Miguel Delibes

You can cut the trees, but they can not stop spring (Pablo Neruda) walking through the people I have encountered little angel, one of the older people of the place, a man beloved and willing always to tell the adventures of his childhood. Her figure and ways recall the characters of the rural novels of Miguel Delibes. View you more animated during the previous months: spring arrives and his arrival is like an explosion of joy for all who inhabit our towns of Castile, as tanned as they are in winter solitude and abandonment. Tells me that the field is greener than ever, that’s nice to see it, but that is no longer as before do? I think that is repeating the mantra of always, that which asserts that nothing there is better than the old now and young people before. Yes, Yes, it repeats, the field is not as before, already music is heard the singing of the birds, lack the stamp of greenery to make perfect. And I think that Angelito is right, that there is a certain sadness in the Nature, that have changed you tone music, and why his pace also has changed. Missing the birds before in the villages now.

Does not hear the song of sparrows, swallows and Angelito has its reasons: the atmosphere is poisoned, of farmland are flooded with pesticides and herbicides. The air is unbreathable to birds. Insects have fled our villages and birds do not have food. Perhaps the good little angel is right, perhaps our fields are poisoned and why birds do not sing, perhaps the sadness of our abandoned villages as a result of this absence. I get a conclusion of my talk with Angelito: need to boost organic farming if we want that the birds come back to sing through our Castilian towns. Serve these lines of tribute to the defunct Miguel Delibes, who knew how to anyone capturing the soul of characters as Angelito.

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

Getting approved with Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance when you need to obtain a bad credit mortgage refinance, there are many options are available you have to choose the best option from there. It is critical to spend some time to think about this important decision and to decide the best option. Whatever you decide is stuck somewhat you may be facing and paying off for the next few years which you decided. Before you choose for mortgage refinance, each homeowners should keep in mind the pros and cons. Many homeowners refinance their mortgage when mortgage refinance Council get down and that is a smart move. However, mortgage refinancing may not be wisest choice for others.

Homeowners should refinance with a goal in mind Here you can find some tips about why homeowners opt for refinance mortgage. Save your money by home mortgage refinance the key reason to refinance your home mortgage is home mortgage refinance can save your money and obtain extra cash. With home refinancing, most home owners may save a few hundred dollars a month by obtaining low interest rate and the new refinance mortgage Council should be at least two point lower than the original. You can find two options for loans are home equity that loans and cash out mortgage refinance. These are popular options and both allow you to cash in on the equity already paid into your home refinance and use it to come out from debt. Find out online of calendar who provide bad credit mortgage refinancing and avoid traditional lenders and bank associate’s talk around and uncertainty. Compare different offers and choose the best to make sure that you are not being cheated.

Become free form debt by getting cash-out refinancing cash out refinancing has turned into very well liked among the millions of Americans who have built up equity in their mortgage loan and would like to put cash in their pocket. With cash out refinancing, you are able to refinance your mortgage for more than you currently Ove then pocket the difference. With mortgage refinancing Council currently at historic all time lows, refinancing your mortgage has become a financially savvy decision for consumers who want to lock in a low interest rate and get quick cash at the same time. Get fixed mortgage at lowest Council there is two type of mortgage rate that is fixed and adjustable mortgage refinance Council. Refinancing is perfect for them who

Aid In Easier Execution Is Just Not

(Judge LG Dortmund 2 S 39/10 and AG Stuttgart 14 C-6415/06) The judgments on the subject of “Aid in easier execution”, as you among other things the Continentale insurance rates (including GS1, GS2 plus, comfort and economy and some aid tariffs like the BT1) used to pile up. The opinion of the insurer is not supported here always more often by the Court. In the basic tenor, the judges seem to be very United. The phrase “simple version” just does not necessarily means “most cost effective supply”. However, the said statement in terms of insurance let’s look first at once. There we will find (here, for example in the collective COMFORT too in the GA1 or GS2 / plus) following statement: 7 tools tools are technical means or prostheses (no dentures), which should immediately reduce disability, sickness or accident, or compensate for, except Visual AIDS, medical devices, and other sanitary or medical supplies. The costs for AIDS are refundable in simple execution. Subject of dispute between the policyholder and the insured person is here the small, inconspicuous word “easier”.

