Russian Marketing

How many times have you had this: Have you seen an ad and you have a question, the answer to that is decided for you, buy it or not? Do you spend extra time on it to write a letter on this issue entrepreneur? If yes, then you have enough patience to wait for a response, or if you went to the competitor’s site and buy there? You can see how really important to answer all the questions potential buyers before they have them appear? What do you do for this? First and foremost, you must submit himself to the place of your potential buyers. Read your marketing text – no matter what questions you asked if you were the buyer? Can I make payment by? Do I deliver the goods within 3 days? Is there a warranty on the product? For best results, ask your friends or your family members to read your marketing text. Ask them if they have any questions about it. Remember all the questions your customers that you have already received. Maybe you responded to them every client individually, but do not they will have your future clients? If yes, then answer them directly in your marketing text.

If You do not want too much to overload your commercial site, you can create a page of frequently asked questions and put the link to it. And there will always be questions that you did not answer. You must provide your potential buyers and easiest way to contact you. This may be a telephone, fax, email, instant messaging, etc. Suggest clock customer service.

If you can not afford it, tell your customers that you answer their questions as quickly as possible or within a reasonable time. In consequence of the track all the questions and supplement the answers to their own marketing text or update our FAQ page. Just from that and can make the difference on your sales and sales of your competitors. ————– Larry Dotson. F

Soviet Economy

The ongoing situation, which is reeling virtually the entire international community in recent years, each leads to the conclusion that you need to do something. As always – "I want to believe in the best of a bad self-will," as the saying goes. Society was divided into groups, one took the expectant stance, explaining that the reason to do something better to quietly sit quietly in the shade and see what it will end. Others are looking desperately for a way to get out of this situation, looking for new ways and new opportunities. Some are, some do not. Still others seek to blame the situation, and they have their views on the matter.

Part blames America, not unreasonably. "If we had not looked at it, and went his own way, it just did not happen" – they say. Although all forget that a world in which we live now, which is closely linked economic ties, and they are so strong that a small economy "boil" in a particular state, a fleeting impact on the whole body of planetary economy. It's like a chain, where if one link falls, it loses its integrity. And whether it is not America, and what some other country with a strong economy, the same thing happened. Inflated mortgage and speculative stock market bubble in America could not stand it and burst, before he pour all your content all. So it is not necessary forget that the last time America is very boldly led his policy with respect to the world, especially the former Soviet space.

The Decision

In the case where the growth of capital provided by the property company, a body whose task – the registration of legal entities, filed a statement on the changes intended for registration, which must be made to the charter of the organization. Statement signed by a person who operates as a sole executive body of the organization. In applications filed Registration appropriate adjustments shall be shown as follows. The decision to change its charter capital increase at the expense of personal property are accepted only on receipt of results voting members' meeting, provided that during that voted for at least two thirds of the total number of participants who took part in the vote. In some cases, the decision may take longer number of the votes, but these cases are necessarily specified in the charter. For the expected decision to change the charter capital increase at the expense of its property as a basis considered financial statements for the previous year proposed changes.

Another requirement of the possibility of such an increase: the amount that is the completion of the share capital due to organization's property, the inability to exceed the difference between the net asset value and total value of the share capital and reserve fund of a limited opportunity. Application for state registration changes, imported into the statute, among other documents filed with the registering authority within one month after the decision on such changes of the authorized capital of the organization due to its property. Since time as the organization's charter has been changed and it fixed the state registering body, these changes will take effect officially for third parties.

Subscription Site

With the help of text and graphics The section should provide a description of your products and services that demonstrate what benefits can derive from them the client; news. This section contains information about the company news, updated assortment of goods and services form Subscription to the newsletter and t.p.Nazvanie site. Now that questions about the purpose and structure of the site you have successfully solved, it's time to entitle your child, he thought up for the start of any experimental name. Of course, you can assign a site you already have a name – the name of the company, for example. But there may be neuvyazochka – a goal that you want to achieve with the site, may be narrower or wider than the one pursue your company, and a similar difference in your favor would not. In this case you need to get a new name, but remember: it should be crisp, clear, sonorous, short and memorable.

