Use PowerPoint

As far as the situation is right for you to practice? If you expressed a wish to hold classes in your home and tutor agree on this, the situation will of course depend to you. But if you are traveling to the tutor, then pay attention to the placement of chairs, tables and other environments. Do all comfortable? If you could hardly sit through the first hour, then so are you ready to hatch in a few hours week for six months? Remember, everything should be directed to help you focus on the subject. If classes are held in the kitchen, boiled cabbage rolls, or in children's room on the couch, which "miraculously" place your knees on a level with your neck, then maybe it's not the best option to conduct lessons. Whether the use of new technologies? Today, this factor also should not ignore. Easy to Use PowerPoint can make learning new words and grammar in a more interesting and illustrative task. Using CDs as much easier job, because there is no need to constantly rewinding the traditional cluster tapes and find the right place to listen to. Private entrepreneur? Is registered as a teacher of a private entrepreneur? Here, of course, may have different answers, and they can be fully understood and justified.

But if the answer is – "no" because, tutoring – extra income, then the natural question arises: what the teacher devotes its attention? If teaching English is not is a priority, you probably should not expect a high level of interest of the teacher. Oh, and if not registered, how can you be sure of the duration and long-term this activity? Is there a contract? The presence or absence of an agreement may indicate the seriousness or, conversely, negligent teachers not only for their time and finances, but time and finances of their students. The risk here is more than evident. Especially, if student pays for lessons in advance. The Treaty aims to link the two sides to fulfill certain obligations to meet specific learning goals. Carefully read the contract, ask questions in respect of all aspects that you do not understand or with which you disagree. It is better to specify the beginning than to solve problematic situations in teaching. In conclusion If you can get a trial lesson, be sure to do it.

Even if the it will have to pay. It is better to go without $ 10 than the entire course to suffer in agony waiting for its completion. The first impression is the strongest note of the fact that you feel. After the first hour already, you can determine: the relationship of man to the subject and to you personally. Try to set at least two – three questions. Look at how they will meet the teacher. The main thing here to see what and how he responds. And although much will remain yet "for" a lesson, feel professionalism, commitment to you as a student, a serious attitude to the subject matter you can. Perhaps your decision will be subjective or even more emotional than rational. However, try to energize or determine our feelings and intuition matters set forth above. Suppose they have a good rational foundation.