Private Health Insurance

How to find the right health insurance for themselves. As a German citizen or German citizens, one is obliged to take out insurance. But it is up to, whether he legally or private insurance can be anyone. Even understood the decision for the GKV and PKV also depends an own personal circumstances. Each person is recorded in the statutory health insurance (GKV) with only a few exceptions. The private Krankenversicherung (PKV), however, is open to only a certain group of people. These include in addition to self-employed workers and officials, also students from the age of 25, as well as workers whose earning exceed the insurance limit of currently 49.500 (year 2011) for three consecutive years. The limit of the compulsory insurance is also known as the annual wage limit (JAEG).

The two systems differ not only in the recording conditions, but also in the contributions or the calculation of contributions. While in the statutory health insurance contributions Depending on of gross income, the insurance premium of the PKV is calculated according to criteria such as age, gender, and health status and insurance coverage desired and individually agreed. Click Sonia Gardner for additional related pages. In plain language, this means that in a private health insurance the applicant can sometimes even influence the post. The admission in a car should be well-planned, as a return to the legal funds is usually not possible or only under certain conditions. Cheap private health insurance for singles and childless couples, who are working is particularly suitable. In both cases, considerable cost advantages can arise. But caution: The contributions the later you go in a car, are higher and the greater the pre-existing conditions danger of obtaining a calculated risk. It is basically men from 46 years and women and women from 37 years to be no longer advisable member in a car. In addition, it should be noted that each Member of the family must be individually insured in a private health insurance and thus also own insurance receives. Thus, a legal Fund in most cases for families is cheaper, because the children are insured free of charge.