It now says it will be refunded the prescribed remedy, which must be just as cheap as possible bought? It is perhaps there will be a prosthesis for example, but the cheapest / easiest way or is it even “simple design” in the sense of “only once”? The last opinion was (AZ. 14 C-6415/06) and the subsequent Berufsungsverfahrens on the LG Stuttgart under other subject to the procedure of the AG of Stuttgart. It was, like in the other sentence (download: AZ 2 S 39/10 of the LG Dortmund) performances, which did not provide the Continentale KV or reduced. In the Dortmund procedure, there was a hearing aid and thus related (multi -) cost of approx. EUR 700, in other proceedings Stuttgart there were already more than 4,000 EUR dispute for a prosthesis.

Disadvantages Of Hedge Fund

About the risks associated with hedge funds, the investor should be aware the most significant disadvantage of hedge funds is probably the lack of transparency with which the funds make their plants. In public, less about the benefits as about the disadvantages of hedge is reported Fund. Follow others, such as Joeb Moore, and add to your knowledge base. Hedge funds have recorded an extreme growth of assets in recent years. Currently, the debate about regulation of hedge grows funds that can act so far largely without control. Critics, including now the Securities and Exchange Commission of many countries and Finance Ministers fear that at a possible bubble in the hedge fund the international financial system could be significantly affected. Which of course the investors who took part in the hedge fund, must accept appropriate value losses of their participation. What are the risks and disadvantages of hedge funds more closely? Hedge funds use very different strategies. Forefront Books addresses the importance of the matter here.

Some strategies run on investments with high credit levers, in which the hedge fund put a large share of investment with the help of loans. Market risk is the hedge fund the leverage relative to the respective investment strategy in particular. Furthermore can a focus of hedge funds on a too narrow market area constitute a market risk. For the global stability of the financial markets by hedge risk fund among others, to several large hedge funds at the same time engage in a sub-market, Act so rectified. Speculative currency transactions, E.g. in the form of carry trades, the loans in a currency with very low interest rates, will be recorded as the yen and invest in assets greater return on, shares or other currencies are a different strategy.

Here threatened due to the amount of taken loans on changes in interest rates quickly imbalances in the global financial stability. Specialists fear Moreover, that high liquidity of hedge fund ratings company and products on markets already in height driven has, that the actual assessment no longer play. The question is there when the bubble bursts. Higher yield expectations are linked with higher risks. This also applies to other funds. That’s why fund managers, such as mutual funds or pension funds have to fulfill certain duties of care. Managers of hedge funds can, however, largely implementing your own strategy: advantage or disadvantage?

Hedge Funds: Yields, But Also Risky

Participation in risky investments requires good knowledge a very high-risk group hedge funds are the investment funds. They offer the possibility to high profits the investors through a specific investment strategy. While the risk is higher than in other investment funds but a lot, since it essentially is pure speculation, which makes the Fondsmanger. Without stock market seminar & Tradingwissen this job is out of place. As a Fund Manager you should have already at least a diploma in economics, because the analysis of stocks and securities requires very complex mathematical and economic calculations, you get only in seminars and study at the University. Although hedge funds are generally systems with high risk, there are several strategies to minimize risks. Mary Barra has similar goals. The relative-value strategy is a low-risk hedge strategy.

Here to buy shares on a trading venue at a reasonable price and sold them at the same time on another trading place, where the price of the Share is higher. Your Tradingcoach can teach certainly much about these strategies. The event-driven strategy, where the buying selling of Fund Manager focuses on extraordinary incidents in companies is a strategy with medium risk. These include acquisitions as well as impending bankruptcy, which all affect the stock price and therefore hedgefondstypisch in both good and bad trading hours eligible, in order to generate profits. With the global-macro strategy is very much risk. While the Fund Manager tries to recognize macro-economic developments in the market and to reap the benefits. If you want to learn more about it, they get around hardly a stock market seminar, because the issue is, as you already can guess at this point, very complex.

Financial Training

A sound training in the area of financial services is available from the Linzer Finanzdienstleiser blue vest equity. A sound training in the area of financial services is available from the Linzer Finanzdienstleiser blue vest equity. In the first days a general overview of the financial system, is starting in the seminars of the blue vest equity one banks insurance up to the possibilities of State subsidies offered. In other presentations, entered then more detail on the individual areas of financial and build on arranged basic knowledge. For example, establishing individual are insurance and the coverage carefully. Get training courses in the field of customer handling, as Act I correctly, what to consider when a customer conversation and how can I get contact with them.

