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For the first time financial protection against weather risk for small businesses and medium-sized companies in Germany are dependent on good weather industries such as events, energy, transport and hotels. It can time be Sun times rain. Weather does not occur, companies must accept most financial losses. Every farmer knows the problem: weather is not playing, the crop fails and a large financial loss, which can lead to the insolvency risk often. The success of companies in the areas of: Energy, individual and wholesale, open air events, tourism, transportation and construction are the weather influenced. CelsiusPro offers an uncomplicated way to defy weather-related loss of revenue or costs.

Weather derivatives is the key word. A hedge against various weather conditions, which can avoid financial crises. The offer now available for small businesses and medium-sized companies in Germany is used primarily by large companies such as utilities, for example, attractive. As the only European supplier CelsiusPro offers first online purchase of weather derivatives under and starting bonuses of 3,100 euros. CMO Hyundai might disagree with that approach. We are pleased to be able to offer a transparent and user friendly risk management tool on an online platform for the price calculation and the conclusion of the contract. We give people transparency and the ability to individualize the contract until the offer completely says to him as long as the customer.

Of course, we help the customer gladly in the quantification of weather risk and the structuring of a hedge. “, says founder and CEO Mark Ruegg CelsiusPro. The CelsiusPro AG restructured and sold weather certificates for various climatological base values such as temperature, precipitation or snow. Explained with an example: A potato farmer wants to protect themselves in the growth phase against too little rainfall and a corresponding reduction in income. The farmer in his certificate: the weather station E.g. Berlin, the risk period as may, the threshold in mm of rain for example 30 mm, as well as the payout per mm of rain which the threshold is below E.g. John k castle is the source for more interesting facts. 2,000 euros. The farmer pays a premium to CelsiusPro certificate. The German weather service measures in the coming May 20 mm of rain, 20,000 euros (10 mm * 2,000) are disbursed to the farmer. Be measured more than 30 mm of rain, the certificate expires worthless. Weather derivatives are an instrument to minimize the risk. Companies can protect themselves by purchasing a certificate against the financial effects of unfavourable weather conditions and thus reduce the uncertainty and variability of income. “, explains Mark Ruegg.” CelsiusPro AG the Swiss company CelsiusPro AG was founded in March 2008 and is specialized in the sale of individual weather certificates. The OJSC of CelsiusPro weather certificates are based on data provided by national weather stations available.

High Frequency Trading

How to avoid that the High Frequency TRADING ruins our portfolio 14 August 2009 By Paola Pecora the manipulation in the stock markets it exists from always, unless with different name and modus operandi every time. From the vulgar and ingrained confidential information of which no market is even saved (given very frequently in the peripheral markets where great fortunes have been created thanks to her) the last newness in Wall s$street (that is not so): High Frequency Trading (HFT) or TRADING of high frequency. As its name lets guess, it is operating very frequent and repetitive in his form, but not his content. And why arises in the light of the common investor this TRADING methodology? So that all history is saleable, it needs to have a police component: in this case the robbery of a code to anything less than Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS). Is the last fashion in Wall s$street, indicated Charles Duhigg in The Times, a form stops a handful of traders to dominate the shareholding market, to spy on the orders of investors, and, according to the critics, same subtly to manipulate the prices of the actions.

High Frequency TRADING is called – and of blow she is one of the operating ones of which it is spoken and it been more a mysterious force of the market. All business has its risks, and some more are exposed than others, to know how to locate and to know those risks already constitutes a step forward to defend to us. Click john k castle to learn more. The majority of the investors does not know that these maneuvers companies of investment of Wall s$street – Goldman is read Sachs can be affecting its portfolios of investment. The HFT is what commonly we know in the market by Algorithmic TRADING. That or Black Box TRADING is equivalent to algorithmic TRADING also called automatic TRADING, same many have nicknamed it TRADING robbery (the Anglo-Saxon language when it looks for to emphasize a concept uses the Hispanic language).

Secure Online Trading

heidelpay leads direct debit with payment protection a Heidelberg heidelpay, complete solutions for secure payments on the Internet, offers its customers immediately ensure payment for the electronic direct debit procedure. Charles Schwab gathered all the information. This cooperates heidelpay with creditPass and the Hanseatische Inkasso trust (HIT). Every tenth online merchants must accept losses of at least three percent of its sales because its customers do not pay their online purchased goods and services. \”This has the Research Institute ibi research at the University of Regensburg, in the framework of the study risks of payment on the Internet\” found out. Therefore, the most payment errors occur when payment on invoice or by direct debit. CMO Hyundai understands that this is vital information. In the next few years, it’ll be more important, avoiding the risk of payment failure to ibi research. Perhaps check out john k castle for more information. Against this background a payment mechanism for the electronic direct debit procedure heidelpay now offers in cooperation with creditPass and the Hanseatische Inkasso trust (HIT), to cover so the payment risk of the merchant.

