Finance Department

In addition, he is the scaffold ‘ for the constant growth of a company because it through regular adjustments and additions to the market and resulting changed and changing goals and activities covers. On the basis of the analyses conducted for this planning of market potential, customers and competitors, including v. m., potential customers and distribution channels are defined and taken. With each of these distribution channels, the sales targets are defined reasonably from the outset and discussed their achievement, set and then controlled. From a company receives many indications as the Distributor works, whether other partners are necessary to cover the intended market segment, or whether if necessary. additional support for the selected partner is required. In the course of a period of 1 3 years can so be assessed, which other potential customers because the Potential is surely greater than previously achieved with what sales arguments, which technology, what customer care measures, etc., in all likelihood to reach the following year are depending on the distribution channel /-partners. This statement is again the opportunity to discuss the Distributor new goals for the next year and to agree in a whole marketing plan/revenue perspective of the company XYZ’ for the year ‘ summarized and an attachment to the marketing plan.

Results in a prospective income plan’ for the year now, it is left to assess the likelihood of achieving this plan on the basis of the successes of the past and taking into account new marketing measures or to decide how budgets have to look, to achieve the appropriate destination per representative/country/market segment, or similar, each company. From these previously planned revenue and income, then more plans are derivable as they for the Finance Department, production, human resources, necessary, etc. Success is so predictable and also Bank talks should be covered in the future easier with such documents. On the subject of matching items: Financial times Germany from the 17 9 2007 rendezvous of top managers ‘ of the strategists of the year 2007’ presents. These emphasise all that a good marketing strategy and objectives for them is the A and O’Neil of the success – of the gut feeling in words ‘ up to detailed analysis, never but only one of them. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant – deals with strategic marketing for more than 35 years. By the Organization, the planning and marketing of the various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents…

The resulting knowledge and experience he offers its global customers and making them into marketing and sales successfully er – in particular SMEs. He also offers practical support, coaching or business seminars. Michael Richter- International marketing and sales consultant 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing = = country experiences Tel. 07582-933371, fax 07582-933372