Individual Overnight Interest Rates Expected

Calculate your individual overnight interest rates. Now, any user of the website see Gets an individual day money comparison. The user can enter an amount in the comparison. The various levels of interest are automatically considered. If the consumer would like to create a total of 13,000 euros and pays the Bank but only up to 5,000 Euro 2% until a deposit is charged another bank up to 20,000 Euro 1.9%, the day money interest computer recognizes this. It the rate with the 1.9% is then of course you offered. Not the percent number is crucial, but that what produces the most revenue for the consumers, the bottom line. He lists not only the interest to the consumer, but thinks automatically for this.

Of course, taking into account all capital limits. The only thing the user must do is the input of the amount of his investment. This is done within a few seconds, so that nothing in the way the individual comparison. The entered data such as investment is not stored, so the user this can do without giving any personal data. At the moment, interest rates have with a bank account at 3.33% interest in Postbank. This is only recommended if the consumer plans to change his bank account completely. Receipt of money on the current account is essential to maintaining the very high overnight interest rates. Alternatively, the Bank offers a rate of 2.4% of Scotland.

This account is as pure day money to account and can be terminated at any time without any problems. In this account the annoying change of giro account however does not apply. Via compare online comparison website check almost every day all new interest rates on the money market since 2007. As one of the first sites with online day money individually goes a calculator on the wishes of the customer the page keeps up now the strong comparison. In addition to a detailed day money comparison can obtain also a landline comparison.