Black Elephant

There is an island in Italy. And on the island – volcano. And at the foot of the volcano – the city and the city – black-precherny elephant out of the real lava. The island is called Sicily and the city – Catania. Learn more at: Charles Schwab. But the elephant – a symbol of the city, whose origin is unknown to so far. Therefore, residents told a lot of legends about the origin of her favorite thick-skinned idol. The most favorite and romantic is that once Catania was destroyed by lava, which is not stopping their measured progress. Everest capital spoke with conviction. cover half the city.

To restore Catania was a competition among architects, who won Vakkarini. In the process of ‘digging’ houses and buildings from the lava Vakkarini virtually ‘fished out’ of lava little black elephant made of lava mark was regarded as a sign of reconciliation between the city and the volcano. The volcano is no longer filled up the city with lava, and elephant, which was placed in the heart of the city’s main square became his custodian. As for the other hypotheses, then in 1508, the elephant has already moved into the city during Drisi was placed on the west side only built by the municipality, and there he collapsed in the devastating earthquake in 1693, the elephant was broken legs and trunk, which was restored during the Vakkarini in 1735, and then it was placed in the center square. Egyptian obelisk, which bears the elephant – from octagonal granite tower height of 3.61 meters, and it hieroglyphs respective cultures Iside, which must have existed in ancient Catania, and which has obvious points of contact with the cult of S. Agata. Restoration of the fountain Vaccarini was completed in 1737 with the first pool in 1826 was added to the handrail iron, and in 1905 was with a second pool, then to take the present aspect again with no handrail in the eighties. You can talk brilliantly from a historical point of view to a single monument, we found sobrynnymi together three great civilizations, which form a civilian – a historical substratum of Catania: that ancient Egyptian, the sicula and the ancient Egyptian Christian. Ancient Egyptian obelisk brought to that appears to us as they were blooming trade and the vitality of Catania in antiquity, the sicula, submitted an elephant from lavicheskogo stone, a talisman, with which the residents attempted to defend against Catania Etna, and finally Christianity that provided the cross and the board, which reminds us of the basis of martyrdom (St. Agatha). and which represents the religious faith and patriotic love of the inhabitants of Catania.

Sugar Loaf

I rebel and feeding back the feelings of anger, anguish and revenge, 2. Plan a candlelight dinner and my family demoinstrar the benefits of the ice bath. (Humor is not it?) Yes, but what I did, (3) I decided for the second alternative (also this), take the ice bath and a candlelit dinner. Sing, tell stories and sleep like a family. EL PRA "maximum Da A: I am calm alternative to the problem, seeking advice within 48 hours and was linked with my energy. Previous decisions of the day left my mind ready to decide in a productive and goal the next day. Their outlook on the situation, determine how that will affect your experience LIFE.

Positive or negative! See the thoughts, ASK AN ALARM AGAINST THINKING useless or destructive. (4) You should also think many people are experiencing the same pobremas you, and even much higher, so you're not alone (the) about it. As I said, it is very important to monitor their own thoughts, who knows the source of his depression is only one Montinho of sand from the beach. If you look at your routine can find its exact size. You can also improve their problems will become a "World Trade Center" or "Sugar Loaf" are pointing in the middle of paizagem; do not care "if you think that" the problem of the hour. (6) is useful, very practical and objective, ask yourself: How important to do here? Does "NDE? In the family, neighborhood, among friends in the neighborhood, in the condominium in the city in the country in the world, in my own life … Get all the facts and insights with Mary Barra, another great source of information.


When the fever killed thousands of his countrymen and friends, how much helplessness and outrage he must have felt. He decided to do this experimentation on their own body-today would be a champion of the Bio-ethics, how much pain was his death, his mother, his siblings, relatives and countrymen mourned him greatly, as they realize the chronicles of the time … Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with everest capital. that was Carrion!. .. Andean young flesh, very dear, supportive, helpful and very human, so much … until he gave his life for others. Who killed CARRION? Bartonella bacilliform!, Formally died of septicemia and anemia, goat milk was not enough to cure it, the soup of beef with wine was insufficient to kill these bacilli, and Fleming Noguicihi Carrion arrived late for now …