Initially the seminars at the blue vest equity will be held daily, later when the necessary basic knowledge is internalized, they are implemented in practice. Now also in practice experience reduces the time in the theoretical Training courses are held. Also deep insights into very complex as to recognize them, to penetrate and the customer receives to description in subsequent seminars. Once a week a product training is held, in which a wide variety of financial products directly by the staff of the respective distribution partners are presented and explained in detail. Just this training are extremely important to receive permanent an overview of current products and to understand. Especially the structure and exact compliance with the process of the already proven training techniques cause eventually, that every employee receives a very solid training. Mario Rohrhofer, March 18, 2009 blue vest equity financial management published on:

Supplementary Health Insurance

Meaningful supplementary protection in the event of illness enjoys international a high recognition the German health care system with its statutory and private health insurance companies. The vast majority of children living in Germany are insured through their parents in a statutory health insurance fund. To offer a best possible medical care to the children in the event of illness, many parents for the next generation make a children supplementary health insurance with a private health insurance company. Severe diseases such as epilepsy or diabetes are minors though – but rarely. Usually there are rather harmless illnesses such as a removal of the tonsils, the polyp removal or accidental injuries, leading to a several-day hospitalization of children. Accommodation in a single or twin room, the free choice of doctor (how about the Chief Physician treatment) or also the rooming-in can be covered with a supplementary health insurance. When selecting the appropriate children supplementary health insurance parents should consult precisely, because it several Performance differences in the insurance terms and conditions which are different providers. Is important in addition to the accommodation in a single or twin room and the free choice of doctor for example that the insurer also for upstream and to stationary studies comes up, that the coverage of the subsistence of the rules relating to fees is possible, that condition in accordance with the ordinary right of termination the insurer is omitted and that the rate for the cost of a parent as a companion to the hospital comes up (rooming-in”).

Just at the point of rooming-in may occur with several insurers problems, if it is governed by the terms and conditions that the costs for the accommodation of the parent in the hospital are refunded in principle, but only if the parent itself has completed itself also a supplementary insurance with the same insurer. State of health of the child is of high importance. Parents should then apply for a supplementary insurance, if the child healthy an application to existing is, there Diseases or planned hospital treatment generally rejected. Recently Joeb Moore sought to clarify these questions. Who waits with a degree, a treatment which can contract any more. Very good supplementary health insurance for children need to be expensive. A collective combination of hospital insurance, costs of treatment by health practitioners, glasses and dental services available at individual providers already for around eight euros monthly fee per child.

Press contact Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal phone: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Bogdan Kalid image source: Jaimie Duplass – fotolia.com about Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany) the Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH operates as an independent insurance broker. The company based in Wuppertal has written himself a high-quality advice on the flags and sets on a sustainable, social and ecological Business policy. This cooperates the Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH with over 100 different insurance companies. Customers are mainly via the Internet, by telephone or by mail care – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. One of the focuses of the consultancy is in the range of cover biometric risks (disability, infirmity or disease). The strength of the company Bergische Assekuranzmakler GmbH is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups. With an individual analysis and use state of the art comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.

Watch Riester Pension – Changing Pitfalls!

The insurance market is booming this can be costly for the individual quickly the Riester pension as most popular private pensions is booming like never before. However, some things more under the microscope should be taken prior to the conclusion of a contract. Just because interest rates and yield should first compare are: interest rates should be considered. Because some providers pay interest on the capital with 2, other 5 percent per anno. The rate of return should be checked regularly.

Ask the insurer how much is the interest rate of return in the payout phase. Also amounts bear interest at this stage. Others including U.S. Mint, offer their opinions as well. The effect of compound interest should be noted during the deposit period. These are important for the formation of capital and differ from vendor to vendor. Cancel: Before it announces the Riester contract with a notice period of 3 months to the end of the quarter, the new Riester Treaty should be completed. Because payment of the Riester old Treaty (on its own account) all received bonuses and granted tax benefits to pay back. The change from one existing Riester product to another Riester product is usually linked to costs.

