Not everyone is open to the door to the private KV. For self-employed professionals, freelancers or freelance, you can fully say that they privately can hedge in health insurance. Also for officials, judges, members of Parliament and even students applies. Unfortunately, so far but not all workers in the car are allowed. But the conditions have simplified here somewhat: If your gross income exceeds the limit of 49500 euro in the last 12 months, you are among those who may submit an application.

The final hurdle is only”, to be adopted by a private. This is not so obvious, especially if you have severe or chronic diseases, which forecast high medical costs in the long term. People with mental health problems and of Pretreatments are sometimes rejected. That is to be condemned morally, but conceal we want you here or why not just. Not but please come to the idea to the final Application to omit the one or other infirmity generously.

That could be you later on the feet. How to find the best private health insurance? First you have to say at this point, so lump sum doesn’t exist is the best car. So to formulate the question: which is the best private medical insurance for your specific case? It is always an important role, as your state of health is, how old you are, whether you are a man or a woman and which services and which services you specifically expect. Some would necessarily a personal contact person nearby, others are satisfied with telephone or mail contact. It is also no secret more: who would like to get favored treatment and less waiting at the doctor’s Office, is exactly right unfortunately at the car, it must be said on behalf of the legally insured. But we describe here only the current state. As a small preliminary orientation was ever tell you at this point, that you usually between three Choose service packages.