4. Provide feedback communication. You need to stay in constant contact with his visitors – especially with prospects and customers. E-mail use here does not escape, but there are tools that extend its opportunities and delivered to your inbox necessary information in finished form (guestbooks, requests for information, order forms, secure server) 5. Promotion and advertising of the site. In order for potential customers know about your site, you need to report it, and you can do it yourself, or, again, to entrust the work of professionals. – Search engines.

Despite their numbers, really popular and visited search engines on the web quite a bit (according to my data, at least a dozen). You need to register the home page in each of them – by issuing press releases. Write a quality press release and send it News Service, specializing in the area of your business;-hosted site address on the documentation. When the exchange of information, documents, correspondence, etc. should always specify the address of its site with an explanation that it contains all the necessary information about you, your business, your products and services. A few words about the cost of designing, building your own business website. Of course, from a financial point of view, to do everything yourself will be much cheaper, but it should be borne in mind that your time can be much more expensive. Moreover, experience shows that if you do everything yourself, you must have sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as to have at hand all the necessary tools in the first place – the software. Recently, the market of Internet technology was a new product – a website builder for small and medium business "Roslayner. Roslayner "has everything you need to make your website effective information and advertising medium. Make a statement in full, increase sales, sent money to his company. Large companies have already did it. Now your turn. Details on the website:

Euro Exchange Rate

In connection with the monetary crisis in a given period of walks in the EU freely convertible currency may be forthcoming tests for resistance. The depreciation of the currency united Western Europe almost to equality with the U.S. currency – that is what brought up questions of eastern Europe and the wrong line of policy authorities. At this period the forecast exchange rate is not able to have a balance of what the hard currency to buy and which contain deposits – such an element causes the experience of many. Euro, which is introduced only ten years old with small and could not provide a decent share of the competition the U.S. dollar. American dollar now may well find back the old respectable place.

Derail the price of the currency difficulties threaten the EU's closest countries from eastern Europe and not very confident the event of European economic and monetary authorities. Highly frustrating to date the euro today. The beginning of this year, significantly weakened the state of wells connected to Western Europe. Expectations of worsening financial crisis in the eastern part of Europe could contribute to the fall of the euro during the previous calendar month. And even earlier, things are different.

By the end of last year, predicted the U.S. dollar is not a good alignment. Analysts have no doubt predicted that the end of 2009 the dollar will fall significantly. State Reserve System of the United States dropped the price to almost the minimum, so making money almost Freestuff. The main population of all the republics worried that indicates the dollar today. United Europe at that time did not have the possibility to reach a consensus as to save someone, and begins to show signs of collapse. European chief Bank, fearing higher inflation, not quite quickly reduces the cost of finance, which is not enough financial system. Meanwhile, concern about the level of the economic structure of this sector is growing daily. The efforts of the head United States, Barack Obama and his administration's exit from the banking crisis, analysts are positive note, and tipped to increase the U.S. dollar. Head of foreign exchange activities, said that the Obama Administration taking measures more seriously than other governments, and it strengthens the power of the U.S. dollar. In what direction will move the event to come – until then unknown, and only get a chance every day follow the headlines, in the expectation that no significant change could not occur.

Marketing Clients

Customer loyalty in the financial market should probably start with one particular observation of customer service one of the capital of commercial banks made by the author in the process of relationship with him. The history of these relationship dates back several years, during which the author was 'diligent' borrowers, consistently concluding 5 credit agreements for the purchase of three vehicles and construction of a country house. Total loans exceeded $ 500,000, and the credit history was impeccable in terms of contractual terms. It would seem that such client – a sample of loyalty and reliability as an example of a client basis kernel bank, and a relationship with him should be permanently maintained and developed. After all, nothing is clouded relations client and the bank that nothing harmed loyalty.

