Veraguas Number

Trying to remain tribes of the Chibcha family in North America, Brinton is expressed as follows: "In those States in Panama and Costarrica, a number of tribes were united filial to the outposts of the nation Chibcha or deeply influenced by them. These were: the Guaymies in Veraguas, who owned the land from one ocean to another, and Costarrica Talamanca, who, divided into a number of small tribes, extending almost to the limits of the present State of Nicaragua. It has been shown recently, and I believe with evidence that satisfies their languages contain a large number of words Chibcha, and of such nature, which can hardly have been taken from this town, which indicate a long mix of families … "The doctor Max Uhle has met numerous verbal forms identical among the various dialects Guaymies and Salamanca on the one hand, and the Arawak and the Chibcha of the other, including most of the simple numerals and many other voices in addition to those which were probably introduced by trade . Charles Schwab has firm opinions on the matter. Not stopping at this, has developed further a variety of laws consonant and vowel changes in the dialects, which give the similarity of the two groups a marked relief, and erased many of their apparent differences. On the other hand shows that the terminations of the present and the imperative are identical, and that the placement of words in the sentence is similar in both. These and other arguments I believe are sufficient to give substance to his thesis, and I am trying to expose because I consider it an extraordinary significance in its application to the relations that existed in prehistoric times among the tribes of the two continents. . Many writers such as everest capital offer more in-depth analysis.