International Business Master

The more we understand life, we experience its wonders. People with a limited life are very limited growth. They see things in black and white in the form of yes or no, and generally moves the fear or guilt. Let your understanding will grow and a more comprehensive and compassionate life. Louise Hay Brazil is undoubtedly a very representative power in economic, commercial, technology in the Latin American continent, leading no doubt of MERCOSUR, a good guarantee for the countries that comprise it.

Can not be ignored for all participants of the studies of international trade scope, implications which may be generated in relation to trade with him. In the case of the Chair of International Business Master's program Business Administration in markets, Area Faces Graduate of the University of Carabobo, is a mandatory topic of analysis, evaluation, accounting for an alliance with him Venezuela Its impact, benefits, scope, Hence, in the forums on this subject made by the chair, participants, practitioners, working in various companies in the region, outlined his perception, views on what represents the participation of Venezuela in the Brazilian market and what this can provide the country. On this occasion, we have selected a view of a student to invite the reader more time, with a thorough analysis and discussion of what all this represents in International Trade. We are fully aware that the tests are simple guidelines where each specific point that requires further development, this time it is not in space factors Thain Notes Diaz, who in recent years Brazil has become an attractive country Leg investment, for the fact that protectionist policies has generated a high pulse on the exit of goods which are highly competitive in the international environment also implemented mechanisms control the entry of substitute products that were asked in any way jeopardize the domestic industry, these enterprise-cost strategies have allowed this nation to benefit from their exports.