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How can personally promote a site and how hard it is? In this article I want to describe in detail the possible steps and stages in the complex activities required to ensure that your resource to make popular. Of course, it's easier simple we could use contextual ads and your site would be known already to the next day or even earlier. No I want to tell other, more laborious method that requires a certain contribution (Mental and maybe financial) to develop your site. After all, if you created a website to zarabytyvat through advertising, then the last way to unleash it for you, the only relevant and appropriate solution. Stages on site promotion 1.

You can start submitting your site to directories using 1ps (). This will allow faster your site get indexed by search engines that your site will be installed outside the direct links. In addition, so you can promote a site on nizkokonkurentnym request, or, as they say, bring in the top search engines. 2. If not so long ago (last year) after registration in the catalogs can be to exchange Links to Related resources, it is now such an approach is not effective. In addition, it now can be called gray method of site promotion. And then, the vast majority of webmasters agree to exchange with non- sites, ie imyuschimi nonzero indices tic and pr. If earlier by recording in the catalog can be obtained tic = 200, now it can achieve at best tic = 50, and then six months later.