Maintainance Costs

In addition, they have huge maintenance costs of personnel, rental of premises, restrictions on investing money. All this reduces their profitability. If you have a lot of money, and you’re ready devote his time to invest, it is best to do it yourself, or with a professional that you trust and whose control. After all, a difference of 5% of income per year from 100 thousand rubles. can you not be interested, but if it is somewhat millions or tens of millions, the difference is significant. – Which stocks to buy? I can not advise specific enterprise. First we need to choose a strategy that is the criteria by which you buy shares, or refuse to buy them. Then the decision will come by themselves.

For example, the strategy is, “I buy shares of the company best worst industry”, or “I buy shares of blue chips in equal proportions, etc. If the strategy formulated, the choice is simple. Therefore the problem of stock selection is only to those who are not aware of its strategy. If so, you must select it, and continue to adhere to and improve. Another difference Self-purchase of shares of the mutual fund. In Pytheas for you not only pick stocks, but also distribute the money to buy dozens of shares. This is done to reduce the risk. If one, two, or even a few companies whose shares who bought mutual funds will become bankrupt, the losses would still be limited.

When you purchase shares must be very limited risks. The easiest way to do it – is to buy shares of several companies. Therefore, always buy shares of several companies, at least 3-4 species. And more common for mutual funds and stocks. Do not put money in mutual funds and stocks for short periods. These tools for doing so will not fit. If you want to save money on something 2-3 years, then the banks can not be beat. Investing in real estate. Of course the main drawback of investing in real estate for the novice investor that typically requires several times more funds than to invest in stocks. Of course when you use credit, and joint efforts of several people – this amount may be reduced, but nevertheless, it remains significant. Otherwise, in my opinion, some advantages.

Analyze Conditions

Who makes the purchase, how, when, etc..?) Social and cultural factors of our clients. Demographics public objective.

Economic conditions and geographical area of operation. Laws, regulations and policies that may affect our SMEs. No need to write a book but they must know the relevant facts, may have points that are most important and affecting less. Focusing on the first is fundamental. More than a small business or self has had a great product or service and then not have realized that it was a good time to take action or elected him shortly before a law changed the playing field. It is therefore important to consider any aspect “general” that may affect the company and analyze it, you might then not important but that little importance should be the result of a final analysis and not a prior intuition. 2.2 .- Analyze the conditions of competition: They have to look to SMEs or self competitors, their products, financial resources, strengths and weaknesses, strategy, etc. If necessary, go to see them, to see how they work, to write down everything that seems good and everything seems negative, there may be aspects of the first to include in your business and others in the seconds that you want to avoid at all costs.

Promoting Online Businesses

Also, resist the urge to fill your list with promotional emails every single week. Emails with free valuable information that you send should outnumber the full promotional messages. If not, your subscribers will opt out of your list in droves. Finally, be sure to include a message with your privacy rights policy in the form that is within your site. This reassures people because you respects your privacy and will not share your personal information with anyone else, under any circumstances. So be sure to adhere to this policy of privacy! Remember, the list is the first experience customers have with your business future. So you have to ensure that this experience is positive.

Rule No. 2: Get customizing with your subscribers. People want to deal with PEOPLE, not companies. So you do not want your emails look official or ads that sound like a corporation. To get in touch with your subscribers, your emails should be written in a casual and conversational tone.

Write as if you were talking to a good friend. Let your personality shine through these messages. If you are a comic, use humor in their emails. (Without being offensive, obviously.) If you speak with an accent, let that accent shine through your writing. Include any features that could identify you. This will help your subscribers feel that they know him. This is a great way to encourage them to buy him something to you! Finally, the order to hammer home is that your emails are coming from a real person — as opposed to an organization – make sure that the management of all emails signed your name.

Surviving the Recession

Analysts say that the recession will continue to lead after a stage of economic depression. In a statement, the Istat confirmed the estimate of economic developments announced last November 14 for the third quarter 2008: down 0.9% on-year and 0.5% of GDP compared to the second quarter of 2008. Of Thus, Italy accumulates two consecutive quarters of GDP decline in the year, as in the second fell 0.4% over the same period in 2007, to meet government requirements that define the downturn in the economy. This situation is not lived for fifteen years, when there were six consecutive quarters of declines between 1992 and 1993. The fall in GDP between the third and second quarters of 2008 is the worst record in the Italian economy since 1998. This situation is not lived for fifteen years, when there were six quarters is added, the Italian Statistical Institute, often accused of spin doctors of data by consumer associations, also gave a very negative data.

Industrial production dropped sharply by 6.7% in October over the same month in 2007. But the central business Postindustrial warned that the collapse came in November to 11.2% in the period of 12 months. The automotive sector slowed precipitously by 34.3% compared with October of a years ago. Falling inflation and oil prices have supported consumption in which some are already calling “Last Christmas” because the more pessimistic forecasts show that since January 1 hard economic winter will be colder winter climate in Europe begins 21 December. The steady increase in unemployment, which could exceed 8% in 2009, have a negative impact on consumption.

What Do You Want to Know About Commodities?

We have all heard this term ‘commodities’ but what does it mean, and how do we trade them? Its not very difficult to explain what commodities are. In easy language commodities are the raw materials which people use to create the world around us in which we live. Understanding that concept we can then divide commodities into three main types, energy, metals, and agricultural products; the energy allows people to sustain themselves; the metals allow us to build tools and weapons; and of course the agricultural products are what we eat. These three items are the main components of today’s global economy.

Commodities must meet the following three criteria:

  • Commodities must be tradable. In other words, there has to be a real investment vehicle established to allow it to be traded. This can mean either a futures contract assigned to it on a major exchange, or a company processes it, or there exists an ETF which keeps track of it.
  • Commodities need to be deliverable.  If you wanted to, you could take possession of it. Like a bushel of tomatoes or a barrel of oil.
    • There is a busy market which keeps the commodities liquid. Many buyers and sellers allow investors to jump and out of the market in commodities with ease.