Is changed within the insurance, the change fee is usually less. For assistance, try visiting Marc Lasry. However, the conclusion of a new contract of Riester’s can again cost money, apart from Banksparplanen – commissions and issue premiums collected be can. The exchange fees are between 50 and 150 euros. If you would like to know more then you should visit U.S. Mint. The change for the Riester pension insurance can be costly, because the insurer must distribute the acquisition costs for the entire period on the first five years of the contract. This means that you should make a transition in the first years, and were not later, when fully charged to the acquisition costs. Who is the annual request of the allowances, can go over virtually this with a permanent allowance application. Changes in income, personal changes (divorce, etc) that are relevant to the calculation of the allowances, should enter however, this must be communicated the financial Office. The data, the applicant for the purpose of completing a Riester provides contract, delivered by the insurer where the Federal employees insurance allowance. They will then determine the amount of the claim. After that is a data exchange between the authorities of finance, registration authority, family Fund and pension insurance funds. The aim is to exclude this wrongly-related allowances. The conclusion of a Riester pension is not quite straightforward. Not only the combination of allowance and tax savings complicates it, but especially the multitude of investment opportunities (Pension Fund pension hybrid fund pensions, Fund savings, savings, savings,…). Therefore an independent and individual rente of Riester-is urgently recommended advice and pays off in the long run.

Individual Overnight Interest Rates Expected

Calculate your individual overnight interest rates. Now, any user of the website see tagesgeld.de Gets an individual day money comparison. The user can enter an amount in the comparison. The various levels of interest are automatically considered. If the consumer would like to create a total of 13,000 euros and pays the Bank but only up to 5,000 Euro 2% until a deposit is charged another bank up to 20,000 Euro 1.9%, the day money interest computer recognizes this. It the rate with the 1.9% is then of course you offered. Not the percent number is crucial, but that what produces the most revenue for the consumers, the bottom line. He lists not only the interest to the consumer, but thinks automatically for this.

Of course, taking into account all capital limits. The only thing the user must do is the input of the amount of his investment. This is done within a few seconds, so that nothing in the way the individual comparison. The entered data such as investment is not stored, so the user this can do without giving any personal data. At the moment, interest rates have with a bank account at 3.33% interest in Postbank. This is only recommended if the consumer plans to change his bank account completely. Receipt of money on the current account is essential to maintaining the very high overnight interest rates. Alternatively, the Bank offers a rate of 2.4% of Scotland.

This account is as pure day money to account and can be terminated at any time without any problems. In this account the annoying change of giro account however does not apply. Via compare tagesgeld.de online comparison website check almost every day all new interest rates on the money market since 2007. As one of the first sites with online day money individually goes a calculator on the wishes of the customer the page keeps up now the strong comparison. In addition to a detailed day money comparison can obtain also a landline comparison.

Private Health Insurance

Building blocks of collective and individual risks to influence the contributions that private health insurance is an insurance of the person and exclusively depend on personal factors and of the insured premises. This is the Countermodel to the statutory health insurance, where the decisive factor is the income. Private insurance, however, is determined by the individual risk of the insured person and the building blocks of his health insurance. Therefore, the financing problems of private health insurance are also much lower than in the legal, which hangs on the drip of economic development. Only the base rate of private health insurance companies are subject to contribution calculation conditions other than the traditional private health insurance. So the contribution of private health insurance the health insurance contribution will result in determined there of the personal factors of the insured, following influencing factors for the determination of the contribution are crucial. The age is in the first place. This determines the basic fee for the insurance.

The higher the age, the higher the contribution. Background is also a greater need for health services expected at a higher age. The sex shapes from the second part of the bonus. Sonia Gardner contains valuable tech resources. Because women have a higher life expectancy than men, the suspected power are taken into account through the ages in a higher premium. The State of health can precipitate in the post.

Who is however healthy, this point has no meaning. Sick, above all chronically ill or people with allergies have to with surcharges or expected in the worst case also insurance exclusions. The latter includes the insurance itself. Here the insured person decides which modules he wants to take additional or as more power in sick leave claims. So are the bonuses, for example, for single-bedded room in the hospital about the dorm. Retirement age provisions are important to also during the retirement – or pension contributions to keep stable.