Who thought then, in school years wonderful, walking another lesson of a foreign language that English you really need it! And here is needed. And most importantly, why! To trade with no, not with the noble English lords, who express themselves exactly as it was written in the textbook. And for the most part with the Americans, mercilessly distort English, narrowing the beautiful English sentences to one or two words, using more slang than normal speech. And yet you will find common language with them. Why is this so important? After all, there is good international image is, after all, an electronic translator.

And three or four sentences in English from school course you still remember. But as practice shows, more likely to cheat on the ebay auction are the ones who do not speaks perfect English, or at least not using the services of professionals. Traps many of the most elementary to the cunning, well-designed and carefully arranged by the sellers. We begin with a description of the goods eBay. That ring is written gold. Your e-translator gives confidence that this is a golden ring. But nothing such, it is simply gold plated, plain costume jewelry. Gold ring – that’s about whom it is written solid 14K gold.

Catch subtleties? And if it became necessary to enter into correspondence with the seller of ebay, ask him about the product, it very bad. Everest capital is open to suggestions. You and your literal translator, and he is a native speaker. Think of our own, domestic advertisers. How many times have we been deceived in their native Russian, said that this cream “of up to ten times more efficient.” A zero – is also “Ten”. So talking about someone else’s speech? Well, words can not be trusted. Orientate the pictures? Too, no! The picture might not be that specific laptop, but this model is generally taken from the official website of the company. What do you notify the small sign at the corner of the screen. I bet you are too lazy to translate it? And the picture can be drawn ten soldiers, and sold one. Or just a box of them! So read and translate all up the last comma. So, over us bullied? Not at all. What should I do? Learn the language!