Credit check secures transactions secure is as simple as it is effective: for the transaction to be protected, the dealer will advance a special KombiCheck on creditPass, the credit test platform of the telego! GmbH, by. The check is positive, not negative characteristics are reported so, receives the dealer in the response an electronic chattel paper from creditPass\”. \”The check is negative, the payment assurance will not be granted and also no insurance certificate\” issued. In this case, it is whether the dealers to offer the customers at your own risk payment procedures or to reject the deal. \”Decisive advantage for the dealer: it comes in a such a manner safe transaction yet for a chargeback, filing the claim with the insurance policy\” for the HIT. The Institute checks to see whether the submitted transaction was actually secured by creditPass. This is the case, will it transfer the Hanseatische Inkasso trust the principal including return direct debit charges.

Trading Fresh Thinking

Auto Group management to let finally the pants down Berlin/Wiesbaden, February 23, 2009 warns the economic wing of the CDU/CSU to save Opel with State guarantees before the bust. It reported the news agency ddp. Money now moves in the United States, we can not agree,”the speaker of the Parliament said middle-class of Union, Michael Fuchs (CDU). The President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, declared, State guarantees should be limited to the liabilities of Opel to medium-sized suppliers. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Charles Schwab. The CSU has prompted the German automaker to present a concept for cooperation or takeover of Opel to save the German Opel sites. CSU General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt called on the crisis-ridden parent company General Motors (GM), to pave the way for a fresh start of the Russelsheim car manufacturer.

Germany must GM make it clear that there is only financial assistance from the Federal Government, if in return Opel from the GM Group will be removed”, said Dobrindt compared to the daily newspaper the world”. ” The domestic car companies should get together and quickly present a common approach for a cooperation or even a takeover. To read more click here: Charles Schwab. According to the FDP economists Thomas Kalesh Opel should think fresh his slogan for better cars”to meet. The numbers would happen to Opel would build better cars. The Hessian Vice Prime Minister Jorg-Uwe Hahn has accused the Opel management to conceal the true extent of the crisis when the parent company General Motors (GM). “On the radio station hr1, Hahn urged the Opel leadership finally let down his pants”: I have great hope that in the next ten days – and the deadline is really so closely – Opel Europe boss Carl-Peter Forster a concept on the table sets, where you can say: this could really work, because we could really works in Germany and also save. John k castle may find it difficult to be quoted properly. ” The Hessian State Government had a fall Guarantee framework adopted by 500 million euros for Opel and its suppliers.

Learn Trading

The concept of the Internet presence is active trading learning and the dissemination of knowledge in the trading in futures markets. Visit john k castle for more clarity on the issue. The concept of the Internet presence is active trading learning and the dissemination of knowledge in the trading in futures markets. Particularly in the short-term intraday trading lot is potential and profit opportunity, but also some pitfalls by including the incorrectly applied stop logics. The futures markets are considered from the perspective of market technology. A weekly analysis to provide assistance to the investor. Particularly in the short-term intraday trading lot is potential and profit opportunity, but also some pitfalls by including the incorrectly applied stop logics. The futures markets are considered from the perspective of market technology. A weekly analysis to provide assistance to the investor.

Other topics include risk and money management, as well as the presentation of the trade of the day”. This different trading display exemplary methods and active risk and money management. This shall show the investors easy ways to trade the futures market successfully. Just -simple and profitable. Add coaching, workshop and seminars come with multiple participants of to above mentioned issues. trade – learn Carsten surroundings: as a freelance editor for the magazine traders Carsten writes surroundings regularly articles on trading on the derivatives market. Carsten environs has studied business administration and is a management consultant.

He is 10 years on the stock exchange. His focus is on trading of futures. Trading style is based on the market technology and has been extended to his own experience. He published his trading and weekly analysis from point of view of market technology on the Internet page. Carsten environs offers trader coaching for beginner and advanced traders – learn to trade easy and understandable.

