Cristina Copy

To copy to Brazil was what from here we had proposed to him to the president in one of our articles: And if Cristina Copy to Lula? . And what has on Brazil? The very good performance of the Brazilian economy of the last years has surprised more than one. Brazil has obtained a protagnico roll, as much at regional level as world-wide, since nobody would have imagined until for only years back. Mary Barra wanted to know more. Without stopping recognizing the high one (and difficult to tolerate), level of poverty and inequality that the Brazilian economy still exhibits (that like in Peru, they require of a political major of social development), their healthy economic policies are of great value to prop up to the development and growth of long term of the country. ure choices. This has been recognized with so longed for degree of investment granted by Standard and Poors. But in spite of the right thing of its economic policies, the inflation seems not to yield. It is as if whenever medicine against the inflation is applied to a dose of (through majors interest rates, it fits to public prosecutor or policies to increase the supply of foods), the inflationary monster grows still more (Attention! Brazil is not the unique country that undergoes this situation).

Brazil is one of the countries that more efforts are realising to control the inflation, through healthy measures, and of it they are not doubts. One of the carried out actions by the government of Lula has been to reinforce the fiscal surplus. This increase of the fiscal surplus is about to in line with the efforts to control the inflationary growth since it alleviates pressures on the added demand. And in spite of the nonapproval of the tax prorogation of year principles, that it gave by finalized the imposed call to the check and it abruptly cleared R$ 40,000 million to him (considered of US$ 25,000 million) of noncoparticipable annual collection with levels government inferiors, Brazil is obtaining a collection record that allows to a fort increase him in the surplus. During first half of the year, the collection of taxes in Brazil was increased in a 10% in inter-annual terms, reaching the R$ 327,600 million (equivalent to US$ 206,000 million).


From White Hen always the excellence in the quality has been persecuted, in this continuous improvement of products has gone to improve the quality level of one of products standard, the tablets of Avecrem broth. The new Avecrem is elaborated exclusively with corral chicken, whereas previously it was done with normal chicken. Which is the difference between a chicken of corral and a normal chicken? The corral chickens: – They are fed exclusively with cereals. – They live with better conditions of life and free exit to the outside. – They have a raising of 70 days (against the 42 of the normal chicken).

At the same time to improve the quality, also they tried to make the most healthful and adapted products to our style of life. It is for that reason that Avecrem is elaborated without preservatives, without colouring and without hydrogenated fats. In a while social where the majority of the product is precooked or precongealed he is worthy to praise those company that continues worrying about the health of their clients. Although the elaboration of these products is something more expensive, the quality that arrives at the consumer is recognized by that it values the effort and the competitive prices with other precooked products. This type of action must make see other organizations that the user fideliza itself with those marks that they look for to satisfy necesidesdes with the user without losing the essences and traditions of the Mediterranean diet. It is not necessary to forget that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ones valued in the most ingrained world and to the Spanish culture by its compenentes at the time of cooking the same. Original author and source of the article.

Foreign Exchange

In my opinion a poor and devoid concept of seriousness. In fact until today I do not know which has made money with these systems. To make money visiting Webs. A variant of the previous point that consists of which they send a listing to you of Web sites to visit in which it appears the invasive publicity that you must quecliquear turning it in addition into forms to even deceive lospatrocinadores that wait for true clicks that they attract consuming potentials to them. He is not recommendable. To make money to play. These usually are supplies of sitiosweb of games where what you must do it is to play and ” divertirte” and in exchange for it they pay to you. The strategy consists of which you play you move, you and you become so addict to some game that finally you end up paying to obtain majors advantages in the same.

It includes games of poker, lotteries, bingo, games of casino, etc.? Remunerated surveys or to win to think. These propose less are vitiated. They consist basically of which you can spend some minutes of your time to respond surveys. The surveys really are studies of mercadocuyos data or opinions are of interest for the companies that wish to invest in publicity or to create strategies of trade for their products. Nevertheless, inasmuch as people focus in answering them more soon possible thus to make the money, finally you end up responding ” any cosa” and thus reducing its true professional and monetary value. For such reason, these systems pay to you as long as your profile is within its potential market and you must spend very many time to respond surveys to gain a few cents.

FOREX. If you look for this word in the Web you will find thousands of occurrences. Acronym of Foreing Exchange, promotes many it like a very dynamic system of investments in stock-market and with which you can make much money. I consider that the exposition initially is not bad and their terms are very become attached to a true system of investments. My unique objection is you must invest an initial amount of money and to leave this generates gains, those that you will not be able to retire until they add a minimum of $500 dollars. Generally, it seems to me a good system for that has capital, it wishes to invest and it has the clarity of which the investments in stock market work only and only, if you have patience. That is to say, it is not an option of fast money. If that is what delays, you will be frustrated when is not thus. In order to learn as you also can win money in Internet I recommend to you to enter the following Link.

Medical Secret Experiments

In 1952/53 they dispersed zinc-cadmium sulfide particle clouds synthesized on the students of the Clinton school of Minneapolis (Minnesota); Saint Louis, the Fort Wayne, the Valley of the Monocacy (Maryland), Leesburg (Virginia), other states of the center and Winnipeg (Canada), " in order to see how much dispersaran". In 1965, agents of the Army loosen to the bacillus globigii in the national airport of Washington and the terminal of Greyhound buses. In 1966, they spread to bacteria sustilus varilus in the Broadway station, New York. Files of the plutonium These ends of the iceberg seem of science fiction. Although they are covered with silence, they illustrate the terrorist vocation of the EE.UU. government with his own people. Although it is not easy to obtain data, the truth always finishes by knowing itself. An investigation of journalist Eileen Welsome documented in 1993 the history of 18 cases of radiation in the book The Plutonium Files: America" s Medical Secret Experiments in the Cold War (the archives of the plutonium: secret medical experiments during the Cold War).

