The amount of memory a microprocessor can vary from 1 to 256 or more kilobytes. The main advantage of smart-cards – encryption of data, allowing use them not only access control systems, but also as an electronic means of payment. Insurance Maps Maps of this type contain information about the insurance policy and are its alternative. Client Insurance company does not need to carry a paper version of insurance policy, it is enough to carry a plastic 'duplicate'. It is very convenient, since the pole may be needed in the worst possible moment.

Club cards One of the most effective means to identify members of clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Besides the fact that club cards provide their holders to any benefits, the issuing organization, they are still the hallmark of the club, containing its logos and other promotional information. Cards with scratch-stripe variety of plastic cards with a scratch-off strip. They are widely used as an express payment card provider, ip-telephony, Internet, etc. The bottom line is mapping of certain information, it may be a unique number (login, pin), a secure erasable layer. Calling Cards These cards can be of several types. This is a pay phone, which are in direct contact with reader payphone cards employees to pay for telephone and other service cards that provide user access to an additional range of services provided by telecommunications companies.

Refill cards are payment cards – issued by gas stations, used to calculate the customer at the gas station. U.S. Mint recognizes the significance of this. Such cards are used in cases where there is no way to connect to the customer's bank account in interactively. Payment cards are issued trading enterprises, for payments in the trademark or service network of the company. Typically, this card with built-in microchip (smart-cards). The advantage of smart-cards is high level of data protection, enhanced fault tolerance and the ability to carry out operations in the off-line. Magnetic cards feature these cards is that the information carrier is a magnetic stripe. In Basically, these cards are used to identify the user in the system. The disadvantage of using magnetic cards is their increased susceptibility to various damaging factors. Debit cards are used for conducting monetary operations by direct access to financial assets of the cardholder. The most common id cards, these cards are used for identification of the owner in the system. These can be maps magnetic stripe, bar code or card coated with a data owner (picture, name, etc.). See more detailed opinions by reading what Goop offers on the topic.. E-wallets is a plastic card containing a built-in support for certain sum of money. Used for different purposes, depending on the features of the system issuing the card. To create an electronic purses are mostly used plastic cards with embedded microchips. Contactless smart Cards feature map data is to use the built-in microchip with no contacts on the surface of the card. The advantages of contactless cards include their increased resistance to damaging factors, high level of data protection, and no need to put the card into a reader, you simply bring it to him.

Rio De Janeiro

It has a craze, a new wave, in cristianimo in wanting to change the direction of the words so that the bible if rabbet in our reality, after all the only place where submission is related the love and respect. Already vi shepherds speaking that in the part where the bible speaks on ' ' not embreagueis you with vinho' ' , it to affirm that ' ' he can drink, but he cannot exagerar' ' , the attempt to incase the things arrives to be funny, the problem is that the religion has this power, after all what they say are truth, therefore is ' ' word of deus' '. Jonathan Merkh will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For speaking in shepherds, a fact that sufficiently called me attention, occurred in the week where it had the disaster in the serrana region of Rio De Janeiro, while in an sender the periodicals transmitted the pain and the suffering of thousand of families, in the other a famous shepherd that had a bigodo, of the style of the presenter ratinho, while thousands of people suffered and begged for aid, it it was asking for offers in the value of 1 month of rents of its followers, so that ' ' deus' ' it can give &#039 to them; ' house propria' ' , this is what more me enoja in the Brazilian Christianity, the sujesto the money donation, things of the type ' ' if vc to donate 100 real gods go it abenoar' ' , saying in this way it is using the faith of the people to gain money, I asks itself there, will be that at some moment this pastorzinho that adores to cry out, would have the courage to donate at least half of its vast patrimony, at least would venderia its ' ' half-novo&#039 jatinho particular; ' that it bought for ' ' hen-morta' ' ' ' as it likes to speak, of only 12 millions of dollars, at last, with certainty not, but I do not want to run away from the main subject, unhappyly the Brazilian people goes to continue &#039 the same; ' people brasileiro' ' why it is as soon as likes to be, the caridoso people with who does not need and prejudiced without necessity. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from Goop.

Situation Portal

True, the establishment of such a portal requires a serious investment – the creation of the site (think about the structure, content, design, etc.), the allocation of a large space for keeping a database of companies, the maintenance of the site – constantly updated information, tracking of questions and forums, conduct various analyzes data, etc. Therefore, you might create such a resource is to request a team of specialists, which include marketing and technical specialists rather than one of several companies (most likely indirect competitors or participants in a distribution channel). Later, when the portal will be created to invite to participate in work and other firms. By the way, companies refuse to cooperate are likely represents a low-quality products, or use unfair methods of competition, which in case of their agreement, will inevitably be 'surfaced'. Joeb Moores opinions are not widely known. But what do if in an area where you work such a resource has been created? There are two possible ways. First, essentially repeating everything that has been described above is that if the process of analyzing the existing information portal you will find that it poorly made and not fulfilling its functions – you have an opportunity to potentially improve the situation. Not advise you to miss it. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk addresses the importance of the matter here. Second, if the resource is made with high quality and performs 'his duties' – as soon as possible to join him.