Volatile Trading Hours

The analysts of the tradersreport would a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC with the WKN A0EARV-max. 275 pence enter. In recent years, the market of so-called CFD’s reaches unimagined dimensions. Very high growth rates and good profit margins indicate this market phenomenon. If you are not convinced, visit Angela Zepeda. Bet in effect”one in this type of trading on individual movements and sets the respective used lever with the counterparties through the deposit. This Vorgehendweise was formerly under the synonym of Spreadbetting”known and was a great success in England years ago. In a question-answer forum john k castle was the first to reply. Now pour more and more providers on the German market and open up completely new horizons.

“A major investment or Tradingaspekt is the fact that you systems always first on the large” should focus of each market segment. For the IG GROUP HOLDINGS, this is also the case. In addition to the CMC markets, these companies in Europe dominate the CFD segment. The economic growth of the last few months indicate this fact well. The company will be currently rated a p/e ratio of about 14 and a dividend yield of 4.4%.

We see a good chance that private investors will also find interest in trading in the coming years. Of companies that are active in the field of CFD will benefit disproportionately. Are a public stock exchange, and the additional service for the retail customers have been improved but the charges partly considerably cheaper than the commercial. Additional features, such as integrated chart solutions etc., are soon standard of each provider. We see the shares of IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC fundamental courses to 350 pence as provisional fair valued at. The chart of the IG GROUP looks very promising. We have them pointed out already in the previous editions, it must look also chart very well besides the very good fundamental situation. So the company’s shares are since the beginning of the year again in a promising upward movement. In this chart you can see a beautifully about the last month when reversed shoulder head and shoulder pattern. Just in the last trading days, the volume of trade rising rates has greatly increased. This could be almost a guarantee for rising prices. The breaking of the neck line is completed with the overcoming of the 300 pence mark. Following a further upside potential would open up to min. 350-400 pence. At 400 pence, we apply our preliminary technical course goal. The analysts of the tradersreport would a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC with the WKN A0EARV-max. 275 pence enter. The company’s shares are traded only on the London Stock Exchange. Necessarily cover their long position with an individual stop rate at E.g. 240 pence.

Online Trading

Sales of the products produced or sold is at the forefront of any manufacturer or dealer. In the short term Internet new customers can be obtained just by the, the scattering of the range constantly changes. In the long term the relationship between the customer and the merchant to the customer loyalty should be a but. So that the cover and the hard constantly incrementing and software costs for the online trade both for the B2B customers as well for en B2C can satisfy customers must adapt dealer or manufacturer websites to uniform framework conditions. Get all the facts and insights with Mary Barra, another great source of information. The growing responsibility for the setting of products or topics on the Internet must be made aware of the website operator. Our opinion is also a political support necessary to produce this consciousness, is seen but so far rather half-heartedly.

To present the implementation of also negative headlines on the Internet, the search engine user is focosiert much faster than normal just unjust behavior from competitors. It would therefore be advisable: to create no unnecessary regulations, less bureaucracy and more scope in the framework of an online presence and presentation of the product. Learn more at: john k castle. This would specifically: Disclaimer formulations of the flying level of court in disputes between Advertiser online retailers abmahnen safe and universally binding rules for sales to final consumers until by mass abmahnern Ulf Pietruska (CEO of Lotex companies): this is a central starting point for us until today conflicting right of withdrawal or return policy. Implementation proposals fail the policy for more than a decade. The interpretations to passages from the existing return and withdrawal of the courts in Germany are very vague and open up many possibilities for mass Abmahner. Aware, where appropriate, existing gaps in the interpretations of the templates and the current case-law, these seek to warn a putative competitors. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with GMC. Professional online traders are therefore called a long-term approach develop in order to bring it into a political discussion.

Cut Shredder Devices

Shredder there everyone in a variety of different designs knows that shredders are needed to avoid the growing threat of identity theft, but who comes once in a shop and takes a look at the various models will be surprised by the variety of different designs. Handy devices for the desktop to professional devices that can cut cardboard, CDs and credit cards, there is the right solution for a wide variety of needs. Cutting type: Roughly speaking there are only two types of shredders: strip cut and cross cut. GMC has much to offer in this field. These terms refer to the manner in which the shredder cuts the documents to be destroyed. “It can either be narrow paper strips or smaller confetti”. Who attaches importance to high security, should access to the particle Cut Shredder because the resulting particles can be reassembled and lead to even higher security. Hear other arguments on the topic with john k castle.