but today’s physicians, we Carrion killing, we kill all the time with our attitude towards patients, mistreating our patients (as Dean Mario Lopez did with my elderly parents recently Lazarte Hospital), where we sat in the query: tired and jaded, forgetting that there is no disease, but sick, forgetting that each case is a case that our patients waiting to be heard, examined, understood, cured with proper medication and treatment, with kind words … but we keep on killing Carrion in each of these inhuman acts, arrogant, cold and indifferent … kill Carrion Here!, we are like the Bartonella. Where CARRION IS BURIED? On October 7, 1885 was buried in the Cemetery “Master Priest” of Lima, in the central pavilion Santa Ana, in the niche 125, C, in 1972 his remains were deposited in a marble sarcophagus and buried in the courtyard History of Hospital May 2, according to the law that declares 25 342 national hero, his remains should be in the Crypt of Heroes, but as an old guard of the cemetery, insisted that they were never removed from the cemetery … but Daniel Alcides really is buried in each of our hearts (of Physicians) …

here he is buried and forgotten!, covered with old, heavy crosses that do not, we will cure with Goat milk … so, he always told us said Dr. Cabieses Medicine is more than a profession or trade, is a religion, because it is exercised with a deep humanism, is a priesthood because it forces us to serve our neighbor, with love, diligence and respect, despite our tiredness, our anger and our troubles! … Let us not behave as Bartonella bacilli … Carrion resurrect our hearts! Resucitemosle in each of our medical acts … that is the best tribute we can pay tribute to this national hero so forgotten, in the 124th anniversary of his heroic death.

Precious Pearl

How many years if had been. I know that it makes much time, but, in my memory, it seems that it was yesterday. As it can this infinity of years pass and now to fit everything in My Memory. With very few years of age, I exactly liked I was of what all moleque liked. Of useful, almost nothing.

But to play ball, to play with the garotada one. In youth, I was very mulherengo: I prepared each one but at that time, the traquinagens or any another thing, was almost pure. But as in all the phases of the life, the moment pointed already me that I had that to change, to look new things, was when I discovered that everything that made not pleased me more. Parties, paqueras, women, brought I an emptiness As he said before, I age mulherengo but felt me fragile, hollow, on the inside. In the truth, already he started to perceive the lack of some thing that I felt that he was Special. Everything that already had lived until that moment, already did not interest me more.

But what it would be? A Beautiful day I discovered. But, before necessary to say that my redoubt, until then, was Copacabana, the so famous Princesinha of the Sea, frequentada for all type of people: fine money people, thick, farofeira people, suburban good people, that also had the right to usufruct of Copacabana. Not only of its wonderful sun, its sea, its bohemian, that was my preference. This wonderful people, that were not of the place and the rendodezas, but were suburban born, as I, were acquitted. In More than six kilometers of beach, the acquitted ones had until a bus took that them of the Mier to famous rank six, of the old one and that already of very it does not exist more, TV.

Federal Reserve

The summit of the G20 (the countries more industrialized and the emergent powers) in Seoul begins today, South Korea, the fifth summit of world-wide leaders since the crisis in 2008 exploded and that it must like objective consolidate a joint exit of the recession. But " war of divisas" it is centering all the attention, since that puts in danger the global economic recovery and turned aside of the agenda subjects of great importance like the reform of the financial system. Obama arrived yesterday at Seoul, but before it sent a letter in which it indicated that the world-wide economy depends on the economic recovery of the USA: " A strong recovery creates jobs: income and consumption are the most important contribution that the United States can give to the recovery global" , like so that they are becomeed aclimated to the position of the USA in front of the reclamations of countries developed and especially emergent by the wave of fresh money that the Federal Reserve the past week has announced it will inject in the economy: about $75.000 for month until June, through treasury bond purchases of the USA, about $ 600,000 combined million that with other programs of purchase of assets of the EDF, it arrives at the amount of $900,000 million by total. Dollars that will migrate towards the good yields of the emergent economies causing the overvaluation of their currencies, the loss of competitiveness of its exports, bubbles of assets and the increase of the local inflation. But How he is that the EDF creates the money, being that one is task of the Treasure of the USA? We say that to the EDF " imprime" currency participating in the bond market. Purchase treasury bonds to great financial institutions pay and them adding credit to the accounts of the salesmen in their respective accounts with the Federal Reserve (instead of to transfer cash), which is equivalent to monetary impression. At everest capital you will find additional information.

