True Construction Materials

For several millennia the construction industry remains one of the main spheres of influence on the economy. Even when the concepts of economy, in general, it was not, and build everything in the main hand: the pyramids, the ancient city and architectural monuments. Humanity is passed to a new stage of evolutionary development occurred scientific and technological progress, manual labor has come to the aid of special equipment, and many monuments and buildings of past make us happy, and to this day. You can now ask the question: why modern "new construction" begins to fall apart after a few decades, but the pyramids are beyond the ravages of millennia? Nobody suggests that the quality of buildings under construction had deteriorated due to the introduction of mechanized building process devices. On the contrary, there are some pluses: the construction is faster, there is no compulsory service people, increased creativity, and geographic features. But increasingly, to improve these outcomes, and for more material benefits a blind eye to such factors as quality of materials and control construction.

As a result, the broken road, struck the roof structures, emergency houses and bridges. Well, human sacrifice, respectively. If you would like to know more then you should visit Forefront Books. "Punctures" can occur at all stages of construction: the designer may take into account not all indicators, the manufacturer has used low quality materials or inferior materials, numerous mediators are making their impact after a careless transport or, again, buy low-grade products for more profit. Sam the builder for material gain employs unskilled laborers. As we see, the main cause of poor construction is unfair attitude of responsible persons to their duties. The absence of strict control and the impunity of such deals lead to their successful prosperity. Common human principles of conscience and responsibility were replaced by the main goal of every modern "brain" – for profit. 'The smell of profit is pleasant, from which any quarter. " Juvenal "Satire".