Private Health Insurance

Building blocks of collective and individual risks to influence the contributions that private health insurance is an insurance of the person and exclusively depend on personal factors and of the insured premises. This is the Countermodel to the statutory health insurance, where the decisive factor is the income. Private insurance, however, is determined by the individual risk of the insured person and the building blocks of his health insurance. Therefore, the financing problems of private health insurance are also much lower than in the legal, which hangs on the drip of economic development. Only the base rate of private health insurance companies are subject to contribution calculation conditions other than the traditional private health insurance. So the contribution of private health insurance the health insurance contribution will result in determined there of the personal factors of the insured, following influencing factors for the determination of the contribution are crucial. The age is in the first place. This determines the basic fee for the insurance.

The higher the age, the higher the contribution. Background is also a greater need for health services expected at a higher age. The sex shapes from the second part of the bonus. Sonia Gardner contains valuable tech resources. Because women have a higher life expectancy than men, the suspected power are taken into account through the ages in a higher premium. The State of health can precipitate in the post.

Who is however healthy, this point has no meaning. Sick, above all chronically ill or people with allergies have to with surcharges or expected in the worst case also insurance exclusions. The latter includes the insurance itself. Here the insured person decides which modules he wants to take additional or as more power in sick leave claims. So are the bonuses, for example, for single-bedded room in the hospital about the dorm. Retirement age provisions are important to also during the retirement – or pension contributions to keep stable.