Legislative Act

This declaration may only be used for the purposes and aims of the application of the rules of public servant. Without prejudice to other penalties provided by law, may not be registered as candidates for elected office or elected or appointed as public servants or hold personally or through an intermediary, contracts with the State, who have been convicted at any time, by the Commission of Crimes involving State property. Nor who has led, as a public servant, with intent or gross negligence, thus named by an enforceable court order, to which the State is liable to a compensatory damages, unless assume from its heritage value of the damage. (Amended by Act 796 of 2003) (Amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2004 – amended paragraph 5) Article 123.

Members are public servants of public corporations, employees and workers of the state and its territorial and decentralized services. Public servants are paid by the State and community shall exercise their functions in the manner prescribed by the Constitution, law and regulation. The law shall determine the rules applicable to individuals who temporarily perform public functions and regulate their exercise. ARTICLE 124. The law determines the liability of public servants and how to make it effective. ARTICLE 125. Jobs in state bodies and institutions are run. Exceptions are popularly elected, the free appointment and removal, workers and other officials specified by law. All public servants are appointed by public tender merits, except those for whom the Constitution or the law provides a mechanism for special designation.