All of us in this life want to be financially free, to buy whatever he wants and not look at the prices in shops. All we want to have a luxury home, a decent car, relaxing on the best resorts give kids a decent education, etc. The Wish List is endless. But it is not always our desire to coincide with our opportunities. Many of us are wondering: "Will I be able to hang on to paycheck? Buy or not to buy any expensive thing? At that and go on holiday this year? Where to get money to train the child to school? ".

Sound familiar? But, in fact, there are people whom these issues are absolutely not concerned. And not because they do not have these problems. Just for they do not view the problem. I'm not talking about those who made his fortune in any illegal way, received an inheritance, win the lottery, etc. We are talking about ordinary people like you and me. These people are successful because that we could understand something important, something we can not understand. They were able to answer the question: "What prevents me to become rich?" Unfortunately, I can not give you a specific recipe for wealth, since this recipe does not exist in nature. I I can only point out the reasons that many of us to prevent the start to provide yourself and your loved ones a decent future. This is the reason – the stereotypes ingrained in our consciousness.