And loyalty would not be a limit, whether the bank a little more attentive and sagacious. It so happened that the client was owner and manager of business a year earlier to explore the bank. Accordingly, his company has serviced and maintained in a different, less convenient, but the usual bank, where the accumulated reputation and showed turnover. And when it is time to apply for a loan for business development, client stated this intention in both familiar bank. It is clear that the company faster and easier to get funding in the bank, which was familiar. A bank watching impeccable credit reputation of the borrower's half a million dollars, so buried in rules and procedures that did not see into loyal customers and his company the same flawless face.

Ukraine’s Economy

Stock market of Ukraine is in a rather interesting condition, causing conflicting opinions from experts. On the one hand, there was some recovery (of a significant yet not speak) trades, and with international investors. On the other hand, the economy does not experience from this lively little or no impact. Experts attribute this (this surprising fact with a high degree of presence of Russians, who actually has control over the stock market of Ukraine, at least 50%. Anyway, the main shopping area. In the area of their interests are precious metals and the banks themselves ("Alfa Capital", "Renaissance Capital"). Talk about withdrawal of the Ukrainian stock market to pre-crisis level yet not that early, and unacceptable. Especially because many analysts predicted the economy of Ukraine the next three years could experience a yet another wave of crisis.

So it will most likely difficult for the Ukrainian people years. Traditionally, in times of crisis people tend to invest their savings in these assets, which do not lose their value in times of crisis, or at least, very quickly to restore it. Has not yet come up with better means to do so than precious metals. Although gold is not as liquidity as the currency of leading countries, investment in it are far less risky. Except investors who invest their funds with the purpose of earnings, a significant portion of Ukraine's population tends to accumulate small amounts of money, with the least possible losses from inflation. Traditionally, most common means for this were bank deposits.

To date, we can confidently say that the increase in deposit portfolio – a reality in the vast majority of commercial banks. Population actively carries the banking institutions on their savings to place a deposit. Clearly shows that the national currency is gaining increasing confidence in our people, – deposits in dollars or euros is about three times less. Now people prefer to invest in long-term deposit, the more so because short-term profitability is decreasing. Yes, and stabilization of the market in general and strong national currency in particular in respects this. But to take the credit for so many people in our country for quite a long time will not be easy. While many commercial banks are now much lower interest rates, the conditions for the loan still too rigid for most of our population. While consumer credit and use credit cards again actively gaining momentum. It should be noted that there is still the most active players Financial markets remain state-owned banks from the major commercial, ie banks, whose level is high enough. It is in them, and sent most people to open a deposit or a loan.

Soviet Russia

But here on the mathematics of problems begin: 4 vs. 5 or more – not to her teeth. Further differences in the number of fish determines only at a ratio of 1:2. In this regard, the Italian scientists suggested that the counting of meet two separate ‘mechanism’: one can count to four, and another – to compare numbers bigger. Feast of the week: The International Bird Day on April 1, Russians, along with other inhabitants of our planet have noted a very important ecological holiday – International Day for the birds.

International Bird Day is held annually in the framework of the unesco ‘Man and Biosphere’. April 1, 1906 was signed The International Convention for the Protection of Birds. Bird Day is the ‘old’ environmental holiday calendar – Soviet Russia to the International Convention for the Protection of Birds has joined in 1927. Russia has long been on the people rejoiced the return of migratory birds since arriving from wintering birds meant the beginning of spring, the awakening of nature after the long Russian winter. Many customs associated with the arrivals of birds – in the homes of baked ‘larks’ dough, singing special Song-, were making birdhouses and other ‘birdhouse’. On Earth there are about 9,600 species of birds – including the territory of Russia noted 789 species of birds, of which 657 species nest. The Red Book of the Russian Federation recorded 128 taxa of birds. Every year since 1996, Russia’s largest organization for the conservation of species diversity and abundance of wild birds – Russian Bird Conservation Union, is chosen bird of the year.