The work of Welsome on the declassified secret files made an impression to Hazel O" Leary, secretary of Energy of Clinton, that promoted an investigation that in 1994 was very resisted by " inslita". Welsome revealed that 73 defenseless minors of a school of Massachusetts ingested radioactive isotopes in oats of the breakfast, a woman of New York was injected with plutonium by the doctors of the Manhattan project – the atomic bomb that took care of a pituitary disorder to him, while 829 embarrassed drank " cocktails vitamnicos" in a clinic of Tennessee, but in fact they contained radioactive iron. The government of Clinton formed a commission – presided over by Ruth Fade- to investigate the cases of radiation in human beings denounced by Welsome. Nevertheless, the report did not satisfy because there were no guilty.

Survey Compensation

So a company makes sense to see as their products or services are received by public, before spending to the money and time in publicity. Here he is where the survey of investigation of market enters, and is by which our opinion is so important. I understand all that, but Why would pay to me money? The answer to this question is very easy and it is reduced to a thing; Your time is worth its money! Pinsalo of this form if you are going to introduce a new type of racket of tennis in the market, but you are not safe if is needed or it is wanted, You would pay thousands of dollars in publicity, or simply you would pay to 50 players of tennis to know its opinion on the rackets tennis? Good, then How much I can win completing surveys really remunerated? The compensation of the companies of surveys varies between $1 dollar and $75 dollars by survey, and the majority of the surveys delays between 5 and 10 minutes in completing itself. There are some companies that offer points to complete a survey, and those points can later change by certificates of gift, merchandise, money and prizes. You even can be entered in drawings for prizes after completing certain surveys. It does not matter which is the compensation, all the legitimate companies of surveys will say before to you, before you begin the survey, which will be the compensation. While you realise more, more money desire. How they pay to me? The company of investigation of market that sponsors the survey or focus group will usually send the compensation to you by mail. The money that says to you that it is worth the survey is what they will send to you by check. It is possible to receive multiple checks of multiple companies of investigation in different days of the month.


Demotivation of the pupils, who have remained anchored in the facilismo, conformism, wasting itself its potential, especially the creative one. There is absence of investigations that favor the solution of the serious problems that at the moment the country presents/displays in the politician, economic, social, the productive thing. Today more than ever, he is needed a new managemental leader, an administrator who causes the changes, the transformations necessary to take the opportunities that the activities of the government he is generating, where appear great weaknesses that can very or be used by professionals which or they are enabled and they know to interpret the reach, the repercussions that president Chvez this causing, for example, in the new economic openings, penetrating in new markets, in to integrate itself to the plans of the government in order to consolidate strengths in the productive weaknesses that the enterprise sector it confronts. The School has neglected more and more, the selection of its educational ones, taking step more to the political commitments, of friendship, relative, who to academic endorsement. It is needed educational creative, innovating, able to generate a new paradigm of the administration according to which the State tries with its Socialism of the 21st century and to that it must to know how itself to integrate and to carry out a roll of opposition in everything what it goes in against of the benefits of the country. It is not possible to be continued leaving to the qualification and formation of lawyers in Administration based on a profile of the administrator nonadapted the reality of the present, with training programs, where many of their subjects are not updated and another already they are expired. It is needed new approaches, tools administrative, a greater integration with the exigencies of the Society of the Knowledge, interpretation of the behavior of the scenes, technology, needs of the consumers, advantage of strengths that cause the natural wealth of each country.

Great Plains

Political will Our analyses suggest them firmly WWS costs will be competitive with respect to the traditional sources. Meanwhile, nevertheless, certain forms of energies WWS will be significantly more expensive than the fossil energy. Some combination of WWS, the subsidys and the taxes on carbon, therefore, will be necessary during a time. A type of premium to the Feed-inTariff production (FIT) to cover the difference between the cost with generation and the price wholesale of the electricity is especially effective in the aid to the new ones renewable technologies. Combining the FIT with a call auction of sale to decreasing prices, in which the right to sell energy to the system is granted you postpray to them lower, it provides a continuous incentive for the WWS developers to diminish the costs.

While this happens, the FIT can are reduced progressively. The FIT have been implanted in great a number of European countries and in some States of the USA and have been enough successful in stimulating the solar energy in Germany. To burden fossil fuels or their use to reflect its ecological damages also has sense. But, like minimum, the subsidys to the fossil energy, such as the tax on benefits for the exploration and extraction, must be eliminated to equal the party. A mistaken promotion of the less desirable alternatives such as agricultural subsidies and the production of biocombustibles, must finish because it delays the implantation of cleaner systems. On the other hand, the elaboration of policies adapted on the part of legislators, must find ways to resist the pressure that will take place on the part of at the moment established power industries. Finally, each nation must be arranged to invest in a system of solid transmission and long distance that can transport great amounts of energy of the WWS of the remote regions where often he is greater, such as in the USA the Great Plains in the case of the wind and the desert of the solar Southwest it energy, to the centers of of consumption, generally in the cities.