What is spirituality? Spirituality is the beyond of what is known, beyond what there is in the outside, spirituality is inside every human being, interior design or esotericism. Spirituality is a desire to connect with our spirit, that is by feel and get to our be inside deep deep. The human being generally follows a path, the path that leads him to play small, study of adolescent, working adult, marry and have children, have a home as best as possible, to have a good car, have money, finish work at a high age and retire, and so you can enjoy life until you reach the end, to physical death. A large percentage of people follows this path. This way, that it can be called the horizontal road or path of development of personality, has or can have through the Middle, joys, pleasure, misfortunes, disasters, deaths, sorrows, clearly has the book of destiny with which we come into this physical life, and is clear, in the end death has Physics. The spiritual path, the path to our interior, being able to draw vertical path, is the way to go alongside our soul, is the way we have to styling to climb in our level of being, is that way that can make us see and modify part of the horizontal way, part of our destiny in the physical life, is the way to happiness of the soul, it is the way that we have come to work here and now. The vertical way, is the way that impacts more than death because allows us to conquer everlasting life, but spiritual. It must be borne in mind that the two pathways, the horizontal and the vertical always are there so that we can make them, and obviously the horizontal all do it, since we are reading these lines, which makes us to be alive, but the vertical road, which is always there to take it do it? are we following it? Reading these lines you can be on the vertical path, everything will depend on the State with which we read.

If not let the horizontal way, never ever you can access the vertical, by This teacher said that, both roads are cross constantemtne in us. Because despite that both roads are here and now in every moment of our lives, it is not possible to walk along two paths simultaneously. Depending on our internal state we will be on one or another.For example, for awhile we can be in the vertical way because we are in a rigorous self-observation, but after a moment we can re-enter the horizontal way because we have identified, or simply we have forgotten ourselves. We are in a way or in another, depends only on the internal State, i.e. If we are located in the conscience or the ego. We can take that vertical path, this spiritual path, obviously without leaving never completely horizontal way, because they are both there to follow them. The important thing is to be aware and know that the vertical road there is and that decision is ours if we want it to take or not. A strong hug. Francesc.