Cristina Copy

To copy to Brazil was what from here we had proposed to him to the president in one of our articles: And if Cristina Copy to Lula? . And what has on Brazil? The very good performance of the Brazilian economy of the last years has surprised more than one. Brazil has obtained a protagnico roll, as much at regional level as world-wide, since nobody would have imagined until for only years back. Mary Barra wanted to know more. Without stopping recognizing the high one (and difficult to tolerate), level of poverty and inequality that the Brazilian economy still exhibits (that like in Peru, they require of a political major of social development), their healthy economic policies are of great value to prop up to the development and growth of long term of the country. ure choices. This has been recognized with so longed for degree of investment granted by Standard and Poors. But in spite of the right thing of its economic policies, the inflation seems not to yield. It is as if whenever medicine against the inflation is applied to a dose of (through majors interest rates, it fits to public prosecutor or policies to increase the supply of foods), the inflationary monster grows still more (Attention! Brazil is not the unique country that undergoes this situation).

Brazil is one of the countries that more efforts are realising to control the inflation, through healthy measures, and of it they are not doubts. One of the carried out actions by the government of Lula has been to reinforce the fiscal surplus. This increase of the fiscal surplus is about to in line with the efforts to control the inflationary growth since it alleviates pressures on the added demand. And in spite of the nonapproval of the tax prorogation of year principles, that it gave by finalized the imposed call to the check and it abruptly cleared R$ 40,000 million to him (considered of US$ 25,000 million) of noncoparticipable annual collection with levels government inferiors, Brazil is obtaining a collection record that allows to a fort increase him in the surplus. During first half of the year, the collection of taxes in Brazil was increased in a 10% in inter-annual terms, reaching the R$ 327,600 million (equivalent to US$ 206,000 million).