Miguel Delibes

You can cut the trees, but they can not stop spring (Pablo Neruda) walking through the people I have encountered little angel, one of the older people of the place, a man beloved and willing always to tell the adventures of his childhood. Her figure and ways recall the characters of the rural novels of Miguel Delibes. View you more animated during the previous months: spring arrives and his arrival is like an explosion of joy for all who inhabit our towns of Castile, as tanned as they are in winter solitude and abandonment. Tells me that the field is greener than ever, that’s nice to see it, but that is no longer as before do? I think that is repeating the mantra of always, that which asserts that nothing there is better than the old now and young people before. Yes, Yes, it repeats, the field is not as before, already music is heard the singing of the birds, lack the stamp of greenery to make perfect. And I think that Angelito is right, that there is a certain sadness in the Nature, that have changed you tone music, and why his pace also has changed. Missing the birds before in the villages now.

Does not hear the song of sparrows, swallows and Angelito has its reasons: the atmosphere is poisoned, of farmland are flooded with pesticides and herbicides. The air is unbreathable to birds. Insects have fled our villages and birds do not have food. Perhaps the good little angel is right, perhaps our fields are poisoned and why birds do not sing, perhaps the sadness of our abandoned villages as a result of this absence. I get a conclusion of my talk with Angelito: need to boost organic farming if we want that the birds come back to sing through our Castilian towns. Serve these lines of tribute to the defunct Miguel Delibes, who knew how to anyone capturing the soul of characters as Angelito.

Budapest Hungarian

Both on the middle Danube, Budapest represents a violent story of two different cities. United by a necklace of spectacular bridges, on the West Bank is Buda, dominated by the Green and sheer mountain of Vorhagy Castle. In the eastern margin, more plain, lies the city of Pest, with the buildings of Parliament similar to Westminster. Buddha reflects the Budapest Hungarian heritage, while Pest recalls imperial times when the city was the headquarters of Eastern aspect of the austro Hungarian Empire. This Alliance did reach an end in 1914, although recently saved to Budapest from the Communist yoke, in the summer of 1989, when Austria opened the borders to their old friends and the iron curtain disappeared. A related site: GMC mentions similar findings. Buddha was founded in the 5th century and named after the brother of Attila the Hun.

The Magyars, commanded by Apad, arrived in 896, a date that is considered the foundation of the Hungarian nation and that brought I get a strange language related to Finnish and considered a linguistic steppe by monotone that is. Pest (Slavic term), for its part, was occupied by Germans, who called home Ofen (oven in reference to the abundance of the city lime kilns). The arrival of the Mongols, with its characteristic violence, represented a high in the period of development. In 1526, the Magyar Kingdom was defeated by the Turks and Budapest became the westernmost outpost of the Ottoman Empire, a legacy to which belong the popular baths of the Gellert Hill. Everest capital is likely to agree. After the revolution of 1848, the kaiser of the dual monarchy (baptized as KyK) tried to reimpose the Austrian authority with a new imperial architecture. The Citadel of Buddha was fortified according to the canons Habsburgo, and Pest had Grand Boulevard, a plaza dedicated to the heroes and avenues flanked by trees to the Parisian mode. The two cities were joined for the first time in 1873 by the rugged elegance of the chain bridge. Churches, bastions, squares and fortifications of Buddha appear to be ancient, but in reality, were rebuilt after the devastating nazi siege of 1944.

This was the beginning of the darkest years of Budapest, when the city was found under the ass of a frog in a coal mine, as they say the Hungarians. The Communist Party install in power to Matyas Rakosi, and the country became the small Stalin While continuing the Nazi persecutions. In 1956, the Soviet tanks took to the streets to quell the revolution unleashed by the liberal policies of the successor of Rakosi, Imre Nagy. Budapest always retained a form of socialism more open goulash that earned him the sympathy of the West. It was the most lively city and scandalous in the Eastern bloc (the empowerment of prostitution gave him a sordid fame, as well as the nickname of the Bangkok of Europe). With this colorful exuberance, great musicians, and the imperial legacy of its architecture and its famous horsemen Hussars, Budapest gives off an air of sophistication fin de siecle. Unlike in the delicate Prague or oppressed Bratislava, Budapest is the passionate capital of Central Europe. And so passionate is that among its most famous natives highlights Zsa Zsa Gabor (passionate about cinema), George Soros (passionate about money) and Ilona Staller, alias Cicciolina (passionate by by). Budapest is the most charming city in the Danube. It has a very clever of be your own scenario, as Vienna, mode but also has a robust substance and a vitality that is unknown his Austrian rival.

