What Are Clone Golf Clubs ?

This question is heard again and again and even experienced golfers do not always know what it means. Since not everyone is familiar with this term zweifelos, we want to offer you below a brief overview: Clone-bats, also called "Clones", shall be of high quality "copies" of original golf clubs known brands at a significantly reduced price. In the U.S., Clone-bats are already a growing market segment. Decide for the golfer who is interested in a clone-Schager that in the production of a clone-club heads is used with the brand rackets similar design. Also, the same materials used (eg titanium, steel 431er, 1025er carbon steel) and the manufacturing procedures that are used.

The shafts and handles are made of the same quality manufacturers who supply the brand companies (such as UST Proforce Shafts, Grips WINN). Clone golf clubs are not cheap copies of original products, as one of the luxury consumer goods knows. Rather, clone club products that have a similar design and have the same or similar production and material quality. Many golfers are worried about it, play through of "clones" to make possible prosecution. Never be violated by the production of clone-bats patent or trademark rights of the original products. Therefore, the clone clubs are completely legal. You can play this golf club absolutely clear conscience. Why Clone-bats are so cheap? The most interesting question of why bats are so cheap clone, is easily answered: Up to 60% of the manufacturing byproduct of the brand companies for advertising, sponsorship and an intermediary. These costs are not in clone Schagern. The omission of these costs for Clone-bat leading to retail prices that are 40-70% lower than the comparable original bat.