The Corporative Governana

The companies today have greater easiness in negotiating its action in the stock market, facilitating its valuation in the market and making possible that a small investor can acquire the same ones. That concept where the company was only managed for the partners if undoes ahead of a globalizado scene, where the company can nor know its shareholders actually. In accordance with Esmeraldo (2010), in 2001 had a fact that it sped up the adoption of practical of Corporative Governana in the world, the financial scandals of great American companies as the Enron, that embezzled its financial demonstrations to hide the damages that it came having, making with that when discovered the frauds, many shareholders lost the investment of an entire life. This fact was of meeting with the ideals of the Governana, that is based on the principles of the transparency, independence and rendering of accounts (accountability) as half to attract investments for the organization. The Corporative Governana is a formula importantssima for the economic efficiency. It can be considered the crucial foundation that defines the objectives of company, as well as the way to reach them and still can fiscalize its performance.

The good corporative governana must stimulate the administration and the direction, so that the excessively integrant ones are contaminated by these good ones practise that they are being developed inside of the organizacional environment. Governana in Technology of the Information Today we can communicating in them with a infinity of people, exactly being very distant geographically. With the evolution of the telecommunications, the computers had taken a place of prominence in our lives, say that almost non-separable, if to compare them it years behind to me, where the same ones were grandeosas machines, that became possible automatization of some tasks in education institutions, search, great companies and some governmental bodies. According to Lunardi et al (2010) the Governana in YOU, properly said, involves the application of principles of Corporative Governana to direct and to control YOU of strategical form, being worried about the value that YOU it provides to the organization, the control and the reduction of the risks associates.