From White Hen always the excellence in the quality has been persecuted, in this continuous improvement of products has gone to improve the quality level of one of products standard, the tablets of Avecrem broth. The new Avecrem is elaborated exclusively with corral chicken, whereas previously it was done with normal chicken. Which is the difference between a chicken of corral and a normal chicken? The corral chickens: – They are fed exclusively with cereals. – They live with better conditions of life and free exit to the outside. – They have a raising of 70 days (against the 42 of the normal chicken).

At the same time to improve the quality, also they tried to make the most healthful and adapted products to our style of life. It is for that reason that Avecrem is elaborated without preservatives, without colouring and without hydrogenated fats. In a while social where the majority of the product is precooked or precongealed he is worthy to praise those company that continues worrying about the health of their clients. Although the elaboration of these products is something more expensive, the quality that arrives at the consumer is recognized by that it values the effort and the competitive prices with other precooked products. This type of action must make see other organizations that the user fideliza itself with those marks that they look for to satisfy necesidesdes with the user without losing the essences and traditions of the Mediterranean diet. It is not necessary to forget that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ones valued in the most ingrained world and to the Spanish culture by its compenentes at the time of cooking the same. Original author and source of the article.