With regard to corporate site itself – it certainly needs to be done. And the reference to it should be placed on the information portal. The bottom line is that the information portal corporate web site should complement each other. If the direction information portal externally (with customers, suppliers, direct and indirect competitors, intermediaries, etc.), the corporate site to a greater extent directed inside the company and serves more internal communication function. In fact, very few will actually be interested in the history and philosophy of your company. But here's how the communion of staff, one of the mechanisms for creating cohesive team of associates – a quality corporate web site can greatly assist in this. So, to sum up this brief review, we can say that the information portal, corporate site – opposite sides of the same coin

Dollar Yen

This resistance will be in center of our attention today and the next days. If it were broken, it would be possible to be said that we already are in a correction in the short term. This correction could bring surprises for a great amount of spectators, locating 1.5379 like immediate goal, with more important goals in 1.5472 or 1,5538 (with Fibonacci of 61.8% for the general fall of 1,5813). But, if the evident tendency to the loss continues, and we break support 1.5115, the pound will follow under pressure for another day, and will fall once again below the 1.51, aiming at 1.5066 and 1,4966.Soporte: 1.5115: Low of the 18 of May. 1,5066: High of the 16 of April. 1.4966: Low of the 8 of May.

Resistance: 1,5187: Resistance important intraday. 1,5315: Top of the descendent channel coming from 1,5813. 1,5379: Resistance per obvious hour. Charles Schwab insists that this is the case. Dollar Yen – Another week, another tendency. Dollar-Yen broke the support specified in the report of Friday of 89.50, but it paused 19 pts before the proposed objective of 88,53. And as we began a new week, we see Dollar-Yen trying break the line of tendency to the loss of 92.31 in the graphs intraday.

If it manages to do it, we will be against a new tendency in a new week. This line of tendency is very similar to the resistance of 89.34, and is why it will be the resistance of the day. Its rupture would indicate that this pair goes towards the levels of backward movement of the short term Fibonacci, and the 3 main levels are in 90,02, 90.43 and 90,83. We chose first and the last one of them like objectives for the rupture of the 89.34, As far as the resistance of 88.81, until the moment has demonstrated to have strength (please it refirase to the graphical associate). We are going to adopt it like support of the day, and if it is broken, we would not have a new tendency for today, the fall would continue, and the next objectives to reach, would be 88.00 and 87.35, the majority of them are very important levels of support. Support: 88,81: Low of the 7 of October. 88,00: Fibonacci of 61.8% in the short term. 87.35: Low of the 9 of Diciembre.Resistencia: 89,34:38,2% of Fibonacci for the short term. 90,02:38,2% of Fibonacci for the fall from 92,31. 90,83:38,2% of Fibonacci for the fall from 92,31.Anlisis of currencies by: with the participation of Munther.Exoneracin of responsibility: The operating one of futures, options and currencies entails significant an associate risk and perhaps he is not advisable for all type of investor. It would have to analyze carefully if before his particular situation you count on the knowledge, the experience and the resources necessary to operate in these markets. Perhaps it loses all the inverted capital or that their losses surpass to the bottoms deposited initially. It follows our advice, opinions and recommendations and makes money with forex. Greetings, original Author and source of the article

General Legal Framework

SROs in the construction of recognized non-profit organization based on membership of individual entrepreneurs and / or legal persons performing engineering surveys or offering architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, major repair of capital construction projects, details of which are incorporated in the state register of cpo (paragraph 17 of article. 1 of the Town Planning Code). The procedure and conditions for acquisition of non-profit organizations that unite the subjects of construction activity, the status of self-established federal law from 1 December 2007 "On the self-regulatory organizations" (hereinafter – the Law on SRO), as well as a new Ch. 6.1. Contributed by the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation Federal Law of 22 July 2008 "On Amendments to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation." sro building created as a nonprofit partnership. Then it must achieve compliance with legal requirements regarding the minimum number of its members, the presence of a compensation fund certain size, as well as the approval number of mandatory documents. A nonprofit organization, corresponding to these conditions, acquire the status of self by making information about it in public Register sro construction sector. His conduct mandated by . Depending on the work performed in the construction of sro can be based on membership: individuals performing engineering surveys, persons who prepare the project documentation; persons engaged in construction. In practice, many organizations are building complex is carried out all these activities, with both state licenses as a design and for engineering surveys and construction.