Last year, the bird was a bullfinch. Bird of the Year 2009 – a swan. Photofact week: How did the ‘Earth Hour’ already talked about how the world was the most massive action in the history of mankind, aimed at attracting global attention to the problem global climate change – ‘Earth Hour’. About how the planet was plunged into darkness for an hour – in photofact ‘Earth Hour’: Planet of the hour was plunged into darkness. ps By the way, the authorities in New Delhi decided to make environmental action ‘Earth Hour’, in where people turn off electricity for an hour, monthly. During the international event ‘Earth Hour’ – 2009 citizens actively involved in the past last week’s international action, and the city managed to save one hour 10 000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Such a way as to become the first city of Delhi, who will conduct ‘Earth Hour’ on a regular basis. The action will begin at 20.30 on the last working day of each month

Business Layoffs

2009 marked the beginning of massive layoffs of employees. Alas, sometimes that happens. Downsizing, reorganization, just disagreement with his superiors, and you were "on the street." Often the information about the dismissal or reduction is for a person as a complete surprise, for a long time introducing him to a state of stupor, confusion, or even depression. Remember: not all is lost. And it may very well be that it is now before you open new perspectives from which the breath away.

If, nevertheless, a job loss hit hard on you, you must learn to deal with the psychological consequences of dismissal. Let's talk more about them. Frustrating. It is not necessary big deal. Do all of your professional experience negate one single layoff? Do not you just lucky, because people are not omnipotent. It is foolish to assume that you can be walking perfection and never make mistakes.

Passivity and helplessness. Do not give up without a fight! Immediately identify the few acceptable ways to find work. And begin to act. Consult with friends, go to agencies. Remember the phrase: "It's useless." Meaningless activity. Your actions should be consistent. No need to "jump" from side to side. Make a clear plan for the day and stick to it. Set a good and realistic goals and make ourselves hard to achieve. Pessimism and hopelessness. Cease to sort out past mistakes. There was nothing to change. But in the future it is possible to influence. Depart from the usual stereotypes, learn new things.

Diamond Jewelry

Determine the value of a diamond is determined using the four "C" The value of a diamond determines its quality characteristics. The most important quality characteristics for a diamond: Purity (Clarity) are, cut (Cut), weight (cut) and color (Color). This is known as the "4-C" of a diamond, because of the "C" 's in the English translation of the quality characteristics. Cut – Cut Fine sanding and polishing to give the diamond the brilliance and splendor for which he is known. Minimal errors will be punished with large, permanent loss of value. It is not only the form itself, but also the proportion of the section decisive. The sander has only one chance. Errors will be immediately punished.

Correct size of the cut are of the utmost importance and must be made carefully. The brilliant cut is probably the best known feature of all diamond cuts and the diamond must have at least 58 facets. The light is reflected from one facet to the next, and broken a few times, so it at the end the viewer entgegenblitzt. Weight – Carat The weight of the diamonds are weighed in carats. One carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams, the value of a diamond decide on the weight. A Dreikarater so ct diamond with a 3.0. is significantly less than one carat ct 1.0.

The bigger, heavier the diamond the more expensive. The price does not increase linearly but exponentially. Small example. A diamond – flawless – EF – Top Finish with 1.0 ct. Costs about 10,000 a diamond with 2.0 ct. the same quality color contrast, even 40 000 – Color There are different shades of a diamond is colorless – D to yellow. Thereby the basis of internationally recognized series of stone used as a basis and compared with the color of the diamonds examined. The color of D (also colorless – River called) is the highest because "most colorless" Farbeinstufung. The scale ranges to Z color diamonds are called "fancy" colors, which include orange, green, pink, blue etc. Some Color Diamonds, also known as "Fancy Color diamonds get called at auction some top prizes. Purity – Clarity The number of inclusions, and their size and their positions determine the purity of the diamond. Here the stones are examined under a 10x magnifier. Displays a stone on any internal defects, he is known as Flawless (English Lupe Clean). Inclusions prevent an optimal light reflection – refraction. The guest with flawless is the highest award for diamond gems. This could even find experts no inclusions under 10x magnification.