After years of abuses, excesses in a hard and inhuman work in Senegal, Abdoulaye get the money in the form of sweat and tears for the journey to your dream. He leaves behind his life, to his earth; farewell to his people knowing that it is probably the last time you see them; take air and making of tripe heart, rises in his boat, boat that will take you to that better life to that promised land of which is unknown that not even deserves you. Long travel in precarious conditions, many of his classmates do not can already tell but he is there, in the Canaries, playing his dream with the tip of your fingers. It is reflected in their eyes war, suffering and misery, but always smiles. Now, years later, the disparagement of people; still feeling works hard for a mafia selling CDS, escaping from the police, those people who says treats him badly, those people who stopped him for being an illegal and treats him as a murderer, eses that defend are the roles that make legal to illegal, who dare to classify a human being as illegal.

It has suffered to get here, to find a life in a place that is not easy to have dark skin, where parents educate their children to despise the immigrants, cultures, knowing that, in most cases, culture is what would make us lack; but now Abdulaye awaits, in a cold and frightening place of the police station of Madrid, fed-based juice and biscuits, to reach the flight, that flight will return to his country, blasting his effort, his dignity and his new life. Toca leave again, this time without being able to say goodbye to their new loved. In Europe, immigrants are treated as inhuman beings, without feelings and dreams. Nobody is da has value that has these people, for their courage. The worst is that nobody sees it, nobody understands it, nobody cares.

Young people do not see problems already, are not ideal to them. Here, globalization Yes, but a globalization in which the rich do what they want on the poor. Hypocrisy. Politicians and the media, in their most, not do anything; only worry about the life of such ignorant or as another character. Already the culture are not advocates. Africa pays the consequences of our consumerism, our ignorance and even our pollution; and instead we close the door on their noses. It would invite young people to think about the world in which they live, because, as said Gandhi, everything you do in life, it will be negligible; but it is very important that you do. I’m not saying that we we will change the world, but it is important, very important. Original author and source of the article