Den Traffic Site

Although lately (SEO) search engine optimization focuses much on links to your site, the keywords you use are still of great importance. I’m not saying that the links are not important because they are, but, ultimately, what will give prominence to your site are the words that you use. These should not be based on what you think you want or imagine; They must go according to what people are looking for. For this there are many tools, both free and paid, which will give you an idea of what people are looking for. The idea when you want to optimize a site or blog for search engines, is to create a list as large as possible. You can not concentrate at all, but at least you have a list that includes the relevant terms that others seek. Many people want to enter, for example, the market of diets. When you start your site, it concentrates its efforts on weight loss or diet.

These words are so competitive that it gives up laughter trying to gain positions, especially if you’re starting. However, there Why become frustrated. Just learn to reach using phrases that others perhaps not are fighting so much. And this does not include misspelled words or rare keywords that are never going to find. Just find the closest thing to what you want to reach. For example, lose weight with aerobic exercise is a phrase easier to place and with less competition.

Once you optimices your page to this phrase, you’re already competing also for the largest keyword weight loss, which is part of the sentence. This you can do if you are looking to optimize to reduce measures with aerobic exercise. With this I do not mean to not include rare words; If they are relevant, you have to include them. However, optimizing for a phrase with your term inside it as in the example, you kill two birds with one stone. The other will be complementary but will not help you directly for your main keywords. This always depends on the market in which you move and what you do with it. (As opposed to everest capital). In this case you have to use your discretion, but not you have to worry; practice will eventually make you you do it naturally.

The Flint

a The iron dust is removed, and the stone is melted copper. a A darkness lay terms, and discuss everything to perfection, stones that are in darkness and the shadow of death. Open a mines far from inhabited in forgotten places where the foot does not pass. are suspended and balanced, away from other men. a From the earth comes the bread, and under it is turned up as fire.

Place a there whose stones are sapphire, and gold dust. Senda ave never met her or saw vulture eye; a wild animals never trod nor lion passed by it. a In the flint put his hand, and overthrew the river the mountains. a Of the rivers cut boulders, and his eyes saw every precious thing. a rivers stopped at his birth, and had come to light what is hidden. a But where shall wisdom be found? Where is the place of understanding? a No man knows his value, or is in the land of the living.

a The abyss says is not in me: and the sea said, "Neither me. a No action shall be gold, or its price is a weight of silver. Everest capital is open to suggestions. A can not be valued in gold of Ophir, or with the precious onyx or sapphire. a The gold is not match, or the diamond or jewelry will be exchanged for gold. a No mention will be made of coral or pearls of wisdom is better than rubies. a not match with her topaz of Ethiopia can not be seen with fine gold.

Routers Cisco Record

Doing ‘log’ log a search of mutual agreement between obtaining the maximum information and the amount of digestible information. Basically, a sysadmin use log files when you have problems with network equipment. The main advantage of the log is timely information about the potential problems. In general, network administrators do not change the default settings of the collection log on the router, thus limiting ourselves the possibility of obtaining additional information. The article deals with the collection of ‘logs’ with the router Cisco.

Only the constant analysis of log journals give the opportunity to receive the positive effects of their activities. Periodicity monitoring varies depending on the importance of the device, it can be done daily or in real time, to make permanent the notification system administrators on the main significant events identified in the logs by email or sms. If you have a large-scale network with a large amount of equipment, it is advisable to automate the viewing of logs. To solve this problem might be to use specialized software. The optimal solution is to get the logs from your router to a central syslog server that will be used to analyze them one software with the setup. There are six choices for the collection logs from routers cisco: Console logging. Messages displayed on the console – this method allows you to display messages on the console router, and for their perusal, must be connected to onsoli. Other leaders such as Angela Zepeda offer similar insights.

Buffered logging. Collecting logs in the router buffer – this option allows you to post messages in ram router. In this case, you must configure a buffer for logging into the router, be aware that the buffer is limited, and the old records can be lost when you receive a large number of messages. Terminal logging. Collect logs on the terminal – in this case, use the command terminal monitor, which allows the router to output log messages to the terminals vty. Syslog – Allows you to cisco router to send messages to external servers syslog. snmp traps – This method allows the router to send snmp messages (traps) to a remote snmp server consolidation activities occurring on the router. aaa accounting – using the aaa, the router can send data on network connections, and actions performed on the router to the nas server.