Supplementary Health Insurance

Meaningful supplementary protection in the event of illness enjoys international a high recognition the German health care system with its statutory and private health insurance companies. The vast majority of children living in Germany are insured through their parents in a statutory health insurance fund. To offer a best possible medical care to the children in the event of illness, many parents for the next generation make a children supplementary health insurance with a private health insurance company. Severe diseases such as epilepsy or diabetes are minors though – but rarely. Usually there are rather harmless illnesses such as a removal of the tonsils, the polyp removal or accidental injuries, leading to a several-day hospitalization of children. Accommodation in a single or twin room, the free choice of doctor (how about the Chief Physician treatment) or also the rooming-in can be covered with a supplementary health insurance. When selecting the appropriate children supplementary health insurance parents should consult precisely, because it several Performance differences in the insurance terms and conditions which are different providers. Is important in addition to the accommodation in a single or twin room and the free choice of doctor for example that the insurer also for upstream and to stationary studies comes up, that the coverage of the subsistence of the rules relating to fees is possible, that condition in accordance with the ordinary right of termination the insurer is omitted and that the rate for the cost of a parent as a companion to the hospital comes up (rooming-in”).

Just at the point of rooming-in may occur with several insurers problems, if it is governed by the terms and conditions that the costs for the accommodation of the parent in the hospital are refunded in principle, but only if the parent itself has completed itself also a supplementary insurance with the same insurer. State of health of the child is of high importance. Parents should then apply for a supplementary insurance, if the child healthy an application to existing is, there Diseases or planned hospital treatment generally rejected. Recently Joeb Moore sought to clarify these questions. Who waits with a degree, a treatment which can contract any more. Very good supplementary health insurance for children need to be expensive. A collective combination of hospital insurance, costs of treatment by health practitioners, glasses and dental services available at individual providers already for around eight euros monthly fee per child.

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