Web Directory

A web positioning service should ideally offer the benefit of updating, if possible, weekly. 6. Measurement, Analysis and Reporting. Measurement is fundamental to good positioning service. Each month the company that offers that service will analyze your website and the results achieved in these past 30 days. If your site has fallen positions, normal if you're not constantly optimize, you must take steps to improve or, if necessary, change the positioning strategy to achieve the best places to relocate in search engines. Each end of the month will send a report indicating the current status of your website and pages are positioned and what are the key phrases that are reaching the top positions in search engines.

You should also send an accurate record of the number of visits you are receiving from each of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc), and what are the key phrases that you are getting better results, thus improving positions in these position and go to some other phrases that may not even imagined that could be also giving good results. 7. Incoming Links. This is key to a good positioning in Google. Therefore, invest time in finding good sites that we link, may be decisive to occupy the top positions in Google. The company, which contrasts the positioning service must constantly work on adding new inbound links every month, because that way Google understands that your site is gaining popularity and give greater importance in positioning. If those links come from sites related to your niche, Google will have greater importance. The same if they come from pages with high PR and have few outbound links that are next to yours.

8. Link Exchange. Is to put a link from site A to site B, and one from site B to site A. This is a good way to get incoming links (or external links. An ideal positioning service "negotiate" with other webmasters link exchange schemes between the two sites. This will benefit both, which should not be difficult to obtain. A This report should receive the monthly report sent to you. 9. A Web Directory on your site. Having a website directory will give you the advantage of more easily get inbound links. This is because you could ask everyone who enters place in your home directory to put a link to your website. Many will, and you'll benefit from it. In addition, you have a site with many more pages and more content. It is therefore an interesting option if present in plans for web positioning service.