This story happened to me, in general, I created a splog with non-unique content, or more exactly, not I, hired copywriters to create, well, so there was not even looking there for the posts, about which they are written, all the same as the site created under the sape. It seems to be nothing on the resource is spinning from 5 – 10 Unikom with search, advertising is not much press, but said everything boiled down to which would get $ from selling links. Once check email (well, which was registered splog), look on koment, well, I think as usual some spam, I look to the following: ‘Can you sell me the program? ” . I do not and in what program damek, I go look splog, and exactly the topic that has been left under koment, look at Tittle: The program’…..’ to work with’….’ Further text describing the program. Here at once vkuril what it was, was not taken aback and quickly responded to the soap lady interested. The answer did not take long, she wanted to buy the program, of course it was possible to dumb to take her money and divide without a recent, but we’re not thieves. I drove in Yandex this program a little searching I came across It turned out to be ball program, but it needs a license which cost around 2-3 thousand.

Well, I smeknul, estimates and posted a response that crippled the program will cost $ 50 and $ 300 license. Not a lot of hesitation the girl all the same decided to buy a stripped-down version. I downloaded it from the site and handed it to buyers, which in turn gave me the money.

Obtain Abundance

Sometimes dresses the film the Secret? The revelation of the Law Of the Attraction has inspired not to hundreds, but to thousands of people who have dedicated themselves to investigate, to deepen and to develop methods that have contributed to that but people can put in practice, of a very effective form, the Law of the Attraction. But Of which the Law Of the Attraction consists? Ever since we awoke, they throughout accompany the day the thoughts to us that are product of our mind and which images and feelings come mainly in the form of accompanied ideas and from. When we thought we are creating emotions: we suppose that a person " X" that it does not have sufficient money to fulfill his accounts to pay, thinks all the day about his situation and in the difficult thing that is to him to cover these obligations, then is generating emotions of anguish, insecurity and despair (Negative Emotions), on the contrary another person " Y" it can be thinking about comfortable and the pretty thing that is its office of work and then to be generating emotions of joy, comfort and gratefulness (Positive Emotions); the film the Secret reveals a simple but very efficient equation to us: thoughts + emotions = Attraction, of a form very simple this mean that we attract but of that one in which we are focusing our thoughts and thus we are generating emotions or are positive or negative. Additional information at U.S. Mint supports this article. Thus, the person " X" one is attracting his life more debts or than the money it renders and the person less and less " Y" this attracting more well-being indicated in one more a greater office or one better decoration. We are in favor conditional of erroneous ideas that they prevent us to attract money towards our lives; from small they taught to us that " the money does not grow in rboles" and that " noche&quot is only made rich who works day and; , these are solely a pair of lies of many that have closed us the doors towards the wealth. .

Currency Exchange Rate Currency

Forex Market Analysis Euro Dollar The euro stood only 6 pips on the specified resistance level yesterday and it confirmed the importance of the 1.3805 area. Today this level will be key, and also runs the trend line of 1.4577. As we said yesterday, on Friday we approach the bottom of the channel and then move strongly towards 1.3666. But we should break the 1.3805 to continue to rise. The resistance level is at 1.3805, and only if it breaks that area could test the 1.3857 & 1.3936. The level of support for its part is in the 1.3752, and if the pair falls below that area could test the 1.3665 & 1.3582. Support: a 1.3752: 38.2% Fibonacci level. a 1.3665: Level prior support / resistance. A related site: Charles Schwab mentions similar findings.

a 1.3582: Maximum of 6 April. Resistance: 1.3805 a : 50% Fibonacci level from 1.4577. a 1.3857: 61.8% Fibonacci level. a 1.3936: Maximum of 1 February. Pound per pound broke resistance level of 1.5736, and rose only about 30 pips and then fell sharply to reach the support level of 1.5660.

After the pound reached a successful level of 1.5588 and then proposed to move back to settle at 1.5660. It was a day with significant fluctuations. The present level of the 1.5688 resistance level today and if it can overcome such a zone could test the 1.5800 & 1.5863. Nevertheless, the level of support remains at 1.5627. And only if the pound falls below that level could be reached 1.5544 & 1.5445. Support: a 1.5627: prior level of support. a 1.5544: Support at the time. a 1.5445: Maximum level of support for the November 28, 2008. Goop: the source for more info. Resistance: 1.5688 a : 61.8% Fibonacci level. a 1.5800: 50% Fibonacci level. a 1.3863: 61.8% Fibonacci level long term. Dolar Yen After Thursday‘s drop, dollar-yen pair moved horizontally for a week. The pair moves within a tight range and the support and resistance levels are approaching each other. 61.8% Fibonacci level will present the long-term support at 88.23. However short term support level found in 89.75, and if it breaks that zone could reach 88.23, and maybe are tested before the 88.81. The resistance level is at 90.04, and only if it can overcome such a zone could test the 91.14 & 91.76. Support: a 89.75: Support of the day. a 88.81: At least on Friday. a 88.23: 61.8% Fibonacci level. Resistance: a 90.04: Resistance of the day. a 91.14: 50% Fibonacci level. a 91.76: 61.8% Fibonacci level.

