About roses written hundreds of books and thousands of poems, as neither of the single flower in the world. It is not surprising, since the little flower which can be compared with a rose in its beauty and so gracious attitude among kings and nobles. Since the times of ancient India, when the Rose heard first, and to this day love and respect do not leave this wonderful flower. Striding across the world, rose, stupefy and captivates with its beauty and fragrance of the whole country, fall in love with a people. Appearing in the new countries rose that same hour in the palaces of kings was justified and the local nobility, became a luxury and an expensive gift.

Rose was and is more than a gift, a token of love and respect. Rose firmly woven into culture of many countries, and some, such as the Netherlands is an important article replenish the state budget. Rose also became a symbol of secret societies, companies, military divisions. The story began in her ancient India. No one knows how she came there, but it is known that rose in India enjoyed a well-deserved respect, was part of rituals, its flowers were in the residences of the nobility. Local kings were so fond of this flower in the gardens around their residences, along the tracks arranged grooves filled with water infused with roses, so that the scent would not leave them even on the street. On trading trails, along with Indian goods, textiles and jewelry, hearing about roses Came to China and Persia.

Analysis Sales

* Control: – Control Order to ensure the buyer of goods, including "goods in transit." – Monitoring the execution of sales plans by departments in charge persons, sales representatives, merchandise. – Monitoring the implementation of load scheduling and transmission of orders by customers. * Analysis: – Analysis of sales in the context of suppliers, customers, purchase orders, goods, retail units and responsible persons. – Comparative analysis of data on planned and actual sales. – Control of sales in any quantity – accrued meter (unit of packaging, weight, volume, displacement, fixed prices, etc.) in any product profiles (suppliers, accounting sections, departments, customers).

– Analysis of the proceeds of goods and their delivery in an arbitrary, determined by your sections and measuring devices, such as the types of buyers. * Planning: – Scheduling of shipments in volume and value terms, as the enterprise as a whole and by any commercial units (shops / departments). – Sales planning by groups of commodities, goods provider and the individual nomenklatura positions. – Formation and control plan for the export of goods. – Planning of revenue from sales, including for goods shipped on credit and the "full implementation". Budgeting and Profit losses from trading activities.

Specialized solutions of trade. Trade alcoholic beverages. * Accounting: – Maintain the attributes of alcoholic products, such as degrees, displacement, alcohol and statistical code, the excise tax codes EGAIS system. – Keeping "alcoholic" details of clients and their retail outlets, such as parameters of alcohol licenses, license type, attribute declarations unloading.

Wholesale Trade Internet

After the events at Cherkizovsky market in Moscow, the capital began an active redistribution of the market, "the capital of wholesale trade." Place for a market already appeared at least 5, and 3 more are under construction. In the first place to fame is many well-known market "Gardener", the second "Lublin", or as he was called by the people – "Lyublizon" more markets "Emirali" on the Moscow Ring Road, "Violet" and the market in Brateevo. What unites all these "points of wholesale"? The presence of the Chinese. Exactly This great nation is actively developing a wholesale market in Russia, and of Moscow in particular. As a consequence, these markets were pulled strings of buses and cars from all nearby, and not just our region, already obyatnoy, Homeland. Take a look at numbers and almost all auto country, except the most distant regions, appear before your eyes. Russian trade … Now, after a short introduction to small is an overview of what trading markets, who is a buyer, what price the group is represented at Who is it good.

The range of prices, buyers. Actually there is all … But still need the specifics, and the analysis will not hurt … "Gardener" – a huge area, many built pavilions. The main range of clothing and footwear. We will not go into details of what the market is presented to the fauna and flora, after all, called the market is not as' the Bird Market. " But the percentage is "By-product is low," so let's get to the enumeration of the basic positions. So, in addition to clothing and shoes, "Gardener" can be found fishing gear, and the range is represented very well. Hunting accessories too can be found not in the same hall or container. What else is there in the market? New products, it is clear that in the season.

Free Private Ads

With the advent of the Internet and the growth of its popularity, many companies have found a new source of advertising their products and services. Moreover, this source was much more efficiently in other types of advertising Sulu that advertising on the Internet is largely a 'targeted'. This means that, for far less money to the company selling goods or providing any services can promote their products by involving the target potential customers. If advertising on television or in magazines have seen without exception, the Internet advertising will be particularly interested in the only show it to prospective customers. In the Internet emerged a variety of services providing services to the advertising company.

All this of course costs money, but the Internet as a way to take advantage of free advertising – it's free classified ads board, on which Anyone can advertise for a period of weeks to several months. The role of the boards free classified ads may greatly underestimated, a bulletin board is an additional source of free targeted potential customers. The advantage of a free ad, it seems that whether a natural or legal person can not have its own site, the potential buyer will contact the seller directly from the free ad, in which contact details. You can also give advice to those who are selling something or buying, post free ads on the board is not a single ad, but a few. For example you sell a product, give some ads on the same level, so each ad reflects the essence of a single commodity. Remember that the main stream of visitors to the sites where you can place free ads is just a search engine and the more pages your ads will be in the search engines, the more targeted visitors you get. Imagine looking for information like your potential customer in search engines.

Try to title your ads fell into the words that he introduces in the search. Text ads free papers shall be provided as to its these keywords. If you are not sure what word to choose for your ads, use the free service matching words And lastly I would like to mention another interesting site is free classified ad, which is very well optimized and is made with the view to see your ad read as more people. Advertise on free classifieds Tudum very simple, it is enough to fill in all fields and submit an application to add the ad. Once your ad will be moderated, and will allowed for hits on the website, your ad will be accessible to search engines and soon it will see your potential customers.