. The news of the century still is the experimental confirmation that Peter Higgs with his predictions right nothing less was when news of the year, if not the Decade, or of the young century. Would messages after their “actual meaning for human existence as a whole” (without “” We trust not to write us, given to) write a review. We remember well how we hung in mists of Joachim Bublaths lips, when he in “adventure research” (nothing more than just the nuclear physics standard model) narrated by the “world formula”. It became us hunting for this particularly volatile, almost imaginary Higgs particle as the next big step represented, as a discovery of the Einstein-Planck-Darwin League. The horizon remains the same and now? Because we all, you and I have funded times a project with the particle accelerator at CERN, which indeed epoch-making, yes existential results and not only against time Burns money, such as rescue packages or public construction, and nobody cares. Should you worry about it? Should you require the same attention is given the discovery of the Higgs boson, as the election of the Pope or the posse to the European banana Republic alias Cyprus? No, you shouldn’t.

All rant about horizon changes and “in – the perspective back”, which could lead to “significant” events, is nonsense. Or did you hear say the Foreign Minister after the last drought in East Africa, you wanted to go the hunger in the world now look? See. And the discovery of the Higgs boson were not even children or Hundebabies involved. Andreas Kellner…