Debt Collection

Debt collection in Israel – Department of trial performance ('le otsaa Poalei') After the endless litigation and a final decision, the Court delegates to the bailiff ('le otsaa Poalei'). This service designed to help the lender to recover their money. In this article we give some recommendations on how to behave in the stage of execution, to make the paper a solution to real money in your account. In the first all we should find out the debtor's personal information: address, id number ('Certificates with you'), place of employment and other data. If the debtor is a legal entity, then the judicial authorities may face execution the following problem: the company has already closed or the account debtor is not money. Then, even with their hands on the court decision, the creditors can not get any compensation. Next, the lender sends a warning to the debtor, of the case to trial execution.

The debtor must sign, and after a short period, up to 20 days of receipt, pursuant to a court uses its leverage. The debtor may win some time if you will submit a request to verify its solvency ('hakirat yaholet'). If the debtor is an individual, then the sword of Damocles bailiff will prevent him from living, and will serve as the impetus for early payment of debt. However, professional debtor, the opening of another case in the department of judicial execution is not a hindrance. In such cases, follow such a procedure execution, as the arrest. Creditor files a request for the arrest, appends data to the debtor of the Interior ('sheilta'), and after consideration of all the documents head of the judicial performance can make a decision about the arrest. Another effective measure is the seizure of bank accounts wages, money in mutual funds, insurance companies, etc. This proactive procedure, if there are concerns that the debtor tries to hide in possession of the property.

As a rule, the creditor himself points out in the request that it is he wants to 'freeze': bank account, pension plan or something else. You can also apply the procedure of arrest in respect of credit cards, vehicles, licenses and other documents. Given above, one can make a definite conclusion: before turning to judicial execution in Israel, it is necessary to develop the most appropriate and affordable strategies for conducting business. Such a strategy should take into account all the circumstances that, in the shortest possible time and in the greatest amount of a debt from the debtor or from third parties, acting in its interest. To do this, preferably at the initial stage of appeal to the experienced expert in the field of debt collection.