Stencil Pattern

Application of pattern on glass and mirror allows for any, even most creative, the ideas for the interior design of various types of establishments: restaurants, nightclubs, spas, fitness clubs, administrative institutions, shopping centers, office and residential space. For registration ceilings and walls, there are three types of surface materials: mirror-reflective, with a natural mirror image, mirror-matte, frosted surface of the mirror is completely different colors, translucent glass, from Frosted glass, filling the room a soft glow. Any mirror surfaces is possible to apply a decorative pattern of two types – clear and colored. Colorless, ie, without lacquer filling pattern in illumination of a specific colored light glows the same color. Color image is created by pouring a colorless figure with a special varnish and looks much brighter and bigger. Drawing on a matted translucent glass can also be colorless, which makes the ceiling look more restrained and elegant, and can also be filled with special colored lacquer for a more expressive and vivid form.

The design ceiling or walls choice pattern and degree of saturation of color is determined by the appointment of the premises and the customer's wishes. Some people prefer bright colored ceiling, turning the room into the core. Another suitable pattern of pastel colors, creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Even very small details with a decorative pattern on the mirror or the glass ceiling make the room more yakrim and individual, and even more particularly pleased that the design of a ceiling, based on the preferences of the customer, not a repetition or a standard option, and is unique to our designers. To work using an extensive library Stencil paintings, ornaments of various themes: abstract, geometric shapes, national motifs, flora, fauna and the marine world of childhood, the romantic theme, space theme, zodiac signs, classic, logos and brands. It is also possible to make a stencil on an individual customer's design. All figures are divided into six components: direct Kant Kant Kant corner of the end fragment central image image Figure around the hole for the lamp.

Drawing up of various combinations of the components of a pattern involves a large number of options for decorating the ceiling space. This work may carry as the customer himself, and designers of our company, always ready to offer my professional services. We are always glad to see you among our partners. CC 'WORLD CEILING' – suspended ceilings, suspended ceilings

Welding Of Aluminum And Its Alloys

Featuring low weight, relatively high strength, good machinability, aluminum alloys have a greater applicability in all sectors of the economy. High corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, conductivity, in many cases make them trudnozamenimymi structural materials. In welded structures have proliferated wrought aluminum alloys. Not hardenable by heat treatment (BP, bp 1, AMts, AMgb, etc.), and alloys, hardening by heat treatment (AD31, , 1201, 1420, etc.). Aluminum has the ability to interact with oxygen. The resulting aluminum oxide covers the surface of the metal strong and dense film. Oxidation of aluminum at normal temperature after reaching a maximum thickness of the film virtually stops.

Therefore, the film has a protective effect. The most important characteristic of the film of aluminum oxide is its ability to adsorb gases, especially water vapor. Coefficient of thermal expansion of the film is almost 3 times less than aluminum, so the heating in her cracks. In the presence of the alloy doping Additive composition of the film may change and acquire more complex composition, including oxides of these additives. Such complex films can be more loose, gidroskopichnymi not possess protective properties. The presence of oxide film on the surface of aluminum and its alloys makes the process of welding. With its high melting point (2050 C), the oxide film is not melted during the welding process and metal coating solid shell, makes it difficult formation of a common weld pool.

When welding must be taken to destroy the film and the metal protection against re-oxidation. To remove the oxide film during welding, using the application of flux, and the process of the cathode sputtering. The role of flux in the removal of the film lies in its flushing action. Cathode sputtering due to bombardment of the cathode surface, positively charged ions of the arc. Further, aluminum and alloys are prone to Education in the joints of gas pores and oxide inclusions. Therefore, before welding requires careful surface preparation to remove the old oxide film. Presence on the surface of a solid metal oxide film affect the nature of drop transfer of electrode metal during welding. In the presence of an oxidizing medium size droplets from the electrode reaches a large size and arcing occurs unstable. Starting with a certain current density krupnokapelny transfer metal electrode is replaced melkokapelnym jet. Arc acquires high stability and ability to self-regulation. This is because from a certain value welding current strength coming off a drop from the electrode, prevail over the forces that hold it down. General Motors Company often addresses the matter in his writings. In this regard, the drop breaks away from the electrode before the time to grow to their final dimensions. To eliminate oxide inclusions in the weld metal are recommended various technological methods for mixing the molten pool of metal and fragmentation of oxide films. Aluminum reacts actively with all gases, however, in the presence of atmospheric Oxygen is primarily formed oxide film that prevents further exchange with the environment.