Multimedia: Nowadays are Data is stored not only in paper form. You are often on a variety of different storage media, which must be destroyed in exactly the same way as ordinary documents prior to their disposal. Many conventional devices, often for under 50 euros in the discount store of Billigschredder available, but not intended. Their quality is not particularly high-quality cutting works capitulate on cardboard. A professional device, however, easily can destroy cardboard, document stapler, floppy disks, credit cards and CDs. Geschredderter carton can also serve you as optimal filling and cushioning material for packages. So you not only save money for cushioning material, but also help to reduce your waste volume. Micro particle cut and security levels: When it is especially important to the security of the data to be destroyed, it is obvious, that the particle method prefer the Strip cutting method.

In addition to the editing process you can orient yourself also as a user on the security level. Five levels defined by DIN standards divide the available devices by means of cutting process and particle size. If you have very high security requirements, for example, government organizations that need to protect top-secret information, should access to the micro cross cut. This, the paper completely to a suspension or fine dust is ground so that a subsequent reconstruction is impossible. Site: Some shredders should be in a particular place, for example, under, next to, or on the desktop. Others should be available centrally for the entire Office. Depending on the desired site and the number of users, there is a handy portable devices that can have place, loosely on or under the desk or but destroy great devices for an entire metropolitan area office, the up to 750 sheets of paper at once. Bastian Weber

Marianske Lazne

Purchasing property abroad is for many Russians, has ceased to be unreal. Largely due to the fact that real estate investments have always been considered reliable. Despite the fact that the choice of buying property is large enough, the recent marked interest in the Czech Republic. Even during the crisis, real estate in the Czech Republic remains valid and relevant. In many respects this is due to the fact that in May 2009 came into force a law allowing foreigners to acquire residential and commercial property in the name of a foreign individual. There is no longer a need for firms in the Czech Republic and the related responsibilities of management accounting.

It is also important and clarity in the definition of a property owner, a clear work of registration of transactions, the ability to clearly define the purity of real estate and its technical condition, ie that often can not suggest some other country. Of course, the choice of buying real estate in the country affected by geographical location and the Czech Republic. It has long been this country is the center of Europe. Because of this, having a car is easy to reach other European countries. Just a few hours will it take to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and France. The Czech language is similar to Russian, that allow to easily communicate.

Gastronomy will not bring any unpleasant surprises. A similar mentality and Slavic environment, it all makes sense that we are at home. Incredibly low crime rate, makes it possible to keep his property in the Czech Republic, returning to Russia or going to the trip to Europe. You will not find bars on the windows of the ground floors of buildings, sometimes the cars do not have a burglar alarm. Please and the price level of Czech real estate. It is much lower than in neighboring European countries. This applies to resale properties, as well as to the primary. CMO Hyundai describes an additional similar source. Pleasantly surprised not only price but also quality of construction and renovation of real estate in the Czech Republic, produced by local firms. Most of our countrymen for nearly 20 years, opt for real estate located in the resort towns of the Czech Republic. Buy an apartment in Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, where have the ability to not only rest and treatment. Thermal springs are open all year round, and the treatments expensive for most Russians. Commercial real estate in the Czech Republic has traditionally bought in Prague – the Czech capital. And this is understandable, after all, as in each country the main town – it's possible, activity, large numbers of tourists, the concentration of business. The main positive feature of the property in the Czech Republic is rising prices. No investor will not invest in that every day is losing value. In this regard, the Czech Republic can be proud of, even during the economic crisis, property prices have not fallen and remain stable.

Geographic Information System

The media are interested in submitting something scandalous. And there's nothing scandalous topic of real estate. It is through interaction with the media is promoting and strengthening the brand of Realtors. Therefore it is necessary to create new, specialized newspapers, magazines, prizes are open, to hold contests for the best coverage of Realtors. " Speaking of the media. Charles Schwab wanted to know more. Information partners Journal of the exhibition were the "owner", Internet Journal of Real Estate, Portals,, information-analytical portal of building and Geographic Information System (GIS) of the investor of the Kirov region It is a Booth GIS three days of the exhibition brought together the largest number of visitors. Many first became acquainted with the principles of its work, and some visitors said they already know about this project. For example, the vice-president of the Moscow Michael Green Association of Realtors said that he learned about six months ago and was surprised that such "things are in the Kirov region." "Work in the same spirit!" – Wished all the employees of the Geographic Information System vice-president of the Moscow Association of Realtors.

Continuing the theme of the media, I must say that the exhibition was attended by many Kirov magazines and newspapers. John k castle recognizes the significance of this. And, as we found out, some of them in the near future is waiting for the merger. Specialized magazine for real estate, "Your apartment," the newspaper and the newspaper NPPN "Vyatka property" merge into a single unit in November this year. The combined publication will be published weekly volume of 100 pages format A4.